Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Continuing my previous post...
I forgot that I had 2 more new purchases of the month, so this post is like an additional post of my previous one.

The 2 purchases are: a zebra-print flat shoes and a black suede pointy flat shoes.

I know that i don't allow myself to purchase any expensive or branded stuffs these couple of months because i'm actually on a shopping ban since my credit cards bill are mounting ^o^
And I know i have spent money on the Mango sweater (discount price) and the turquoise necklace and black wide belt (both have a reasonable price and nothing above IDR 50.000), but in my defense I got these shoes in cheap price too so i think this is an exception ^o^
I bought them at Poins Square for only IDR 35.000 each! But they look like they costs IDR 50.000 and beyond so i think of them as a good bargain buy that you can't ignore ^o^


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

1. Red Sweater - Mango
I've been wanting a red sweater for quite a long time since i never found one that i really like. So i got this from the Bazaar of Branded Items (which i post earlier), the sale price is not much far from the original price but i like the shade and the thin buttons at the wrist, i love details like that. And it's V-neck too!

2. Turqoise Necklace
I went to Pasar Rawabening with my hubby, my mother-in-law, my aunt and my cousin. It's a place where you could get all sorts of jewelries in a much cheaper price than the ones in stores. We didn't have much time there so i only bought this pretty Turqoise necklace for IDR 15.000 (after bargaining). I love it! I always wanted turqoise jewelries because i think it's really pretty and now i finally have one (the cheap price is a bonus!).

3. Black Wide Elastic Belt
I always needed a black belt, this time it's a wide belt. My old one is a bit out of date so i need a new one to add styles to the clothes i wear. This is unbranded. I got this from Poins Square for IDR 25.000 (or is it IDR 10.000??) i forgot, sorry..... ^O^

Categorized Reviews

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Here you can find all my reviews in categorized order, so if you need to buy something and need some reviews or ideas please feel free to browse all my reviews below:



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NOTE: Please also check out my fashion & beauty blog: Two Thousand Things for more reviews on fashion & beauty product reviews.

Beach Life... [Pantai Anyer - Banten]

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

We went to Anyer beach a couple of weeks ago so this is basically a late post.
All my big family went there one day earlier on Friday while me and hubby went there on Saturday. We stayed in Jayakarta Hotel, a nice place with bungalows and green open space and lots of trees too.

We were stucked in traffic for like 2 hours before we finally get there. But when we finally get to the hotel it pays off. I haven't been to the beach for a long time now, and my hubby haven't even been to the beach in years! So it's really fun to change the environment from busy city life to the relaxing slow-paced beach life ^__^

Hubby K went crazy in the water.
He had it all: banana boat, jet-ski and body board all day til the sun started to set in.
I got tattoed and watched pretty fireworks by the beach at night.
It was a hell of a Fun day!

My cousin Ita's tattoo :

SOme other pictures of the fireworks at night (of course it's more beautiful if you watch it with your own eyes) :

The Crazy Family - All Team :


A Day in Mahagaya Bazaar of branded items.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

In the middle of a Bazaar sale of Mango, Prada, Tods, Jimmy Choo, MiuMiu, etc.

The un-happy part: Of all brands i can only afford Mango :-(

Incase You Needed Another Laugh ^___^

When They Were Kids ...

Friday, May 1, 2009

Ever wonder what were your favorite celebs looked like when they were just little kids?
Well, have a look at below...
Sometimes your childhood photo can give clues to what were you gonna grow up like in the future ^o^

Some of them never really change that much when they grew older.
But some of them are really different from their childhood photos (hmm...could that be because of all those plastic surgery/botox/make-up wonder?)