Yuri's list of Top Ten World's Best Hotel Bathroom With A View

Saturday, July 31, 2010

I love to watch those "10 best ....(fill in the blank) in the world" on TV, and then I thought hey, why don't I make those list myself and put it on this blog? Genius,right? (lol).. Anyway, I'm summing up this list from a couple of websites that already has those lists of their own, so I'm just listing up my most favorite best of the best, kinda like that.. ;p

Let's begin with Bathrooms now shall we? I originally intended to make Top 10 Most Unique Public Bathroom because I remember watching an episode of that on TV, but after several hours of browsing i found it hard to find the lists that makes my category, so I skipped it and decided to go with a new category which is Top 10 Best Hotel Bathroom With A View.

You know how hotel rooms must have a good view right? But how bout the bathrooms?
I love to check on the bathroom whenever I stayed at a hotel because to me bathroom is important. And it would be a great bonus point if the bathroom has an excellent view too! So I made this list of my personal favorites. Please note that this list is in random order so the first on the list doesn't mean it's my most favorite, et cetera.. et cetera.. Got it? Good. Now let's begin:

"YURI's list of Top 10 World's Best Hotel Bathroom With A View"

The Outpost Kruger National Park
South Africa

This luxury hotel is perched on a tree within a game reserve in South Africa. It is built on a hillside with a view on 180 ° to the Kruger National Park. Yes, this open bathroom is perched up high so there's no need to worry of any peeping tom.
With an open space that connects to the nature like that, one will feel as free as a bird (speaking of living in a tree too ;p). I bet at night the sounds of the forest and the starry sky will give a great bathing experience too.
The bath tub is unique and the rustic style of this bathroom really match the environment. With a clear wide view from a bird's looking point, this bathroom is one of the best in my list.

The Hotel Cipriani
Venice, Italy

Located on the island Giudecca, which is famous with its wines, this five-star and ultra-rich hotel with it's excellent services and (also) excellent bathrooms are one of my favorite too. The all-marble bathroom looks very inviting and the view it offers...i'm speechless.. You can view the famous Venetian canal as well as the amazing views of the delightful walled Casanova gardens and St Mark’s Square. And those tall windows?? Oh my... take me there please..

The InterContinental Hong Kong
Hong Kong

This is the bathroom of the Presidential Suite, the largest suite in Hong Kong. Who wouldn't want to spend time in this tub relaxing while looking over the well-known beautiful views of Victoria Harbour and Hong Kong Island. This master bathroom features a rain shower for two, a state of the art Jacuzzi and a separate toilet room complete with remote control, heated toilet seat and front/back washer and dryer features -- and don't forget that spectacular views of Hong Kong's skyline.

The Six Senses Hideaway Zighy Bay

Just look at those views! With that big openings surrounding your bath tub who would say No to this?? This bathroom has a spacious, personal environment to offer as view for its guests. The rustic style of the bathroom is a uniqueness itself, the bath tub and the general look of the bathroom offers "back to nature" experience and the views... oh the views...they're just spectacular.

Hufaven Fushi
Maldives, Indian Ocean

Oh how I always wish I could go to Maldives. It's one of my dreams to be able to spend a holiday there with my loved one. Maldives is juts to-die-for.
This bathroom is from the Lagoons Bungalows of the hotel. it sets on a long ovate pier off the island. Yes, it says OFF THE ISLAND. The room also has a plunge pool on your private terrace overlooking the ocean. Well, actually the ocean is right beneath your bungalows!
The massive glass right in front of the bathtub is like a wide screen TV that plays your favorite travel channel where they show you a clear blue sea and bright blue sky ^o^ It's hard to beat that.

The Standard Hotel
New York, USA

Just by looking at the pic above you'll see why this bathroom makes it on my list. It has everything great in it. Great spacious space, great tiles, great wide windows, great tub and great double views! You can see the water view at your left and the city view at your right, both through the massive clear windows. Fascinating! If this picture is taken at daytime, imagine what the view would look like at night time!

The Twelve Apostles Hotel and Spa
Cape Town, South Africa

The hotel stands at the very edge of the Atlantic, surrounded by acres of marine coastal nature reserves. The view from the bathroom is just WOW! Roman style bathroom with a sea and mountain view (I'd like to think of it as Vesuvius mountain ;p) would be enough to make me wants to stay as long as I can in that bath tub.. Just take a relaxing soak and enjoy the scenery.

Krabi, Thailand

Located on white sand beaches and cinematic limestone cliff-sides, this hotel bathroom offers a stunning view of the cliff sides, the beach and the rest of the island. The lush landscaped gardens are an additional view for that all-out tropical indulgence.
The bathroom itself is really spacious with great lighting, beautiful wood and stone interior and a large couple's bath tub with a massive window in front of it. The bathroom also connected to the room and the private terrace. A tropical paradise of your own..

Tshukudu Bush Lodge
Pilanesberg National Park, South Africa

The windows over the bathroom open onto the grassy plain and rustic safari field, a view so different from what you see in your daily city life. Maybe you can see giraffes grazing on the savannah or maybe a watering hole swarmed with animals.
This bathroom has a sunken bathtub with water-conserving hardware, and a black slate floor. With an open window really close to your bathtub like that you can enjoy the scenery as if you are soaking in a bathtub outside the wall. This is a very private lodge because..errr...your closest human neighbor is nowhere nearby.

Khayangan estate, resorts and villas
Bali, Indonesia

And this last one is from my beloved country, Indonesia. Indonesia also has many places and islands that worth the visit. If you're looking for a holiday in a tropical country then you should consider Indonesia ^__^
Anyway, this bathroom is from a resort villa in Bali. The villa rests on the tip of a hill. Below it are white sands and rolling ocean waves. This bathroom views are very unique and might have the potential of making you wants to stay all day ;p
This bathroom has 2 different views. So while you're sipping champagne while soaking underneath all those flower petals in your bath you'll enjoy the green scenery right outside your window and of the ocean far beneath. And while you're washing your hand or brushing your teeth on the unique sink you'll find the scenery of the dense beds of grass and trees, gently swaying palms, and some paddy fields outside your window. I love the natural style of the stone-infused bathtub and the carved wood sink table. I also love the drapes on the bathtub window. Perfection!

So, that's it! Which one do you like? Or which one did you not like?
Please remember that this is just a personal choice of mine so the list may be subjective to me but I tried to be fair and include different kind of style and views (from ocean views to city views and forest views). So I hope you enjoy my list and feel free to add your favorite hotel bathroom with a view. Give me the link on the comment form if you happened to have a link to the picture.

Anyway, I always wanted to do this kind of lists on my blog and now that I finally did it, I didn't expect it to be a lot of fun! I really enjoy compiling the options and making this post so I might want to do it again in the future, maybe a different list, World Top Ten of something.. ^o^

Thanks for reading!

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  1. The ones in South Africa, plus the one in the Maldives are the most appealing to me. But truthfully, I'd love to go anywhere but Minnesota right about now!!!

  2. Everyone loves big luxurious bathrooms. These pictures are great! Something to consider while traveling.


  3. The bathrooms are out of this world! The view was breath taking from all of them. My favorite: The Outpost Kruger National Park

    clenna at aol dot com

  4. Awesome pics... this is simply great i like it so much.. the bathrooms are out of this world..

  5. Wow...... I got so thrilled.. I am visiting these pictures for 1st time and I am like got speechless.. Fantastic place.. I would ask my hubby to take me to that place..

  6. I really love views of nature but the hotel in Hong Kong is just amazing! Nonetheless, I love every single choice you have. I did notice that South Africa has a lot to offer. Thank you for sharing this post.


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