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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I figured I would do a "Favorite Apps of The Week" because I spent almost all my time with my iPhone and I do love it because of the technology (I'm a sucker for super high-tech things), and because of all the varieties of applications that you can download. You can find lots of apps  in different categories, I think you can find almost any apps you need or want!

Out of all the apps that I have downloaded on my phone I used 80% of them for games and social networking.

Here's a little review (please note that this review is based on my personal opinion and everyone is entitled to have different opinions):
  • Twitter for iPhone is great but Facebook for iPhone is so-so, sometimes it runs very slow and there are Facebook activities that you can't do via your phone so you must still have to log in to your FB account via your computer. 
  • For platform-crossing chat media I would recommend WhatsApp. You can chat with your friends who use different type of phones (blackberry, nokia, etc) as long as they have whatsapp on their phone. This is easier to do than using YM (Yahoo Messenger) because it's fast, it can create groups (although you can only add 10 people in each group), and you don't have to manually search for your friends who already have this application, once you set your whatsapp it will automatically search your phonebook to find your friends that already have whatsapp on their phone. Easy to use!

And as for games, I would recommend Smurf's Village and Tiny Tower. They both Free to download from the App store.
  • If you like creating a city or building a village from zero like in the old computer game SimCity or Pharaoh then you would love Smurf's Village. Oh and if you happen to love Smurfs when you were a kid then this app is surely for you too. Me and hubby actually played Smurf's Village a few months ago, so now that we hear there's a Smurf movie coming out we I am ecstatic! I would surely love to see those smurfs after playing them and seeing them in my phone screen everyday!
Anyway, this game has many levels and a few challenges that's not too easy yet not too hard to get, so it's quite enjoyable to play it in your spare time or even better if you play it to kill time ;p
This game has awesome graphic display, beautiful colors, endless possibilities on how you want to create / build your village or making layout to your village (i love this part the best, making layout! :D). And this game is on real time so even if you close the application the game would still be on and your village would still be active so by the time you open the game again you will see developments on your village. Love all those little smurfs! Oh and I also love that they have unique seasonal items that can only be purchased during certain season, and they update the app pretty frequently.

  • And as for Tiny Tower, you should download this because this game is trending right now! This pretty simple game is quite addictive. The goal is to build a tower as high as you can (I'm on level 38 now ;p), and you'll never know what you're gonna get at every level. So that surprise effect is kinda what makes you want to keep playing this game, because you will want to know what you're gonna get (or maybe it's just me? ;p).
What I mean is, you can choose which type that you want to build everytime you gain a level, you can choose to build either residential unit or service unit or retail unit, etc .. but you wouldn't know what specific unit that you would get. Let's say I want to build a retail on my next level, I wouldn't know what kind of retail store I would get. I could get a hat store or a music store, or even a bike shop!
Me and K both have this game on our phone and even both our towers have totally different stores and shops! it's quite fascinating, and addictive at the same time. And those Bitizens (tiny people who lives in your tower) are kinda cute! Sometimes their outfit makes me laugh. Here are a few shots from my Tiny Tower:

Oh and did I tell you that the Bitizens have their own Bitbook (which is like facebook), hahaha those bitizens are sooo funny ^__^

"How many bits would a bitizen byte if a bitizen could byte bits"

If you have any similar apps that you really love please do share in the comment box below so I can try it out too :)

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