The Many Faces Of Me

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Several weeks ago I posted about my brother buying a new SLR Camera (which I can gladly borrow so I don't need to buy it myself ^o^). Well, he's been actively photographing everything ever since. He also has design skills so he's been taking pictures and then editing them by adding some backgrounds, etc. He did some of my pictures and here are the results:

He gave me this last picture, complete with a dark wooden frame as a Birthday gift for me last month. I like it, I feel like an eastern princess lady in the desert ^o^

He also did a project where he edited my pictures into a theme of 4 elements villain princess or some sort. The 4 elements are : Green/Plants, Fire, Water and Earth. I thought the "green/plants" should have been "air" as the 4 elements we know but maybe he had something else in mind, I should ask him about it.

I also asked him to take pictures of my Indian bangle set collections, at first I intended to use it in my fashion blog (for the daily outfit posts where I post photos of me and the outfits I wore that day). But I didn't expect it would turns out this beautiful so I felt like it's too nice to be put on my daily outfit posts ^o^ He sure got some talents (and lots of patience because as a PhotoShop users myself I know for sure that editing photos with a designing tools such as PhotoShop DOES need a lot of patience and time cos it's not that easy).

I say he got what it takes and this compliment is NOT because he's my brother but I honestly think that his photos are really worth mentioning.
All photos are copyrighted by Erik Wibowo Photography. He sells some of his finished photos and I think he also take photography orders. Check out his portfolio here:


Friday, September 25, 2009

Hey you, first of all, I wanna say sorry for my lack of posts last week due to my long holiday, but I'm back now! ^__^

Anyway, in this post I'm gonna review a gorgeous stationary package that I received several weeks ago from KISS THE FROG.
Maria of Seven keys Designs, the woman behind Kiss The Frog is so nice to send me this package full of fabulous stationary-related items all the way from Greece, it was a really nice surprise for me when I first received it from the post man. Not to mention that it was wrapped with a pretty vintage-themed gift wrap, how did she know that I love vintage-related items? ^o^

Anyway, when i opened the package I was quite surprised at how many items she sent me! And there are lots of varieties too! I was sent several postcards, blank cards in different sizes, invitation card, letter card, note card and many bookmarks in different shapes ! She also includes some matching envelopes in it!

What a delightful package. The prints are colorful and I love the drawings (a girl with different characters) in some of the products which is sort of the main theme of Kiss The Frog's designs. I personally love it because it's not too girly nor too edgy, so it's perfect for serving everyone's different tastes. I also love the "emo" touch in it, Charming!

The most amazing thing of this stationary is that these designs are original drawings, made by Seven Keys Designs. Maria also has an etsy store, Kiss The Frog where they sell not only ingenious stationary products but also artful and dazzling decorative items such as dolls, pocket mirrors, pendants, etc.. Isn't she a Super Genius or what?! oh God bless her talented hands and brain to be able to make such awesome ideas and adorable things like these!

The quality is superb too. The thickness of the paper is very suitable for each variety, the letter paper is not too thin and the envelope is just right. The cards are not thick and bulky so I love it. The little bookmarks has ribbons on it, it's a nice detail although I personally think that they should be a bit thicker (the little bookmarks, that is, not the ribbons ^o^).
Overall, i was fascinated. If I ever need some invitations or a thank you card or greeting cards or even some blank cards I would definitely recommend this lovely little store. You should check out their etsy store, you'll have a crush on their stunning designs and don't blame me if you suddenly wants to buy some of their stuffs too ^o^

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Weekly Digest

Sunday, September 13, 2009

It's been a long time since I posted photos of my cats. Yesterday, one of my cat, Bleki is having a silly moment (isn't he always silly?!) so I snapped a picture of him while he's taking his nap. He seems a bit bigger compare to his old photos so I guess he must have gained some weight. He's starting to be heavy too when I carry him on my shoulder. Here he is..., the outrageous cat ^o^


7 days ago my mother-in-law was having a Birthday. Me and hubby decided to buy her a brooch for her birthday present. It's quite a challenge finding a present that suitable for a mother-in-law not to mention that she seems to already has everything she needs. So we came up with this brooch because she's been seen wearing brooches lately. We bought this brooch online and when it arrived, (thankfully) the real thing is as gorgeous as the picture ^__^
Anyway she's happy with the present and luckily she said she doesn't have a black brooch yet so it's our lucky guess, I guess... ^o^


And these are some inspirational pictures for the week. I love the past eras and these photos could tell many stories about those forgotten era. I wonder who's the girl and the woman behind these lovely pictures and what were their stories:


I will be having another Giveaway tomorrow at my Fashion & Beauty Blog, Two Thousand Things so don't forget to stop by tomorrow, we'll be having an Island Paradise Gift Set from Mermaid's Purse!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

What's in my Mailbox

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First of all, have you entered the Giveaway at my Fashion blog? Enter here and get a chance to win a coconut shell bracelet from CoRneY! You have until Sep 10 to enter!
Okay, now here we go..

You'll never know what your mailbox will bring to you this week...
That is so true! Have you ever feel Curious to see what would be in your inbox today?
Well, I sometimes do ^o^ And incase you're also curious to see what's in my mailbox this week, here are some of the highlights in mine :

The Guy Makeover at InStyle.
Nowadays, makeovers aren't just for the girls, it's also for the guys! InStyle presents to you The Guy Makeover, I surely would try this with my hubby's photograph ^o^
He always seems to have a problem on deciding his haircut style, maybe this would give him an idea or two. Hmm...Classic like Clooney or trendy like Pattinson here?


A cousin of mine sends me these cute pictures that makes me smile, these would make your day just a little bit brighter when you're down ^__^

It comes with "Today's Message of the Day" which is:

"Life is short, Break the rules, Forive quickly, Kiss slowly, Love truly, Laugh uncontrollably, And never regret anything that made you smile..."


Kayla from The Eclectic Element (whose actually the one who inspires me of this "what's in my mailbox" theme) is talking about "6 Jobs you think would be a blast to have". I think it's a good topic for my daily daydreaming ;p so here it "6 jobs I think would be a blast to have" :

1. I would like to work in a Fashion Industry. So I think my first three answers would be in correlation to Fashion ^o^. First of all, I'd like to work in a big fashion magazine. As my favorite magazine is LUCKY so I think working at LUCKY Magazine would be a blast for me!

2. To have a Fashion label of my own. I couldn't draw very well so I don't think I'd make a good Fashion designer, but Mary Kate & Ashley couldn't draw sketches too yet they still have their own brand by having designers designs clothes for them so that's what I'm gonna do :D

3. A Buyer for a big fashion store. That job would include routine trip overseas looking for new fashion styles so that would be a blast!

4. Being a famous star wouldn't hurt ^o^ I'd be the entertainer who can sing, dance and act beautifully. I'd be that multi-talented artist, i'm telling you.. ;p

5. I would also love to be a host in the Travel channel. I love traveling and the temptations to go to places I've never been is just hard to resist.

6. Owning a charming little store on the corner of a street. It could be a quaint little Book Store or a Gift Store full of unique and cute little things, or maybe a place where you could find nifty home decor for your house and apartment, or maybe even a little boutique with lovely decorations inside ^___^


And the last, I received this promo newsletter in my inbox 3 days ago:
a SPECIAL PROMO from The Body Shop waiting for you at the store (only valid in Indonesia)


Well, that's some of the interesting things that I received in my mailbox this week. Let's see what next week's mailbox will bring me ^__^

DIY Round-Up

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

This is my first DIY round-up ! Because I can't believe how many talented people out there whose willing to share their DIY tips and tricks (and because I personally love the idea of creating something yourself) so I decided to put this DIY compilation that I gathered from many places here in the internet. I hope these DIYs would at least inspire you. ^__^

Since I'm still in a festive mood (check out my previous party planner post) so this first DIY round-up would be about things that you can do or make yourself to spruce up your celebrations!
Let's begin with this lovely chair-ties. You know when people decorate their dining area with big expensive ribbons attached on the back of the chairs? now this is how you could alternate the big expensive ribbons with something simple and much cheaper. You will only need some colorful fabrics, pinking shears, and a ruler.

You could also use the fabrics left-overs as a ribbon to tie your party favor bag like this:

Learn the tutorials at One Charming Blog on how to make this !

And for the table's decorations we could use these clever DIY ideas that would surely bring out the party colors. Let's start with this cute and stunning Cake-Sliced Favor Wheel from Better Homes and Gardens:

Grouped together and tied with a ribbon, these paper boxes look like cakes. Each slice here is filled with candies, but you could also fill it with something else. It could also be an alternative to your party favor bag! Guests would love carrying this chic boxes home. Read the how-to's here!

And these Origami Votive Wraps is also a good idea to add more color to the dining table. This DIY is very easy to make, the materials are also easy to found, you only need origami paper, Votive candleholders and Double-sided tape to make these fun colorful wraps. You could also make it in a bigger size for a glass wrap for the table decoration.

You can find the tutorial here on Martha Stewart's site!

I love browsing through these DIY things. Although I'd love to make one I don't think I have the time nor the patience to do some DIY-ing ^o^ Well, I once knitted a scarf by following an online instructions but that's about it, I think. ^^