Saturday, August 15, 2009

Actually it has been more than a month since I write my "This month's Purchases" post, so now it would be more like a "This Month & Last Month's Purchases and Freebies" ^__^
Anyway, since I have long been in a shopping ban because almost all of my 3 credit card bill has each reached their maximum limit so I haven't been shopping a lot lately. But instead, I have received quite many free things for these past 2 months. Receiving free things is like much better than shopping ^o^ So I'm quite thankful for all these free stuffs that I got. And here's the list :

This is probably the only thing I bought in the last two months of my shopping ban.
This is actually a matched-stick shaped stirring spoon, you know...for stirring your drinks, only it has a matched-stick shaped rather than a usual spoon shape ^o^

And here are all the free stuffs that I got for these past 2 months :

1. Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation from Thevi.
I was sent this Foundie to be reviewed. I was so excited when I received this because it's such a coincidence that I was also needing a new foundie since the one in my dresser seems to be aging and almost near it's expiration date ^o^ You can read my review on this product at my Fashion Blog TwoThousandThings.

2. Peacock-Feathered Hair Clip and a paisley print Head Wrap from
I saw these feathered hair accessories in some of my favorite fashion blogger's site and thought that I should have one, so I was really really excited when Cover Your Hair send me this pretty peacock-feathered hair clip to be reviewed! And they also send me a paisley print head band that would prove useful for my bad hair day. My mom would also try it for her hijab / jilbab. The review would soon be published at my fashion blog TwoThousandThings.

3. $119 worth of my choice of a tungsten ring from Palladium Wedding ring.
Several days ago I received my tungsten ring from one of my sponsor, Palladium Wedding Ring. I never thought that the ring would be this gorgeous! I showed it to my whole family and they all loved it and a bit hysterical I must say, all the women in my family want to try the tungsten ring on their finger immediately! So the ring traveled from fingers to fingers until it reached back to my own finger where it sits nicely, looking glamorous and cool ^__^

My husband loved it too and kept saying how gorgeous the ring is.
I always wanted a wide thick ring like this one and I always dreamed of wearing it in my middle finger because I think a wide thick ring would look more pretty in middle finger than in your ring finger. And so I asked for a half sized bigger than my ring finger size, and it fits perfectly!
Thank you Palladium Wedding Ring!

And here are the rest of my free stuffs that I luckily got :

4. "Atmosphere" Grey Jersey Blouse from my cousin.
She gave me this blouse as a token from her recent trip to Europe. I love free clothes! ^^

5. A blue pashmina from my brother-in-law's mom.
(I got the pashmina as one of the souvenir items that I received from his "pengajian" event).

6. A small face towel and perfumed soap from my sister-in-law.
(Same as the above, I also got these as one of the souvenir items that I received from her "pengajian" event).

7. Victoria's Secret "Secret Garden" Body Splash from another brother-in-law who has just came back from the US.
I love body splash, I own like maybe 5 of Victoria's Secrets Body Splash which I use randomly every day by mood ^o^

8. Vogue and Lucky Magazine August issues, also from my brother-in-law who has just came back from the US.
I always love Magazines! So thanks to Emil who brought me two new issues of Fashion Bibles ^o^

9. An IDR 100.000 Voucher from my father-in-law who won it somewhere.
We redeemed it at Carrefour to buy our monthly household needs.

Oh and I forgot to mention that I won a Giveaway at another website, the prize is an environment friendly tote bag, but I couldn't post the picture because I haven't received it in my mail yet. I'll surely will post about it once it reached my address.
Not bad, huh?! I might consider myself really lucky. Well, August is my birthday month so I guess this month is my lucky month after all.. ^___^

If you want to give yourself a chance to win a gorgeous blue nylon & lace dress then go to my Fashion blog as I am having my second Giveaway that will be closed on August 18th, so hurry up, go here!



  1. You don't need to go out shopping when you have a mountain of freebies. What a great career.

  2. Thanks ZACL!
    It is my favorite job so far! ^___^

  3. yes, it is good and you are lucky to get that as gift............tungsten ring are precious..i get my first tungsten ring two year back on my birthday..i have now a good collection of tungsten ring..


  4. i think you did right to go off track from palladium ring to tungsten Tungsten is strongest metal…It is scratch resistant…It found naturally on earth…It doesn’t have any side effects on your skin…

    cleon dann


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