My Top Five Glee Songs

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Are you a Glee fan? Well i am :D I'm just gonna do a quick post before I went to bed (it is 12.48 AM now, a little bit over midnight). I saw a very interesting post in JaebumFanGirl blog, the title is "My Top Five Glee Songs". It's quite interesting to know what is everybody's top 5 glee songs from season 1. So here's my version :

1). Take A Bow (Lea Michelle)

This song is one of the reason why I fell in love with Glee. This is from one of their early episodes and I was so mesmerized with Lea's version of this song I decided to follow the Gleekdom ^o^

2). I dreamed a Dream (Lea Michelle & Idina Menzel)

This is my number one song from Glee! I have always loved this song from Les Miserables, it's one of my "shower song" hahaha but Lea & Idina's shortened version is more "pop" and sweet, I love it! I love it! I love it!

3). True Colors (Jenna Ushkowitz)

This is also one of my favorite classic song and Jenna sing it beautifully, I always get a little bit touchy with the lyrics, it has a very deep meaning and I think we should at least sing it once a week just to remind ourselves..

4). Defying Gravity (Lea Michelle & Chris Colfer)

I am in love with Kurt (Chris Colfer's character), I think he could steal the star of the show title ^o^ I like his unique and slightly weird voice. And when I read the real story about Chris Colfer's personal history on this song and then I hear his voice singing this song, it's just awesome. And not to mention that I already love this song from Wicked.

5). Poker Face (Lea Michelle & Idina Menzel)

Oh I love this version of Lady Gaga's hit! This is probably the best music arrangement from all of the Glee songs from season 1 :) I never really been a fan of Gaga's crazy songs but this version.. I like! ^__^ I want to change my ringing tone with this! ;)

So that's it! My top five Glee songs. Thank you so much for JaebumFanGirl for the inspiration. How bout you? What are your top five Glee songs? ^o^

Mr.Right & Mrs.(always)Right - Dakota's Gifts Review

Sunday, September 26, 2010

I received these fantastic pair of pillow covers from Dakota's Personalized Gifts the other day, I showed it as a surprise gift to my husband for our anniversary. He was very surprised and his eyes lit when I showed him these...

It's a pair of personalized pillow covers. I personalized it with our names, hubby's nick name as Mr.Right and me being the Mrs (always) right, of course.. haha I thought it's such a funny yet thoughtful gift when I first saw it at the website. The sizing is generous, it's 20" x 32" and will fit your standard queen size pillow. It's made of a strong and durable 55/45 Cotton Poly Blend with 180 thread count so it's soft to your head.

It's machine washable, I did washed it in the machine and it turns out fine. The quality is good and for the price of $23.95 a pair it's a great option for an anniversary gift or a wedding gift.

Dakota's Gifts specialized in personalized items, they have many options to choose from. You can choose gifts by recipients, by occasions, by holiday and they also have a wedding section where you could get a lot of options for wedding purposes such as bridesmaids and grooms man's gifts, wedding keepsakes, anniversary gifts, gifts for the newlyweds, gifts for the parents, etc.

I always love personalized gifts, there's something special in it and most likely, it will be cherished forever. You might want to bookmark Dakota's Personalized Gifts for your Christmas gifts options ^o^ They have it all for the whole family. Here are some of my favorites:

for the whole family..

for the kids..

and something for the teacher..

and some other things..

I did not receive any form of payment for this review and this is written based on my own honest opinion. The free product(s) were provided by Dakota's Gifts for review purposes only, and this compensation DOES NOT influence my opinion at all. So if I said it's good then it's actually good, if it needs improvement I will say so :)

Places We Go: Bogor

Thursday, September 23, 2010

This is just a quick post..

Me, hubby and our cousins went to Bogor last weekend. We used to go to Bogor for a culinary trip, which means we only go there to eat - LOL. But i like Bogor, it's breezy and it's surrounded by lush greenery and big tall trees everywhere. It also has a big public garden right in the center of the city (Taman Raya Bogor -- Bogor Botanical Garden) where we usually visit in the afternoon to hang out at the only cafe there which faced a big open green space with thick forest-like trees far ahead, such a stunning view. Especially when it gets dark and they turn on the lights like this:

Me & hubby
Me with my cousin
Me with my niece
Me with my cousins


AUGUST's Purchases and Freebies

Haa....sorry again for this late "Monthly Freebies & Purchases", the long holiday and the broken laptop tragedy really made all my agenda falls apart, but hey, try not to blame it so much ;)
Anyway, here's my last month (August) freebies & purchases. My July purchases were not listed here because it was all clothing item so I put the post on my fashion blog instead, you can read here for my July purchases.

Okay, so off we go..


This is a bonus bag from In Style magazine. I got the magazine from Desy of Living Daisy when I met her at the Chocolatier blogger workshop. She got a spare mag so she brings it to me, thanks again Desy! :) I used this to store some of my fabrics that I plan to bring to the tailor to have them custom made.

I won this Twilight earrings from a giveaway at Heavenly Sayings blog. This earrings is from I love this earrings so much! It dangles oh so beautifully.

I got this mini perfume set from my MIL. She found it lurking in the deep pockets of her bedroom drawer. She also gave me another mini perfume vials from J'adore Dior and Dior Cherie.

my MIL also gave me this pink pashmina. I borrowed a pashmina when I was not feeling good while at her place and when I got better and wants to return it she said I can have it cos she never wears it anyway. I haven't own a pink pashmina so I was delighted. But too bad the pashmina bleeds very bad when I throw it in the washing machine, and a couple of our white clothes are a bit pink-ish now ;p

I got this pink top as a birthday present from my SIL. I love the color (it's pink!) and I also love the shape of it, love the fabric too :)


We bought this sun shield for our car at Ace Hardware. We needed one and we saw this black cat sun shield so we bought it immediately because it represents our black cat Blackey ;p Well actually we wanted to buy the Ed Hardy sun shield, they came in different gorgeous designs and we just wish we could afford it -lol It was expensive for a sun shield and payday was still too far away ;p Luckily we found this black cat, cos we love it too!

Failing to get the Ed Hardy sun shield we managed to bought an Ed Hardy car freshener instead haha. It's pink and the scent is patchouli. When we first open the plastic the scent was like a stronger version of a talcum powder but then it grew mildly soft and much better, we like it :)

I already blogged about all of the above stuff in my fashion blog.

And that's about it.. my purchases and freebies for August. Hooray for not spending too much money this month :D Click here if you want to read my previous months purchases.

HairZing (Review + Giveaway) - CLOSED

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hi y'all, my laptop is finally back to normal despite I've lost all my valuable data, but for now I'm quite content and already calmed down, we need to get on with our lives, right? So anyway, it's time for a new giveaway! Yeay!

A couple of weeks ago, I received several items from the HairZing team. They sent me some of their products which is actually new to me. I never tried a HairZing before but when I tried it for the first time, I surprisingly didn't have the chance to be confused because the HairZing team also sent me a booklet as well as a CD along with the package. The instructions I found there were easy to understand and I could wear a HairZing in my hair in just seconds!

Here's what I received:

Okay, for some of you who are new to HairZings (like moi ;p), HairZing is a quick hair-styling solution that you can easily create in minutes for comfortable, fashionable, amazing hair styles. If you're one of us who can't do fabulous hair styles by ourselves at home and always needs to go to the salon every time we have a party or event to attend, now you don't have to spend all those money in the salon just to make your hair looks pretty. All we need is a HairZing :) I know it sounds like an ad, but I swear to you I was not paid to say that. That is my honest opinion of the product. I never got paid to say good things about a product that I reviewed here, if I said it's good then it's good, no hidden agenda ^o^

Above pic is what a HairZing looked like and what it's made of. It adapts to EVERY type of woman's hair, whether it's thick, thin, long, short or curly. It is specially designed so no combs will show in your hair. Upon trying it for the first time, I found that HairZing is easy to use and with that minimal effort we get a neat hair styles that we can wear every time we need! Here's how easy they are to use:

See? you can do that at home! No more expensive hair styling at the salon, no more blah hairstyle that you seems to always get whenever you attempt to style your own hair with your hair clip (or is it only me?) ;p
And not only for formal occasions, you can also wear it for everyday use. It'll be chic enough to wear to the office instead of that boring plastic claw clips. It will help keep your hair stays in place so you can do anything without your hair falling down your face or shoulders, that happened to me a lot hehe.. With HairZings you don't have to worry about your hair falling out of place because it will strongly grip your hair in it's place but at the same time it didn't cause you headaches or damages your hair. That's what I like most about HairZings.

There are different sizes of hairzing. I received some samples of their Skinny, Large and Medium sized HairZings:

Here's for comparison:

The left one is the Medium. The above right is the Skinny, and the bottom right is the Large.
I know the Skinny and the Large looks almost the same size in the pic, the difference is the Skinny has 2.5 inches wide so it has a very snug hold compared to the Large so it is most suited for a very fine thin hair. If you have big very curly hair then the Large ones are your best bet.

Here's the more detailed pic of the hairzing:
Hairzing is created by women artisans in neighborhood beading collectives in Africa and China. Completely handcrafted by beading artisans, the beads and bands are of good quality and won't break out easily. There are a lot of different styles they offer at the website so that explains the different beads on my two hairzings above.

Once you get the handle of wearing HairZings in seconds, you can always be creative and wear it another way, such as like these:

And here's my attempt of trying on different hair styles with my HairZings:

a lovely casual chignon

instead of a cheap colorful hair fastener you can look more chic if you wear your ponytail in this! I got a lot of compliments the day I wore this :D

half up - half down

I also got a little creative, instead of wearing my hairzing to secure my hair in the back, I wear my medium hairzing to secure my long bangs by pulling it back and wore it at the crown of my head. It stays put all day long. Love it :)

There are a lot of videos and printable step-by-step instructions on different styles of how to wear your hairzing at their website. You can follow the instructions easily and be more creative and create your own customized style, now that would be cool ^o^

So overall, what I love most about HairZing is the fact that they can be worn by any hair type as long as it's shoulder-length. And the way that the combs will not show if you wear it, so it looks really neat on your hair. And the best one is you can actually sit back in your car or even lie down on your head without having to take it out first, just like what I usually have to do if I'm wearing my claw clips because the "claws" will dig into my head, but not with HairZing :) The website said that you can even wear a bicycle helmet with your HairZing!

Right now HairZing is having a promo of Buy One Get One Free ( 2 for $9.95 ) --> Buy a Medium Silver or Medium Tortoise HairZing and receive a FREE Medium Black HairZing!

Hold your breath people, HairZing has offered to give away a Hairzing "wardrobe" consisting of a Medium Beaded, a Large OR Skinny Large Classic, and a Casual Zinger for 5 winners!! (check that out, FIVE winners, people! Thank you Francesca and the HairZing team for this generous giveaway prize!)

Please pay attention to The RULES before you enter.

(To be eligible for this giveaway contest you MUST do the MANDATORY below. You only need 1 Mandatory entry to enter, but you could also have Additional entries to maximize your chances, please remember to leave each entry in a separate comment box or it won't be counted)

To ENTER (MANDATORY) : You must visit HairZing, take a look around at the store and then come back here and tell me in a comment on this post, which hairzing is your most favorite (please be specific with style, color, etc). (1 entry)

For Additional entry (put each entry in a separate comment box) :
  • Tell us in 50 words or less: Three ways you could be changing the world if you didn't have to spend so much time messing with your hair.... (2 entries)
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This giveaway will end on Oct 13, 2010 at 24:00 pm.
Yeah baby, this giveaway is open for WORLDWIDE!
Winner will be announced here on Oct 14, 2010.

I will use to pick the winning number. If the winner does not respond within 48hrs then I will have to choose another winner and will announce it again in my blog. Good luck to everyone! ^__^

I did not receive any form of payment for this review and this is written based on my own honest opinion. The free product(s) were provided by HairZing for review purposes only, and this compensation DOES NOT influence my opinion at all. If I said it's good then it's good, if it needs improvement I will say so :)
The sponsor is the one who is fully responsible for sending the giveaway prize to the winner(s) therefore I will not be held responsible for prizes that are not sent by the sponsors or for any lost shipment of the prize.