We're a Quitter!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Me & hubby are a quitter. We're both a quitter when it comes to smoking, that is. Well, we were not what you called a heavy smoker anyway. We've been a quitter for several years now. I quit first. my main reason was because I got sick due to stress + smoking. Yes, it is a HORRIBLE combination for your health. So anyway quitting was kinda easy for me because of the traumatized situation ( I was hospitalized). But for my hubby it's kinda difficult at first because he does smoke everyday and although he keeps saying that he wants to quit but somehow it's difficult to actually start doing it.

Finally he strengthen his will, and just started reducing it first. Every day he starts reducing until he finally made it without any cigarette! And when he finally did it, we celebrate his success (good for continuous motivation!). But I know this simple way might not work on some people, like I said my husband is not a really heavy smoker to begin with so this method is simple enough for him to do, but maybe not for everyone else, especially for the heavy chain-smoker.

There are other ways to try to stop smoking though, from therapy to hypnosis, you can always search for it by using search engines, you can research about ways to stop smoking.

The newest method I've heard about quitting smoking is the Electronic Cigarettes. I've heard a lot about it from my friends, they come in different shapes but some of them looked like real cigarette (above pic) but the difference is they are not actually a real cigarette. It is basically a portable electrical device that simulates the feeling of inhaling a cigarette / tobacco smoking by producing an inhaled mist that provides the "sensation of smoking".

This is of course healthier than smoking because it has no tobacco in it, but it still delivers the experience of smoking. There are many electronic cigarettes or E-cigarettes brands out there but as always, you could do some research first, find a web or a page about " electroniccigarettereview " and see the options.

Lastly, keep in mind that "the greatest wealth is health" ! ^o^


Apps of The Week

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I figured I would do a "Favorite Apps of The Week" because I spent almost all my time with my iPhone and I do love it because of the technology (I'm a sucker for super high-tech things), and because of all the varieties of applications that you can download. You can find lots of apps  in different categories, I think you can find almost any apps you need or want!

Out of all the apps that I have downloaded on my phone I used 80% of them for games and social networking.

Here's a little review (please note that this review is based on my personal opinion and everyone is entitled to have different opinions):
  • Twitter for iPhone is great but Facebook for iPhone is so-so, sometimes it runs very slow and there are Facebook activities that you can't do via your phone so you must still have to log in to your FB account via your computer. 
  • For platform-crossing chat media I would recommend WhatsApp. You can chat with your friends who use different type of phones (blackberry, nokia, etc) as long as they have whatsapp on their phone. This is easier to do than using YM (Yahoo Messenger) because it's fast, it can create groups (although you can only add 10 people in each group), and you don't have to manually search for your friends who already have this application, once you set your whatsapp it will automatically search your phonebook to find your friends that already have whatsapp on their phone. Easy to use!

And as for games, I would recommend Smurf's Village and Tiny Tower. They both Free to download from the App store.
  • If you like creating a city or building a village from zero like in the old computer game SimCity or Pharaoh then you would love Smurf's Village. Oh and if you happen to love Smurfs when you were a kid then this app is surely for you too. Me and hubby actually played Smurf's Village a few months ago, so now that we hear there's a Smurf movie coming out we I am ecstatic! I would surely love to see those smurfs after playing them and seeing them in my phone screen everyday!
Anyway, this game has many levels and a few challenges that's not too easy yet not too hard to get, so it's quite enjoyable to play it in your spare time or even better if you play it to kill time ;p
This game has awesome graphic display, beautiful colors, endless possibilities on how you want to create / build your village or making layout to your village (i love this part the best, making layout! :D). And this game is on real time so even if you close the application the game would still be on and your village would still be active so by the time you open the game again you will see developments on your village. Love all those little smurfs! Oh and I also love that they have unique seasonal items that can only be purchased during certain season, and they update the app pretty frequently.

  • And as for Tiny Tower, you should download this because this game is trending right now! This pretty simple game is quite addictive. The goal is to build a tower as high as you can (I'm on level 38 now ;p), and you'll never know what you're gonna get at every level. So that surprise effect is kinda what makes you want to keep playing this game, because you will want to know what you're gonna get (or maybe it's just me? ;p).
What I mean is, you can choose which type that you want to build everytime you gain a level, you can choose to build either residential unit or service unit or retail unit, etc .. but you wouldn't know what specific unit that you would get. Let's say I want to build a retail on my next level, I wouldn't know what kind of retail store I would get. I could get a hat store or a music store, or even a bike shop!
Me and K both have this game on our phone and even both our towers have totally different stores and shops! it's quite fascinating, and addictive at the same time. And those Bitizens (tiny people who lives in your tower) are kinda cute! Sometimes their outfit makes me laugh. Here are a few shots from my Tiny Tower:

Oh and did I tell you that the Bitizens have their own Bitbook (which is like facebook), hahaha those bitizens are sooo funny ^__^

"How many bits would a bitizen byte if a bitizen could byte bits"

If you have any similar apps that you really love please do share in the comment box below so I can try it out too :)

Winner's Board: Crea Clip Giveaway

Monday, August 22, 2011

Thank you so much to all of you who participated in Crea Clip giveaway!
 Firstly, I am so sorry for this late winner announcemet. Big thanks to my reader Nancye who emailed me and remind me to do this announcement!
And you know what? The funny thing is: I did my usual winner picking routines; I went to random.org to pull out the random number for picking the winner, and you know whose comment number showed up? By all means, it's Nancye's number!
So I swear to God I didn't do any cheating nor do I deliberately picked Nancye as the winner of this giveaway. It is just pure coincidence and it is just pure Nancye's luck!
Congrats Nancye!

The random number generator has decided, and here is the winner...

Nancye said...
The video I liked the best was the A-Line Bob. Too cute!!


I will send you email notification shortly and you have 48hrs to confirm and reply to my email otherwise I will have to draw another winner.

Many thanks to you lovely readers who has entered the Giveaway.

PS. Check out my other Giveaways here at Tigerlily's Book (find the current giveaways links on the side bar!) And don't forget to also check out my other blog Two Thousand Things for more giveaways!

Apt Project: Bedding Set

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Setelah kemarin sempet keracunan Batik Snob gara-gara browsing forum FD, sekarang jadi keracunan bedding set (juga gara2 browsing forum FD hohoho). Emang di forum-forum tuh suka banyak racun yee yang meracuni kita jadi sakau pengen beli juga hahaayy...

Anyway, kemarin2 tuh sempet liat di FB ada yang jual bedding set lucu, bahan satin jepang katanya. Harganya juga nggak mahal2 amat (kalo nggak pake bedcover nya), trus motif nya nggak pasaran. Ada dua motif yang paling-gue-incar-namun-hubby-tak-suka, pastinya dese nggak suka karena motifnya berbau shabby chic hahaha Dirinya kan anti shabby chic karena katanya "kaya cewe banget". Kalo kata Kani suami nya Kunti (temen gue), shabby chic kaya nenek-nenek hihihi...

Ini lohh bedding set yang kaya cewe banget dan kaya nenek-nenek itu ..
Yang atas motif London Rose dan yang bawah motif Fairy, dua2nya dari FB nya Mybedroom Stylizz.

Kalo yang bawah itu gue suka sarung bantalnya, baguus full florals gitu. Kalo yang pertama sih naksir berat karena motif rose di bed cover nya dan karena warnanya, Ungu! Gue lagi suka ungu banget (ama oranye!) hehe..

Eh tapi trus pas dari FB kan pindah ke FD tuh, iseng browsing soal bedding eh ternyata ada thread nya, dan disitu lagi pada keracunan Mojokoe Bedding. 
Penasaran, gue klik lah link nya, gue buka link Multiply nya, eh ya ampuunn... itu yang namanya bedding set kok ya smuanya minta dirampok gitu lucu-lucu bangetttt...

Trus, disitu bahannya juga satin jepang tapi satin jepang nya ada yang Extra Soft segala. Trus di atas itu ada Silk Jacquard. Itu jenisnya Grand Platinum, threadcount nya 700 (!) >>> Sprei biasa itu threadcount nya rata2 sekitar 250-350 an gitu deh. 

Kalo mau bahan yang lebih bagus lagi ada yang Silk Organic Cotton (import), itu dia 750 threadcount! so pastinya lebih halus lah ya. Kalo di luaran katanya sama dengan bahan organic bamboo silk. Kalo bahan organic bamboo sih udah pasti enak di kulit dan nyaman banget soalnya kebetulan ogut punya dua pieces baju dari organic bamboo (bekas review Bamboosa), dan itu emang enak banget bahannya, adem kalo lagi panas tapi ga bikin kedinginan kalo suhu lagi dingin.

Ini nih beberapa pilihan ogut dari Mojokoe:
ANDRASY CORINTHIA (ini kaya London Rose versi Mojokoe yah, lebih keren nampaknya hehe)
Emery Artmore
CROISSANT PETALES (sebenernya yg ini gak gitu suka bgt sih cuma berhubung black+red adalah paduan warna favorit ogut jadinya ini masuk list juga deh hehe)

Dan ini yang bahan 100% Silk Jacquard nya:

Gue paling suka motif Aquerellio ini. Kalo misalkan lagi ngayal mau beli sprei di Mojoke kemungkinan besar pilihnya yang ini karena warnanya grey, cocok sama calon kamar baru. Eh tapi bahan jacquard itu kan agak timbul gitu ya motifnya jadi bikin ragu2 nih soalnya kalo untuk sprei kayanya gue lebih prefer yang smooth deh. >>> Halah, ini pake ragu2 segala padahal jelas2 ini kan cuman hayalan beli nya hehe soalnya lagi fakir miskin neh huhu..

Oiya, Mojokoe ini  juga jual sprei polos yang bahannya Regal Damask tapi yang Pure Solid, jadi polos kaya sprei ala hotel bintang lima gitu. Makanya nama nya Hotel Collection. Pengen juga sih sprei putih polos gitu, tapi ah....gue kan cenderung jorok orangnya, mana bisa tahan pake sprei putih, orang hobinya ngemil di kasur sambil nonton dvd dan minum teh kotak -__-

Trus Mojokoe jual bed skirt jugaaa... Dari dulu pengen beliin bed skirt buat si kasur double bed di kamar tapi bingung mau dipakein warna apa bed skirt nya wong sprei gue aja warnanya macem2 hadiah kawinan semua itu makanya gak senada hihihi.. Mo dipakein bed skirt putih tapi ntar ga matching kalo pas sprei gue warna coklat bunga2, ntar ga matching juga sama sprei gue yang biru dongker motif abstrak ^o^
Udah lah kaga usah pake bed skirt, ntar ga matching gue kesel sendiri hehe

Mending pesen Quilt aja sekalian ama Quilt Cover nya di Mojokoe. Gue baru tau kalo ternyata mendingan pake quilt cover daripada bed cover soalnya kalo quilt kan yang dicuci bisa cover alias sarungnya aja jadi bisa cuci sendiri pake mesin cuci, kalo bed cover kan musti gotong2 bed covernya yang segede gaban itu ke laundry. Trus lebih murah beli quilt cover yang di matching in sama sprei nya daripada beli bedcover yang matching kan?

Quilt = Duvet: Kain putih polos yang dijahit berbentuk kantong yang di dalemnya ada semacam filling yang bikin empuk, kurang lebih kaya isi bedcover gitu loh.
Quilt Cover: Sarungnya si duvet diatas.
Bedcover: Isi sama sarung dijahit jadi satu.

Jadi bedanya kalo quilt + quilt cover itu bisa dilepas sarung/cover nya aja buat dicuci, sementara kalo bedcover ya musti dicuci semua2nya (mudah2an bener penjelasan gue hehehe).

Ya anyway yang penting sekarang jadi tahu dimana tempat buat beli sprei bagus yang bisa special order skalian sama aksesoris bedding nya. Yaah punya sprei premium satu biji juga cukup lah, dipake nya kalo mau ada tamu dateng aja hihihihi ...

Travel Wish List: The Ranch!

Monday, August 8, 2011

I love ranches! Well basically I love everything with animals or wild life near by ;p
And I love horses, and vast green fields, and far away hills blooming with flowers and tall trees. I love the rustic cottages, the wooden fences, the ranch animals, the barn, everything!

And here is one ranch that I want wish to visit someday and spent some peaceful days (or weeks!) there:

The Ranch at Rock Creek - Philipsburg, Montana, USA

This is a luxury guest ranch set among 10 square miles of rugged Montana ranch land. Trail rides among wildflower meadows, fishing by the nearby Rock creek, exploring the rural landscape that surrounds the area, or just laid back and enjoy some light reading in the terrace of your rural lodge, sipping some drinks in the fun lounge/bar area of the resort with the cute saddle stools and rustic interiors, there are just enough activities to enjoy here. I myself love the view and the well-decorated lodges/guest houses. Just check out these lodges:

And the tents style:
 The lounge/bar area:
 (the stools!)
 The restaurant:

Perfect rustic life style!
I want this!

To see all of my "Travel / Hotel Wish List" posts, you can click here and just keep scrolling down once you're there to see the rest of the posts.

See you on my next dreamy Travel Wish List!

*All photos are via Luxury Travel Magazine, click here to read more details on The Ranch.

Crea Clip Review (+ Giveaway !) - CLOSED

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

You know how pricey it is to visit a hair-dresser nowadays, right? Especially if you just want to trim your hair or cut the split-ends, there's no way I would pay for an expensive price for something that the hair-dresser would do in 10 minutes ^o^ I only go to the hair-dresser if I want to cut my hair into a different shape or style, or maybe to color it, but not for the 10 minutes hair trim. But then again, sometimes you DO need the trim to make your hair stay healthy and beautiful, or you DO need the trim to keep the hair style from looking awry.  So there goes the dilemma..

But wait, now there's an answer for that dilemma. It's called: Crea Clip.

I knew about Crea Clip from several blogs that raved about it, I thought this is just what we need! Crea Clip is a hair-cutting tool (or  guide) that you can use at home to cut your own or others’ hair. Very useful and easy to use.

And then I received a Crea Clip to review myself (!)
Every Crea Clip include a set of two sizes. The smaller size is great for bangs and trimming men’s hair, while the larger & curved size is great for long hair and layering. With both in the set you can create unlimited hairstyles. In the package you can also found a "How-To" pamphlet so you'll know what to do with them. There's also an instruction on the package to visit their website to see detailed "How-To" videos.

I tried the smaller (blue one) to trim my bangs because I just got a free hair-cut at Sunsilk Hair Studio a few weeks ago so I don't need a hair trim yet. By reading the pamphlet first and then log on to their website to check out the videos I find them so easy to use and the explanation are very user-friendly. Just like they say in their website, all you have to do is just Clip, Slides, and Cut!
The level on the middle of the Crea Clip helps me to position it so that I know the cuts will be straight or in proportion.

I actually holding it wrong, the rotating leveler (that little water-pass in the middle of the CreaClip) should face your face when you cut your hair by yourself so you'll know the approximate position. If you are cutting other people's hair then the leveler should face the front like the photo above. 

The CreaClip can save money because you don't have to pay expensive hair-trims (or even hair-cuts!) anymore. And it will save you from the hassle of traveling and waiting at the hair dresser too. Crea Clip is also perfect for those who are not physically able to go to a salon, and also to cut your children's hair (you know how fast their hair grows, especially bangs). And it can be used for any type of hair.

I also saw a few videos on their website that makes Crea Clip more than just a tool to help you trim your bangs. With the Crea Clip set you can do maintenance between cuts, do a layered style or a blunt bob, or even create your own customized hair style.

A set of Crea Clip is now on SPECIAL PRICE for $29.99 (original price was $39.99), comes in a set of two sizes. International orders are accepted too!

You can see / read more review of me using the CreaClip as a hair cutting tool/guide to cut and trim my hair here.

One lucky reader of my blog will win a set of Crea Clip as below, courtesy of Crea Clip !
Please pay attention to The RULES before you enter.

(To be eligible for this giveaway contest you MUST do the MANDATORY below. You only need 1 Mandatory entry to enter, but you could also have Additional entries to maximize your chances, please remember to leave each entry in a separate comment box or it won't be counted)

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    This giveaway will end on AUGUST 17, 2011 at 24:00 pm. 
    Yeah baby, this giveaway is open for WORLDWIDE!
    Winner will be announced here on August 18, 2011.

    I will use random.org to pick the winning number. If the winner does not respond within 48hrs then I will have to choose another winner and will announce it again in my blog. Good luck to everyone! ^__^