Friday, September 25, 2009

Hey you, first of all, I wanna say sorry for my lack of posts last week due to my long holiday, but I'm back now! ^__^

Anyway, in this post I'm gonna review a gorgeous stationary package that I received several weeks ago from KISS THE FROG.
Maria of Seven keys Designs, the woman behind Kiss The Frog is so nice to send me this package full of fabulous stationary-related items all the way from Greece, it was a really nice surprise for me when I first received it from the post man. Not to mention that it was wrapped with a pretty vintage-themed gift wrap, how did she know that I love vintage-related items? ^o^

Anyway, when i opened the package I was quite surprised at how many items she sent me! And there are lots of varieties too! I was sent several postcards, blank cards in different sizes, invitation card, letter card, note card and many bookmarks in different shapes ! She also includes some matching envelopes in it!

What a delightful package. The prints are colorful and I love the drawings (a girl with different characters) in some of the products which is sort of the main theme of Kiss The Frog's designs. I personally love it because it's not too girly nor too edgy, so it's perfect for serving everyone's different tastes. I also love the "emo" touch in it, Charming!

The most amazing thing of this stationary is that these designs are original drawings, made by Seven Keys Designs. Maria also has an etsy store, Kiss The Frog where they sell not only ingenious stationary products but also artful and dazzling decorative items such as dolls, pocket mirrors, pendants, etc.. Isn't she a Super Genius or what?! oh God bless her talented hands and brain to be able to make such awesome ideas and adorable things like these!

The quality is superb too. The thickness of the paper is very suitable for each variety, the letter paper is not too thin and the envelope is just right. The cards are not thick and bulky so I love it. The little bookmarks has ribbons on it, it's a nice detail although I personally think that they should be a bit thicker (the little bookmarks, that is, not the ribbons ^o^).
Overall, i was fascinated. If I ever need some invitations or a thank you card or greeting cards or even some blank cards I would definitely recommend this lovely little store. You should check out their etsy store, you'll have a crush on their stunning designs and don't blame me if you suddenly wants to buy some of their stuffs too ^o^

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  1. Thanks for the recommendation, what a lovely site

  2. I love it too! You should see the site, it'll make you oohh-ed and aaah-ed ^o^


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