Yuri's List of Top 10 World's Best Resorts With Wildlife Views

Monday, June 6, 2011

Welcome to my blog series of Top 10 World's Best !
My 3rd list of the Top 10 World's Best series is about the best resorts or lodge or camps or hotels that has the most stunning wildlife views that you can see without having to leave your room. So if you can see animals roaming freely and up close from your hotel bedroom window, that's what I call Best ;)

Starting from #10, Here we go ...

The Eagle Island Camp is a water-based thatched and tented camp that stood on a raised wooden deck, situated in the Central Delta. Each camp has a spacious viewing deck and outdoor lounge with views over the lagoon. Other than the occasional elephant and swamp river wildlife sightings, birds and other animal life in this region is also prolific.
Imagine you woke up in the morning, went out to your terrace to embrace the sun, and then you saw that!

 Other parts of the camp:

9. Mara River Safari Lodge, Bali - Indonesia:
This is an African-themed resort with Bali sacred Mount Agung looming in the distance as the beautiful backdrop. Here you can embrace the rare tranquility of this retreat as rhinos, zebras and oryx graze contentedly at close range, right outside your window terrace! You can also watch animals passed by while you enjoy your dip in the lodge's pool underneath the tropical sun, or take an elephant ride through the stream off your lodge, or dine in with special views of the lions!
Wildlife right outside your balconies!

Other parts of the lodge:
the restaurant where we can eat while watching the lions roam from the glass window.

This one is located in the Disney's Animal Kingdom theme park area. Another Disney's magical place, the Animal Kingdom Lodge offers the unique opportunity to observe exotic animals from special alcoves with glass windows throughout the Resort. You can also see the animals roaming freely right outside your balcony if you chose the Savanna view rooms. Now that would be an experience one cannot forget.
Afternoon reads in the balcony with flocks of giraffes passes by = Priceless!

 Other parts of the lodge:

Apoka is in the heart of Kidepo Valley National Park which is Uganda's most remote park, far away from city life. This is the place with a "real Africa" feel to it. A stunning view that you can see from your bedroom window includes a landscape dotted with giraffe, elephant, buffalo, and zebra. The lodge / bedroom are built of wood, thatch and canvas with stunning outdoor stone bathtubs. 
Abundant savannah animals right outside your lodge!

Other parts of the lodge:
Photos of Apoka Lodge, Kidepo Valley National Park

The Xakanaxa Camp is the only safari camp which can provide guests with an authentic year round Okavango Delta land and water safari experience. All buildings here are set on raised platforms to ensure fantastic views over the surrounding lagoons and islands on the Khwai River bed. If you want something else other than the forest with water hole or vast plains view, then maybe you'd consider a swamp atmosphere / river bed views. Especially if you can spot a fat hippo bathing in the sun right outside your bedroom!
You see the little hippo statuette in your deck but then you see the real thing right in front of you right there right then!
And a little crocodile to see up close ;)
Other parts of the camp:

5. Sarova Salt Lick Game Lodge, Tsavo - Kenya:
Located in the heart of the private Taita Hills sanctuary, the lodge has 96 rooms which elevated on stilts, each overlooking a waterhole and linked by suspended walkways. At night, the waterholes are floodlit to ensure an uninterrupted view of the numerous animals arriving to quench their thirst which you can see from your lodge's window or from the restaurant as animals came closing by.
The water hole near the lodge is a guarantee that you'll see lots of animals quenching their thirst there, they even built a water ditch beneath the restaurant building's stilts so you can see elephants up close!

Other parts of the lodge:

4. Elephant Safari Park Lodge, Bali - Indonesia:
It is currently the most unique resort on the island of Bali, located within the area of awards winning Elephant Safari Park, Taro. Other than enjoying the tropical atmosphere of Bali's streets and beaches, you can also enjoy your time being inside your lodge all day. You can interact, feed, ride, observe, learn, play and stay with 29 beautiful Sumatran elephants right on your lodge! Choose the park view room as those rooms have balconies that faces the elephant park where they roam freely everyday right underneath your noses ;)
This is the view from one of the bedroom's balcony. (photo c/o trip advisor)

Other parts of the lodge:
You can also see the elephants in the park from the pool area.
Or from the spa!
If you want to go anywhere in this lodge just call the elephant taxi!

Built in the 1930s and modeled on a Scottish hunting lodge, this luxury boutique hotel has maintained all the charm of the era and is now famous for its resident herd of Rothschild Giraffes. Here you will have a close view of them at the front door and even from your bedroom window! And the most unique experience is when they join you for breakfast by entering their heads into the enormous flung-open window at the sun room where breakfast is served.
Look at those giraffes peeking their heads into the windows. You can see their cute face up-close and personal from your bedroom window!

Other parts of the manor:
Breakfast time!

There are only 8 suites in this lodge, each of them lies hidden in the lush forest offering spectacular views over the tranquil Marico River. The glass walled bedroom lodge allows uninterrupted views of the river and the surrounding bush. Each of them also has open-fronted lounge with private sundeck to lounge around in. Elephants has been spotted here and there near the lodges. There is also a well-equipped gym and spa, and a heated secluded swimming pool in this safari lodge.
an elephant so close you'll appreciate her majestic beauty.

Other parts of the lodge:

1. The Atlantis, Dubai:
With a giant aquarium housing 65,000 sea creatures, a water park, a designer-brand-only shopping mall, nightclubs, and four big-name-chef restaurants, The Atlantis Dubai is probably one of the most expensive among the high-class luxury hotels. Here you won't have any safari animals, but instead .. you will get the most amazing view you could ever imagine you'd have on your hotel window: The deep sea life! Yes, the most expensive and incredible room is the Poseidon or the Lost Chamber suite with views of the inside of the lagoon on your window.

Other parts of the hotel:
One of the water park attraction within the hotel, a stream pool where you could float inside a sharks-filled pool.

Sooo? What do you think of my list of Top 10 World's Best Resorts With Wildlife Views? This is based on my personal reference of course, and everyone entitled to a different opinion ;)

There is also a hotel within a zoo on Jatim Park 2, Malang - Indonesia. You can read about my review here, I stayed in a room with a spacious balcony that looks straight into a leopard cage right beneath it! The view from my balcony also include the rest of the zoo, it really is a pleasant experience, waking up in the morning with the sounds of the jungle animals around you. It feels like I'm in a forest myself. I didn't include it in this list because the animals were caged (because it is a zoo anyway), therefore it didn't get in to the list ;)

I enjoyed making this kind of list, I also enjoyed making list about hotels or places to visit, anything that relates to travel, of course.. because it's fun browsing about it all, and daydreaming about it all afterwards -LOL.
So anyway, I hope you enjoyed it and if you want to read my previous Top 10 list, click here.. and just scroll down below once you're there.

See you in my next Top 10 series!

Sources: the resorts/lodge/hotels own websites which links I put on each list's number above, Luxury travel magazine, Concierge, Grantourismo (elephant on Sarova salt lick photo), Wayfaring, and random travel blogs & websites.


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