BE PRESENT- eco friendly yoga clothing (Review+Giveaway!)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I've mentioned before that I don't do sports, my one and only work out is yoga (and maybe walking around the shopping malls for hours if you count that as work out too ;p). I have a couple of yoga dvds that I could easily do at home in the comfort of my bedroom. And thanks to Be Present I now have a yoga outfit for my work out sessions.

A couple of weeks ago I received these in the mail:

I received two products from Be Present. First of all, you must learn about Be Present first before I tell you all about the products I received. Be Present is a small family-owned business with clothing line carried in yoga studios, boutiques, spas and resorts throughout the United States and the World, incorporates the yoga philosophy into the design. Basically it's a versatile, simple and comfortable clothing.

The story behind Be Present:
Modern day yoga is often characterized with an appreciation of the present moment and to be present, one must always live a balanced lifestyle: listen to your body, let yourself daydream, have fun, sweat, pay attention to your social, sexual and spiritual being.

Now that I have introduced you to Be Present now it's time to know their products. Be Present offers yoga clothing for men and women. But it's actually not really fair if we say yoga clothing because in reality the clothing are so versatile we can wear it almost everywhere. Take example of these outfit they sent me:

I received a Seamless Ribbon Cami in Emerald and a Kona Pant in Terracotta. Thank you Be Present, these are my most comfortable clothing right now. I love to wear them as a set or mix and match 'em with my other clothes.

The Kona Pant is made of cotton and nylon with a little bit of spandex so it would support our moves and stretches during our yoga practice. It's quick dry, and it's breathable too so it wouldn't get too hot even if we sweat like hell ;)

The Seamless Ribbon Cami is made of nylon and spandex so it's stretchy and I love the moisture wicking feature. And what I also love is the fact that it doesn't show sweat even if I have just done a heavy yoga session, so there's no need to be embarrassed if you're in a class. And it's quick drying too! Have I told you enough that I love this cami? :D

The secret behind those moisture-wicking quick-to-dry fabric is the Breathe Weave. Worn by yoga instructors and yoga enthusiasts in the hottest studios, Breathe Weave TM has proven to be a fabric that can handle hot yoga and the harshest stretch.

Back to the outfit, The pant falls under the knee, it has 2 front patch pockets and a drawstring waist. And I just loove the cami! It's seamless, has adjustable straps and it's fitted (it hugs my body perfectly). Love it. I also love pairing the cami with my going-out outfit like this one:

See? I told you it's versatile.

One other thing that I love about Be Present is the fact that they are eco-friendly. They use earth-friendly fabrics such as hemp, organic cotton, and even renew fabric that's made from recycled plastic bottles blended with organic cotton.
Here are some other Be Present clothing that you might want to consider as a must-have :)

It's also good to know that in an effort to be responsible, every year Be Present gives a percentage of their proceeds to local, national and global charities.

One lucky TB reader will get a Seamless Ribbon Cami (just like what I received) from Be Present. And I am pretty sure you're gonna love this cami ;)

Please pay attention to The RULES before you enter.

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I will use to pick the winning number. If the winner does not respond within 48hrs then I will have to choose another winner and will announce it again in my blog.

Good luck to everyone! ^__^

This giveaway is also featured on FreeGrechen.

I did not receive any form of payment for this review and this is written based on my own honest opinion. The only compensation I received is the free product(s) provided by Be Present for review purposes only, and this compensation DOES NOT influence my opinion at all which I expressed in this post.
The sponsor is the one who is fully responsible for sending the giveaway prize to the winners therefore I will not be held responsible for prizes that are not sent by the sponsors or for any lost shipment of the prize.

Last Month (MAY)'s Purchases and Freebies

Friday, June 18, 2010

Hello lovelies,
It's time for my Monthly Purchases post. If you read my blog then you might be aware by now that I have a monthly post about my purchases or new things that I owned that month. This post was originally written as my attempt to write about any personal purchases I made in a month that usually responsible for the mysterious case of some missing amount of money from my bank account ^o^

Sadly, when I'm sad I shop. And my husband always took me shopping whenever I feel down because he believes that shopping can make me happy again (and how true is that! ;p) But not that kind of BIG shopping,no. Usually a little window shopping with a small purchase would be enough to make me happy so no need to go big spender here (well maybe unless if I were really really really sad ^o^). And being a woman we are doomed to be moody, so there were times when I'm in a sad mood and hubby made me shop, but there were also many times when I was simply tempted to buy something. Oh women, when will we learn? ;p

So anyway, this post is about last month's (MAY) new things and purchases. Lately I got so lucky because starting the last 2 months I got a lot of new cute and lovely stuffs for free so I don't need to spend much money to have new things. Like last month, I got some hand-me-downs and this month I got more free stuffs! Thank you God of the season!

And here we go...


Shampoo & Conditioner from L'oreal!
L'oreal Indonesia sent me this set of L'oreal Nutri-Gloss Light Shampoo & Conditioner for me to try. They also invite me to join their L'oreal Star Blogger Campaign. First, they sent me some questions about my hair condition and then they sent me the range that they think would suit my hair best. They sent me a BIG bottle of shampoo & conditioner. And I think I have just found my perfect shampoo/conditioner! Read my review here..

Static-free Ionic hair brush and comb from Jaguar, complete with a traveling case,
and a 4gb Transcend USB / Flash Drive!

I got invited to an event of meet & greet with Jammal Hamadi (hollywood's hair stylist). The event was also a small blogger meet-up. The event was held at The Edge which is a famous roof-top cafe and restaurant at Kemang area. I really enjoyed the event as this is my first ever blogger meet-up, and everybody who attended got themselves a black goody bag with above items. I have been looking for a really good hair brush but never got the chance to buy it because "really good hair brush" usually means "expensive hairbrush". So when I received these STATIC-FREE hair brush and comb from Jaguar I was really excited! The static-free feature is really great if used with a hair dryer.
I also always wanted to buy my own USB because I always used my hubby's so when I received this USB from Transcend I was really surprised. Actually this goody bag is fulfilling my needs ;p Read about the event on my blog here..

Two cute character pillows!
These are souvenirs that I got from my nephew's birthday party. Aren't these pillows so cuteee? Kero Keroppi and Garfield!

A pretty journal!
I got this pretty orange journal as a souvenir from my friend's wedding party. I love the classic print on it and I also love the color. It's quite thick and has blank pages. I use this to jot down notes.

A Turquoise Cut-Out Top and a Black Wrap Knitted Cardigan!
Remember the $75 Gift certificate that I won from a giveaway? I mentioned about it in one of my post a while ago. I won it since November or December last year but the gift certificate didn't have an expiration date so I kept it. But then I finally gave in and decide to redeem my gift certificate. I chose this turquoise blouse with laser-cut detail (did I mention that I'm in love with turquoise nowadays?) and a black knitted wrap cardigan. They came all along from USA and I love them so much. The turquoise blouse is like my favorite blouse right now, I wear it everywhere. And the black cardigan? I don't think I ever own a richly-thick-but-really-comfy cardigan until now :D

Another turquoise blouse!
My sister in law got me surprised when she gave me this turquoise blouse. She bought it but it's too small on her so she gave it to me. I mean, this is such a very nice surprise, another new turquoise! Love it.

An orange & gold purse/clutch !
This is also such a lovely surprise. I got this as a free bonus, I was really surprised when I found this inside the package of the hair curling iron and mini flat iron that I bought from katalog BCA (read below)..


Stylerush Mini Flat Iron and Epic Curling Iron!
I bought these two hair stylers from my bank catalog (katalog BCA) with my credit card account. They had a special offer for a package of these two. Actually I have always wanted to buy a hair straightener iron with ion but couldn't seems to find the right one so I opted for this cute mini sized flat iron instead. Well, it's not ionized but it's very small so it's easy to bring everywhere. It has LED indicator, Sleep Mode and a global voltage (this means I could take this anywhere in the world).
I also always wanted to buy a new hair curling iron because the old one is broken. This one also has LED indicator, and ceramic coated barrel. Both has cute pink color!
Thank you BCA, buying from your catalog is as easy as one two three.

Cosmetic case from Estee Lauder!
I needed a new cosmetic case badly so after browsing here and there I finally decided to get this one. I love the color combination of this one, it's turquoise and pink. Lovely! (yes, i told you i'm in love with turquoise right now). And it holds a lot of stuffs too, actually it holds more stuff than my previous cosmetic case so I guess this is a good buy.

4 pieces of 3D table mats!
I got these when we were at the ACE Hardware store. I immediately eyed this glimmering 3D beauty from afar and grabbed my husband to see it. Hubby loved it too. And I really love the Parisienne Bistro picture in it (not to mention that it's 3D!), and it's cheap too (only IDR 9000-an) so I decided to buy 4 pieces of it to complete our future dinner table :)

Olay White Radiance Moisturizer (2 bottles).
I have used up my Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel until the bottle can't pump no more. I love using it, I think it really does a different in my skin condition, but too bad it didn't have any whitening ingredient in it and I need a whitening formula right now because I've been in the sun too long these past few months. So when I finished my bottle of Clinique DDL I decided to try a new moisturizer with whitening formula. I got tempted when I saw the ad of this Olay White Radiance moisturizer and decided to try it. After all, I already have Olay White Radiance Night Cream on my dressing table (psst, trust me, the combination of Clinique DDL and Olay WR night cream is really great! I had a really bad breakouts the other day and I used this combo day and night for a few days and the breakouts cleared itself! It only took a few days to a week for this combo to work!).
Anyway, they didn't have the full sized bottle of this Olay WR moisturizer at the store so I bought two of this smaller-sized bottles instead. After using it together with the night cream for 2 weeks it finally started showing great results.

Shawl/Pashmina from Marks&Spencers!
I bought this shawl/pashmina after eyeing it for a couple of weeks. This shawl/pashmina has a hidden built-in sleeve so it would never fall off your shoulder. I love to wear it as a cardigan. I also love the pocket detail at the front and the fringe also look great. This has been my most worn item for the last few weeks now :)

Shell shaped container!
I saw this shell container in Carrefour Dept Store when they launched their new community market campaign the other day. It's handmade and it has a pretty lacquered pearlescent white-y color. It could be used as a small plate for candies, a soap dispenser or as a part of a table setting or decoration. I think this would look cute in my future apt bathroom so I bought it :)

Esprit jacket for hubby!
Hubby's old trusted H&M denim jacket has been so worn out it breaks apart and ripped in some places. Poor hubby, it's his most lovable jacket, he had it since 4 years ago and wear it almost everyday. Now that it's worn-out so bad it's time to get him a new jacket. I showed him this jacket when we were out shopping and he loved it. Now hubby got a new jacket :)

Alhamdulillah, masi bisa dapet barang gretongan lumayan banyak :D
Well, I think I didn't really spent too much cash this month of May because some of my purchases were bought with credit cards (the two hair stylers and hubby's Esprit jacket).

PLEASE NOTE that hubby's personal shopping list is not included in this post because I only put my own personal purchases/expenses here, meaning: purchases that came out of my own bank account. We each had our personal account for personal expenses, and then another account to store the money that we use for our monthly house needs such as groceries, bills, doctors, etc..
So this post is actually about my own account, the Esprit jacket is on me, I bought it for hubby so I included it in this post but the rest of hubby's own personal expenses is not listed here. So that doesn't mean that I shop many things while hubby doesn't ;p
Okay, see you on my next post!

Dezign With a Z

Monday, June 14, 2010

If you're getting bored with your room and wants to re-decorate it but got no big funds then maybe you should consider putting up some wall graphic decals on the walls. It's less cheaper than having to re-paint the whole walls but it gave you a feeling of a "re-newed" room, especially when the graphic decal is this big:

I received this (around) 22inch x 30inch wall graphic from Dezign With a Z (they called it wall tattoos on their website). The big decals is called "In The Sound", it's available in their Character collection. While the smaller Butterfly decals in red is from their Animals collection. These vinyl wall stickers are easy to apply yet so easy to remove.

I haven't decided on where to put the bigger decal yet (we're thinking our TV room would be great but we're currently re-painting the room so the decal would have to wait a little bit). I put the smaller butterfly one near our bathroom door and it looks really nice there. The red color is vibrant and matte, and when it's up on the wall it looks similar to hand-painted murals so I know that the quality is great. Applying it is such an easy job too. They included the "How-To" in every package and you can see a video too in their website for more easier instruction.

Overall, I really love the quality of the decals. And the size is generous too. Plus the application is easy and they have really detailed information on their website that makes it easy to shop.

They also have the most creative, modern and funky design of wall decals. I think their designs are "different" from other similar websites. I love browsing their website, all the designs are unique, more like one of a kind. I like a lot of their designs, and they cover quite a lot of themes too.

Here's some of my fave decals on Dezign With a Z (can anyone please buy me this Cat decals?it looked a lot like my cat Blackey ;p):

One thing that I would also love to emphasize here is: the wall tattoo is actually customizable, meaning: you can choose the size and the color for it. Yes, I know! When I first learned that Dezign With a Z decals have color options I was quite in awe. Because I have browsed through several online website that also sell wall decals, but none of them have color option. And one thing I must also add is: the size. Unlike other decal stores that I have visited, Dezign With a Z offer a bigger size decals. In fact, their specialty is to manufacture the largest wall decals you will find on the market, and along with a wide panel of colors! They even have a Super Size section at their website!

Dezign With a Z is always at the front when speaking of designs and ideas. Their designs are fresh, exciting and very creative, perfect for the young at hearts. It really set them apart from the other wall decals store. One of their creative design is the "Glow In The Dark" decals which I never saw on other website that sell decals too before. And I think it's a great option! I love "Glow In The Dark" wall decals, especially this Neon Stars decals and/or this big size Tris Tree wall decals.

Another great option from Dezign With a Z is the Wall Mirrors! Oh I would love to get these in my apartment living room or bedroom (if I have one ;p).

This is not a reflective wall decal that you might find on other sites. This is made from a sturdy 100% mirrored acrylic/resin material. This is like a whole new level of decorating your wall!

These are some reasons why you should opt for Dezign With a Z:
  1. The designs are great, it looks modern, fresh and fun. And they have many option and themes to choose from.
  2. The price is affordable so you can re-decorate your room for less.
  3. You can order it by size and color (so it would suit your needs better).
  4. Application is easy. Removing it is also easy and won't leave marks even after many years (so said the website).
  5. It's long lasting and durable (so said the website).
For point 4 & 5, although I couldn't prove the durability yet but looking at the quality of the decal/wall tattoo I think it's really possible.

Dezign With a Z also offer a custom wall decals!
You can order a custom decals based on your own design or your company's logo or banner. That would be great for decorating office party or office lobby, don't you think?

One more thing, they ship worldwide! :D

Check their website here:

Weekly Digest !

Saturday, June 12, 2010

On this week's Weekly Digest, we have one money-worthy opportunity, one giveaway winner possibility, and a couple of random things to share. Let's start with the money thingy now, shall we? ^o^

Ever since I found out that blogging could actually makes money and help pay the bills I always search for new ways to make some extra money to fill in my paypal account ^o^ One of them, tried and tested, is Sponsored Tweets.
Sponsored Tweets is where you could get paid by tweeting sponsored texts. Basically it's a platform that helps you monetize Tweets created via Twitter. Signing up is easy with no hassle and I already got money in my account, it took only 2 - 3 days for me to start making money :)
Although this kind of program might work differently with different people but if you decide to try it then just click below button:

SponsoredTweets referral badge

Up next is a giveaway that you might be interested in..
ModBlog is having a Giveaway from her etsy shop cocorosecouture. The prize will be either one necklace or a headband from her shop. Here are some of my favorite necklaces from her place:

I know you'll love it too. Go here to enter her giveaway.

And for this week's Inspiration picture..
Chelsea Ann of Itty Bitty Birdy blog found these cute amazing vintage tear-outs from old National Geographic magazines! I mean, look at it, it's really vintage! Oh how I love vintage things..
These photos were taken at Bekonscot which is probably the oldest original model village in the world.

Please also check out Chelsea Ann's blog, it's full of wonderful silliness (in her own words) of vintage fun! I love browsing her blog :D

And here's a pic of some of my favorite things that you can found on my bedroom ^o^

  1. a purple hair barrette with flower detail which I'd like to wear to semi formal events
  2. a fluffy and flurry pink hair fastener which is my favorite hair fastener that I wore almost every day
  3. a lovely embroidered tissue holder that I got from a wedding souvenir which is always on my bag
  4. a pink small nail clipper with hearts print which I got in Thailand
  5. and a tiny bag of white pearlies which was originally a necklace, it broke and I don't have time to repair it yet so it just sits on my dresser table for now.

There you go, random things I'd like to share with you this week.
Hope you had a great week! :D

SITE-WALKER: Need some toys?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Again, I'm really sorry for my absentia. My internet connection been really bad for these past 3 days, maybe because of the heavy rain we're having here. Anyway, now it's back to normal (i think) so I'm planning to write all my posts for next week while the connection is still good. Thank GOD for blogspot who made it possible to write posts and upload it later (planned posts).

Okay, let's move on..
I used to have a routine post called "Site-Walker" about new websites I've found on the internet. So here's my attempt to bring back the "Site-Walker" posts again ^o^

One of my friend's kid will be having a birthday next week. I'm not sure on what to give as a birthday gift so i've been browsing for a while and found this website called Growing Tree Toys that offer children's toys. There are a lot of toys offered at the website, including some Award winning toys and educational toys. The website is easy to navigate too and the toys options are so many you don't want your child looking at the screen because then they will scream of wanting this and that ^o^ Anyway, here are a some of my choices for good educational toys, some of them are even eco-friendly! :

The Calico Critters Townhome!
Complete with working lights, moveable staircase and an extra floor area piece. This 2-story, 4-room townhouse also features a room divider for making a 5th room, perfect for the growing Calico Critters family! The open-and-close design creates many pretend play opportunities and gives kids the chance to rearrange and redecorate!

The ZipBin Dinosaur Play Mat!
A playmat/Storage Bin
that unzips to reveal a dinosaur playscape with a volcano, river, tar pit, and mysterious cave. easy to clean-up toys (a few zips and it's stored!) and it folds flat for easy storage too!

The Petal Purse Sewing Kit!
Colorful purse to tote around for the girls crafts project. This craft kit includes pretty pink felt flowers, other felt pieces, yarn, and ball-tipped needles to make a fantastically flowered purse with green vine strap. It also includes supplies to make a flowered change purse and a pencil caddy.

The Little Hands String & Beep Wooden Stringing Set!
A great manipulative activity for toddlers, this wooden Stringing Set includes 12 colorful wooden cars and vehicles that kids can lace on to the cotton lace with the attached wooden needle. To make sure these pieces stay laced together, the set also features a wooden "stop" at the end of the lace for easy play.

The Perfumery Science Kit!
This science kit comes complete with elegant vials for storing the new concoctions from their perfumery or giving as gifts to friends. This kit introduces children to the special science behind the intoxicating world of exotic scents. Not only will kids get to smell some yummy scents, but they will also learn about the formulas for perfumes to help them sleep well or boost their energy.

The Find It Game (at the beach) !
This is a game that I personally would also like to try. I've read about this Find It Game before and has been very curious about it. This one is from their At The Beach series. This canister with blue plastic ends is filled with recycled plastic pellets which hide 39 different beach items inside! The challenge is to find all of the items, including the infamous hidden penny, lobster, walrus, sandal, starfish, and volleyball, etc. But it's not that easy! You have to spin it, twist it, shake it and search, search, search! This game also includes a tear off tally pad to use as a checklist.

Hmm... I wish we have that kind of toys back then (*sigh). Anyway, there are also a "Gift Guide" and "Gift Finder" section on the website which is a great addition for a person like me whose confused on finding the right gifts for toddlers or children alike. They also have Deal Of The Day: One toy, at a super discount price, until it is gone!

Great website to check out if incase you need to buy some good toys ^__^