Party Planner : Romantic Vintage Theme Party

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I love playing imaginary party planner. I love playing it in my head; what would be the theme, what would the decor looks like, what would I put in the tables and so on and so on...
Call me nuts but I always have this BIG imagination in my head whenever I think of something, that's why you could almost catch me daydreaming during the day ^o^ It doesn't always have to be an imaginary party planner but also an imaginary interior decorator, an imaginary princess, and ...well, you get the idea ^o^

And today, I will be playing the imaginary party planner again. This time I will be planning an imaginary Bridal Shower Party. The theme is "Romantic Vintage" so there will be lots of flowers in shapes, patterns, or prints. Please feel free to be inspired...

The Invitation :
I love chandelier and this card combine it with damask print that makes it quite vintage looking.
(pic: via etsy / Sweet Pea Baby)

The Guest Book :
Guests would write in this Vintage looking Guest Book which is provided at the front door. Here, they can also write their wishes & prayers for the bride to be.
(pic: via flickr / andrea singarella)

The Decorations :
Hanging faux bouquet in various bright color placed near the front door and by the windows.
Additional faux flowers tucked in drawers at the foyer table.

For the center-piece: Pretty floral decorations made from fabrics with vintage prints.

Cute fabric doll tucked in a flirty red cup placed in a corner table would be a good conversation topic among the guests.
(both pics: Flickr / Shabby Roses Cottage)

Vintage decorated tins, placed in a side table near the snacks and drinks area.

Country charm pillow cases with a touch of vintage for the sofas and chairs.
(pic: via Etsy / Lemon Tree Studio)

On The Table :

Colorful bon-bons wrapped in vintage print paper for snacks.
(pic: velvetstrawberries.typepad & jmdesignandco.blogspot)

Various colorful snacks placed in a bake tray, decorated with colorful "cupcake paper" ? (I forgot what it's called ^o^).
(pic: via Flickr / picnic by ellie)

Salt/Pepper, Syrup and Jam container in the cutest shape possible, to be put among the food in the dining area.
(pic: via daisypinkcupcake.blogspot)

And no party is a party unless there's a cake!
here's my choice of the cake, isn't it lovely?

Cake platters spread among the tables:


And here are the plates for guests to enjoy their lunch with:
(pic: thevintagesailor.typepad)

And for the desserts:
(pic: momwaldsplace.blogspot)

And the guests would drink their tea in these vintagey cups and saucers:

(all pics: via Flickr / damselfly58)

The Goody Bag :
A goody bag has become an important part of a party nowadays and no party would be complete without it. So here's my choice of goody bag for this bridal shower party : a lovely pair of purse and wallet, both made of the same fabric with romantic rose pattern.
(pic: via Flickr / Shabby Roses Cottage)

A pair of those pretty wallet and purse are to be put inside this paper goody bag decorated with a big beautiful rose in one side.
(pic: via Etsy / thatDESIGNshop)

And last but not least, don't forget to include this Thank-You card in every goodie bag you distribute to the guests.
(pic: via Etsy / Posh Paisley)

Oh, and this is the dress for the star of the party aka the bride to be:
A very pretty boho and lace dress in a latte color.
Blends with shimmery golden earrings and a cream-colored feather headband, and you'll be able to whip up an intriguing outfit in no time.
(Dress from

Main source : daisypinkcupcake.blogspot


  1. i love the way you allow yourself to dift off into such a wonderful land of fantasy and daydreams...your parties would be the best! :)

  2. Thank you Adam! You're automatically invited! ^o^

  3. Wow i saw de pics first so thought u actually attended a wedding with such a theme !!! When i later read it was all based on ur imagination i was like whaaaa..u gtta be kiddin me !! This is frkkin awesome..Im so stealing few of ur ideas =P

  4. @insiya:
    haha thanks insiya! I do have a crazy imagination in my head! ^___^
    Pls do steal it, i hope you'll have great parties! ^^

  5. This is a fantastic blog! :) i must also admit that i have a very big imagination myself x) keep up the great work! and i must ask, are you an aquarius?


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