Little Bird Too Stickers Review

Sunday, August 30, 2009

I received this cute cupcake sticker from children's illustrator Emma Metcalf last week and thought I'll review it here. Emma Metcalf has an etsy store called Little Bird Too, here's the link

The sticker came within a red paper envelope and inside it are: twelve cupcake stickers in a plastic container and two cute little cards; one has a gray cat illustration and the other one has a very charming bird illustration with one extra flower sticker clipped in the corner, so cute!

And here's the close-up of the cupcake stickers. Sorry it was getting dark when I took these pics.

I love the color she uses, it's pastels and it's not too bold nor too sheer. Mine is in pink and blue color with a little of a red and brown. The size is quite generous as usually all the common stickers are quite small. I've been thinking on where to use these stickers, I think my journal would be delighted to meet these cute little cupcakes ^o^

Party Planner : Romantic Vintage Theme Party

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I love playing imaginary party planner. I love playing it in my head; what would be the theme, what would the decor looks like, what would I put in the tables and so on and so on...
Call me nuts but I always have this BIG imagination in my head whenever I think of something, that's why you could almost catch me daydreaming during the day ^o^ It doesn't always have to be an imaginary party planner but also an imaginary interior decorator, an imaginary princess, and ...well, you get the idea ^o^

And today, I will be playing the imaginary party planner again. This time I will be planning an imaginary Bridal Shower Party. The theme is "Romantic Vintage" so there will be lots of flowers in shapes, patterns, or prints. Please feel free to be inspired...

The Invitation :
I love chandelier and this card combine it with damask print that makes it quite vintage looking.
(pic: via etsy / Sweet Pea Baby)

The Guest Book :
Guests would write in this Vintage looking Guest Book which is provided at the front door. Here, they can also write their wishes & prayers for the bride to be.
(pic: via flickr / andrea singarella)

The Decorations :
Hanging faux bouquet in various bright color placed near the front door and by the windows.
Additional faux flowers tucked in drawers at the foyer table.

For the center-piece: Pretty floral decorations made from fabrics with vintage prints.

Cute fabric doll tucked in a flirty red cup placed in a corner table would be a good conversation topic among the guests.
(both pics: Flickr / Shabby Roses Cottage)

Vintage decorated tins, placed in a side table near the snacks and drinks area.

Country charm pillow cases with a touch of vintage for the sofas and chairs.
(pic: via Etsy / Lemon Tree Studio)

On The Table :

Colorful bon-bons wrapped in vintage print paper for snacks.
(pic: velvetstrawberries.typepad & jmdesignandco.blogspot)

Various colorful snacks placed in a bake tray, decorated with colorful "cupcake paper" ? (I forgot what it's called ^o^).
(pic: via Flickr / picnic by ellie)

Salt/Pepper, Syrup and Jam container in the cutest shape possible, to be put among the food in the dining area.
(pic: via daisypinkcupcake.blogspot)

And no party is a party unless there's a cake!
here's my choice of the cake, isn't it lovely?

Cake platters spread among the tables:


And here are the plates for guests to enjoy their lunch with:
(pic: thevintagesailor.typepad)

And for the desserts:
(pic: momwaldsplace.blogspot)

And the guests would drink their tea in these vintagey cups and saucers:

(all pics: via Flickr / damselfly58)

The Goody Bag :
A goody bag has become an important part of a party nowadays and no party would be complete without it. So here's my choice of goody bag for this bridal shower party : a lovely pair of purse and wallet, both made of the same fabric with romantic rose pattern.
(pic: via Flickr / Shabby Roses Cottage)

A pair of those pretty wallet and purse are to be put inside this paper goody bag decorated with a big beautiful rose in one side.
(pic: via Etsy / thatDESIGNshop)

And last but not least, don't forget to include this Thank-You card in every goodie bag you distribute to the guests.
(pic: via Etsy / Posh Paisley)

Oh, and this is the dress for the star of the party aka the bride to be:
A very pretty boho and lace dress in a latte color.
Blends with shimmery golden earrings and a cream-colored feather headband, and you'll be able to whip up an intriguing outfit in no time.
(Dress from

Main source : daisypinkcupcake.blogspot

A Website and 2 Giveaways

Sunday, August 23, 2009

First things first, Don't forget to ENTER my third GIVEAWAY at my fashion blog Two Thousand Things, this time it's sponsored by Cover Your Hair. It will ends on August 26th, 2009 at 24.00 PM.
So hurry up if you haven't entered already.

A random fact about me: I love the past eras. Anything from the hippie generations to the 1940s everyday life to all those stories about the royal families, the tudors, the victorian era, the edwardian era, and everything that has any relations to it. So I couldn't believe that I just recently found this awesome website "The Duchess of Devonshire's Gossip Guide to the 18th century". I found it through a link from Adamantixx's website "TrifleDreamz".
I love everything in the blog and now it has become my daily read. If you love royal families like me and Adam then this website is one place you should visit.

From there I was brought to many other similar websites where I find myself very delighted and still couldn't believe my eyes that I just found out about this growing community. One website led to another website, and in one of them I found this Cleopatra's Daughter book Giveaway, held by "Passages To The Past", another lovely blog about the past eras.
You can also enter this great giveaway by clicking here. The contest will ends on September 14th. Good luck to you if you decide to enter! ^^

I'm glad now I found my playground of past eras. I will surely come back for more. And thanks to Adam who has great links on his websites! ^__^


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

This is a new kind of post here at Tigerlily's Book. It's more like a News Splash.
It's about the highlight of my life in a week's time and all the things that I'd like to share with you. You can call it a weekly digest ^o^ :

  • Last Sunday (August 16th) was my Birthday ! ^___^

But please don't ask me my age ^o^ I'd like it to remain a secret, please.. -lol-
Anyway, we didn't have a big bash. I just had a lovely lunch with my hubby at our favorite restaurant (where we went on our first date 4 years ago!) and followed by a casual home-cooked dinner with my family.
The restaurant is called "Dutch Family" (or some people might know it by it's other name "HEMA"). I'm sure you can guess what's on the menu from the restaurant's name ^o^
Yep, it offers various original Dutch / Holland food. Yummy!

I ordered the left one while hubby ordered the right one

We ordered poffertjes with sugar for appetizer and then we ordered something in dutch language which i don't remember how to spell it (something "met klapstuck" for me and something else for my hubby). It's one of my fave menu there ^__^
We ordered Banana Split for dessert.
And I ordered two different drinks: one Iced Green Tea and one Iced Capuccino which probably is the yummiest iced capuccino i've ever encountered ^o^
Hubby ordered some Iced blackberry drink.

I love that restaurant, the atmosphere is cozy and family-friendly as well as date-friendly ^o^
Both the interior and exterior are quite original and it resembles a strong Dutch atmosphere.
And here's what I wore on my birthday:

The jersey blouse that my cousin gave to me as a token from her Europe trip

  • My Love for Travels
For those of you who had read my older posts you might have noticed my passion for travels. I love traveling and I am constantly thinking and dreaming of beautiful places I'd like to visit. This time, I would love to be able to have a vacation in old English country area or in a quaint village filled with stoned-cottages and farm lands at the foot of the hills. Or maybe in a small town in Italy where the roads and most of the buildings are made of stones, now that would be lovely! ^__^

  • Inspirational Picture
I spend every day browsing through many layers and various things about anything and everything on this world wide web. I love browsing the internet, Google search engine and Wikipedia has been my best friends. I learned many things just from a click on the keyboard.
I also love to browse pictures, you could find almost any kind of pictures here on the internet. Sometimes I search for unique and artsy photos for my own inspirations.
I plan to routinely publish a weekly-digest post like this once a week and I will be posting one or two (or three..) inspirational picture in every weekly digest, hopefully it will inspire you too ^__^

And here's this week's inspirational picture :
I'm curious with the story behind this picture.
Does she seems reluctant to the groom?
What do you think?



Saturday, August 15, 2009

Actually it has been more than a month since I write my "This month's Purchases" post, so now it would be more like a "This Month & Last Month's Purchases and Freebies" ^__^
Anyway, since I have long been in a shopping ban because almost all of my 3 credit card bill has each reached their maximum limit so I haven't been shopping a lot lately. But instead, I have received quite many free things for these past 2 months. Receiving free things is like much better than shopping ^o^ So I'm quite thankful for all these free stuffs that I got. And here's the list :

This is probably the only thing I bought in the last two months of my shopping ban.
This is actually a matched-stick shaped stirring spoon, you know...for stirring your drinks, only it has a matched-stick shaped rather than a usual spoon shape ^o^

And here are all the free stuffs that I got for these past 2 months :

1. Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation from Thevi.
I was sent this Foundie to be reviewed. I was so excited when I received this because it's such a coincidence that I was also needing a new foundie since the one in my dresser seems to be aging and almost near it's expiration date ^o^ You can read my review on this product at my Fashion Blog TwoThousandThings.

2. Peacock-Feathered Hair Clip and a paisley print Head Wrap from
I saw these feathered hair accessories in some of my favorite fashion blogger's site and thought that I should have one, so I was really really excited when Cover Your Hair send me this pretty peacock-feathered hair clip to be reviewed! And they also send me a paisley print head band that would prove useful for my bad hair day. My mom would also try it for her hijab / jilbab. The review would soon be published at my fashion blog TwoThousandThings.

3. $119 worth of my choice of a tungsten ring from Palladium Wedding ring.
Several days ago I received my tungsten ring from one of my sponsor, Palladium Wedding Ring. I never thought that the ring would be this gorgeous! I showed it to my whole family and they all loved it and a bit hysterical I must say, all the women in my family want to try the tungsten ring on their finger immediately! So the ring traveled from fingers to fingers until it reached back to my own finger where it sits nicely, looking glamorous and cool ^__^

My husband loved it too and kept saying how gorgeous the ring is.
I always wanted a wide thick ring like this one and I always dreamed of wearing it in my middle finger because I think a wide thick ring would look more pretty in middle finger than in your ring finger. And so I asked for a half sized bigger than my ring finger size, and it fits perfectly!
Thank you Palladium Wedding Ring!

And here are the rest of my free stuffs that I luckily got :

4. "Atmosphere" Grey Jersey Blouse from my cousin.
She gave me this blouse as a token from her recent trip to Europe. I love free clothes! ^^

5. A blue pashmina from my brother-in-law's mom.
(I got the pashmina as one of the souvenir items that I received from his "pengajian" event).

6. A small face towel and perfumed soap from my sister-in-law.
(Same as the above, I also got these as one of the souvenir items that I received from her "pengajian" event).

7. Victoria's Secret "Secret Garden" Body Splash from another brother-in-law who has just came back from the US.
I love body splash, I own like maybe 5 of Victoria's Secrets Body Splash which I use randomly every day by mood ^o^

8. Vogue and Lucky Magazine August issues, also from my brother-in-law who has just came back from the US.
I always love Magazines! So thanks to Emil who brought me two new issues of Fashion Bibles ^o^

9. An IDR 100.000 Voucher from my father-in-law who won it somewhere.
We redeemed it at Carrefour to buy our monthly household needs.

Oh and I forgot to mention that I won a Giveaway at another website, the prize is an environment friendly tote bag, but I couldn't post the picture because I haven't received it in my mail yet. I'll surely will post about it once it reached my address.
Not bad, huh?! I might consider myself really lucky. Well, August is my birthday month so I guess this month is my lucky month after all.. ^___^

If you want to give yourself a chance to win a gorgeous blue nylon & lace dress then go to my Fashion blog as I am having my second Giveaway that will be closed on August 18th, so hurry up, go here!


Celebrity Mansions

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ever wonder how does the celebrities sleep at night? Ever wonder how they spend their time in their own house? Do they lounge around in bright blue colored sofa like in my living room? Or do they sleep in a mattress pushed against the yellow and white wall like in my bedroom?
Well, wonder no more dear stalkers...
I have peek into 3 of the "BIG" celebrities houses (by "BIG" I mean "RICH & POWERFUL") where they dwell lazily in their daily life after finishing a million dollar work. I bet you want to have a peek too... ^o^
Well, here they are...

Demi Moore & Ashton Kutcher's contemporary family home in beverly hills :

The Back area slash Pool & Lounge. I fell in love with this wooden-deck terrace already.

Maximize exposure of lights and views of the surroundings on the living room.

The sweet little dining room, looks a bit mediterranean. Which one is Ashton's seat, I wonder?

The stairs to second floor.

The Bedroom. The bench hides a television.

Ryan Seacrest's Mediterranean villa in the Hollywood Hills known as Casa di Pace,
or the House of Peace :

At the front entrance, giant palms, agave and other plantings, by Agua Landscape, provide a lush, welcoming atmosphere.

The small but very cozy living room.

The rustic style breakfast room

The warm and inviting bedroom, perfect for a rest after a long hour of works.

The tempting lap pool.

Cher's Italian Renaissance-style residence in Malibu :

The front entrance

The eclectic living room. I love how Cher combined many style in one room. The classic style sofa and old-english painting successfully combined with modern leopard print bench and stools, with an addition of tropical green plants. Excellent!

In the dining room Cher really shows her style : Gothic Revival chairs surround a table dressed in silk taffeta and topped with orchids, candlelit centerpieces and white china with gold trim. Even though I feel like I'm in the dining room of the Addams family but somehow I love how all these details combined into one simultaneous theme.

The infinity pool, just like the ones you found in big hotels.

I also wanted to post other celebrities house such as John Travolta's house with 2 jets parked in front of the house or Lionel Richie's house which backyard equals the backyard of an english aristocrat mansion, but I'm afraid it would put too much pictures here so I decided to put just 3 of my favorite houses, you can view the rest of other celebrities houses on Oh, do tell me which one is your most favorite house?