Restaurant Review: Roppan

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Note: I found the receipt! That means this post is now updated with the price and name of the food ;)


This photos are from several months ago. We went to Roppan at Gandaria City on our way back home from an event I attended at central Jakarta. Gandaria City was on the route home so we decided to have dinner at one of the many restaurants there.

After browsing around some restaurant options we chose for Roppan

The location of Roppan is quite unique because it is located at both side of a hallway inside the mall. At one side there's the food stall and cashier with a few chairs inside, then at the other side is a bigger seating area complete with a drink stall right in the middle of it, and this area stretch outside to the outdoor / smoking area.

You can see from above photo that there is a hallway between the two areas, so it's a pretty unique location. I also love the overall decor of this place because it's warm and comfy. The wooden chairs are mixed with sofa chairs, and the outdoor / smoking area looks pretty comfy too.

Roppan serve Japanese food, and their specialty is the Roppan Toast which is a big boxed toast filled with ice creams. There are lots of varieties of Roppan toast to choose from the menu. 

Roppan is actually short for Roppongi-Pan. Their other specialty is their various kinds of Japanese milk tea drinks.

Roppan at Gandaria City have quite many options to choose from. You can eat light meals such as their famous Roppan Toast menu that they served with ice cream. You can also opt for heavier meals such as bento box and a few options of ramen.  They also offer various drinks so you can also choose to just hang out here with a laptop and a drink on your table ;p

They even have a stand-alone stall to serve drinks (as you see in the left side of the photo above).

Anyway, because these are old photos so I'm afraid that I have lost the bill and price note, so we're gonna have to do this post with photos only ;p 
I hope that's okay with you guys... [UPDATED: I have found the receipt so I have updated this post with price and name of the food].

Time for some food porn :

We were hungry so we chose Bento for our main choice.
Chicken Yakiniku Bento (with additional miso soup), IDR 32.091,-
Beef Hamburg Bento (with additional miso soup), IDR 36.182,-

I was also curious with their Roppan Toast so I picked one from the menu and it was gooooooddddd.....

 We also ordered a miso shiru (Japanese tofu soup)

And some freshly made drinks:
Iced Peach Tea & Iced Berry Tea, both IDR 15.000,-

Overall, all the food and drinks that we ordered were pretty good, and not one thing disappoints us that night. The bento boxes were pretty good although it's not super delicious, but it's pretty yummy and worth the price. The drinks were also good and the Roppan Toast was super yummy.. ^o^

I didn't remember the exact prices of the food we ordered above, but I do know that Roppan is in the affordable price range. I've been there for quite some times now, and on my last visit my cousin ordered a green fried rice a la Indonesia style that came with many side dishes, and the portion is also quite big (at least for me) - and that big plate only costs IDR 27.000,-. 

I also ordered their Spicy Beef Ramen + Cold Ocha (green tea), and it only costs me IDR 52.000,-.

So I hope you get the idea of the price range :)

Roppan Indonesia
Twitter: @Roppanista


Travel Wish List: Matakauri Lodge

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Probably just like 70% of people who watched Lord of The Rings series, I wanted to go to New Zealand after seeing the beautiful lands and scenery on Lord of The Rings movies. The trilogy open the world's eyes that New Zealand is the new travel destination with  it's hidden beauty of vast beautiful landscapes and picturesque natural preserves. 

So it's no wonder if New Zealand is on my dreamy travel wish list now, and Queenstown is one of my New Zealand destination. 

Queenstown is nestled among majestic mountains with stunning, pristine natural playground surroundings. Queenstown and the surrounding area are also the place where all three of LOTR movies took place.

One of the ultimate place that I put on top of my dreamy wish list is to stay at this beautiful resort:

Matakauri Lodge

Matakauri Lodge is a luxury boutique hotel located right by the banks of Lake Wakatipu. The location is also close to the heart of Queenstown where you could find bars, restaurants, and shops. This amazing lodge has also made it's name to Tatler magazine's Top 101 hotels of the world.

This beautiful lodge with it's outstanding location and dramatic views has 4 luxury suites and 6 luxury villas, each with a private terrace of their own where we can see the breathtaking view of the crystal clear lake and the stunning high mountains beyond.

Matakauri Lodge facilities include: outdoor heated swimming pool with jacuzzi, lounges featuring roaring open fires, open-space Patio, a Library, a well-equipped gym, and a luxury spa featuring signature treatments in rooms with remarkable views. A total body and mind relaxation. 

The activities that you can do while staying in Matakauri are: horseback riding, jet safari, canyon adventure, and various tours such as wine tour, lord of the rings tour, etc.. You can also do a short walks and hikes to nearby gardens and cove.

What I love most from seeing all these photos is the amazing super stunning view that surrounds this wonderful lodge. It seems like every room has a big window where you could have an unobtrusive view of the breathtaking nature outside. No matter where you are in this lodge you'll have a magnificent view of the outdoors.

the gym and spa area:

the dining rooms:

the bedrooms/bathrooms:

I could just imagine myself bathing in that tub in front of the wide window overlooking the serene blue-water lake, wouldn't that be amazing?
I hope someday I'll  get there ;p

Matakauri Lodge
Queenstown, New Zealand
Prices start from $497 - $1546

To see all of my "Travel / Hotel Wish List" posts, you can click here and just keep scrolling down once you're there to see the rest of the posts.

See you on my next dreamy Travel Wish List!

*All photos and sources are from Matakauri Lodge website, you can click here for more info.

App of The Week: Set The Mood with GAZE

Friday, February 15, 2013

It's rainy season here in Indonesia and I just did a "Wet Seasons Essentials" on my fashion/beauty blog: TWO THOUSAND THINGS a couple of days ago. You can read what's my beauty essentials for the wet seasons here.

I also wanted to add something that I usually do while staying in my room when it's raining all day outside. I always enjoy the rain (unless it's a storm or scary big rain), I love to see the rain falling softly on the branches of trees outside the window, and how the rain splashes teeny tiny water spots on the window. I also love the cool temperature it brings, it's just feels relaxing somehow.

To bring out the relaxing mood even more, I would usually set the mood by making a hot cup of tea or coffee, watching movies while snuggling underneath the blanket, or just reading a book or read some magazines while enjoying the relaxing sound of the falling rain outside. I would also usually put on some candles to help set out the mood even more...

I usually light these candles on my bedside table!

Yes, candles!
How soothing, right? They are somehow very relaxing too, especially if they are scented candles infused with relaxing aromatherapy scents. But unfortunately scented candles are not very common here in my country, so they are usually very expensive. That's a pity because I myself love scented candles :(

But anyway, if you think that I have many candles as the picture you see above, then you're totally wrong! 


I actually only have one big candle in my bedroom ;p The rest of the candles above are just "illusion candles" that I get with the help of this amazing iPad app called "Gaze"  ^o^

Did I fool you? LOL...

I love this app, because it help gives you the right atmosphere that you want. Well, I guess this app would only work if you have big imagination, or if you believe in "creating atmosphere", because hubby K didn't seems to understand the purpose of this app  >__<

Oh well....

So anyway, this has been one of my fave app. It's free to download, and with this app you could feel like you're in a room at a resort because if you close your eyes you'd hear those birds chirping outside your window. Or you'll hear that waterfall running in the background. Or you could also feels like you're in the middle of winter or feels like you just turned on the fireplace ;p

There are similar apps like this one, and you could choose many backgrounds with real moving images and real sounds. Some of them are in-app purchases but a few of them are free. My favorites from the "free sections" are the candles and the fireplace background. The fireplace sounds like the real thing!

The crackling sounds of the fireplace are very similar to the real ones, and all of the pictures in this app are not a still picture, so the flames on the candles above really moves as if it was blown by wind. And the fire and flames on the fireplace really moves as if it's a real one.

If you have an iPad and love this kind of thing then check this app out because I think the illusion will work better in those big screen. I personally don't think the illusion would work out as well on the iPad mini.

Enjoy the app!

The Ylang Ylang Candle is courtesy of Tree Harvest via Raw Gaia, I reviewed it here.


Journal: Cats Galore!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A few months ago there's a stranded cat outside our house, almost got into a fight with my big cat Blackey. I ran out to see who was Blackey fighting with (because he's the biggest cat around here so I don't want him to hurt smaller cats in the neighborhood), then it turns out that Blackey was meowing to this beautiful fella!

How cute is this strayed cat? 
It's not everyday you get a strayed cat as cute and as beautiful as this! ;p

I think he is lost and because it was almost in the middle of the night so I took him inside my house and let him sleep in our room for a night before we let him out again the next morning.

We thought that he is one of our neighbor's cat but we don't know whose because we never saw him in our territory. After several phone calls we got information that he probably belongs to a family who lives right across our block, because someone saw this cat walking around that street a couple of times, in and out of a house.

So we let him out the next morning and hoped that he could find his way back home. I think he has found his way home because we didn't see him walking around our neighborhood that afternoon, especially when Blackey is still keeping his watch in this area ;p

Anyway, since we're talking about cats today, here's some funny cat photos from icanhazcheeseburger to make our day a little brighter ;)

I always love that website, it's hilarious! :D

Have a good day, everybody!


Hello again :)

Monday, February 11, 2013

Hey you guys....

How are you? I'm really sorry for abandoning this blog. I have been very busy with my fashion & beauty blog [TWO THOUSAND THINGS] and been neglecting this one. I felt like a very mean stepmother, LOL.

I was surprised to still accepting a few comments on my inbox from you guys on my last post which I wrote back in September of last year! One of the commenter, Londyn [Hi Londyn! :D] reminds me to keep this blog running again. She said that she wishes that I updated this blog again. And reading that one particular comment makes my spirit up and running again, and so I will try to update this blog again. 

Let's start new in 2013, alright? :)

So, thanks to Londyn, I am gonna try to make this blog up and running again. I have made some plans for this blog and I think from now on I'm gonna be focusing this blog on several things:
  • Home Decor Inspirations
  • Gift Ideas
  • Places / Hotels to travels
  • and my general daily life
Those are the things that I found most favorited from my readers (according to my web statistics). Well except for the general daily life part, because I just added that one so I can have my own media to keep notes on my daily life ;p

So anyway, to start a new year I have bought a new journal back in early January! 

I always have a journal on hand. I wrote all my important notes such as birthdays, appointments, due dates, etc.. and sometimes I kept important scraps too such as recent bills that I want to take a note of later, or hand notes, etc..

This is my journal for the past 3 years... :

I've been using my trusted pink leopard print journal since 3 years ago. It's a planner type with rings in the middle so I just changed the papers into a new one at every start of the year. 

But this year I got bored with it and wanted to start fresh with a new journal. I also wanted a more simple journal that I can bring everyday on my bag because sometimes the pink journal above is too bulky. So when I found a new office supply store near my house, I browsed around and opted for this new small, simple, and cute journal instead:

I bought it at a new stationary and office supply store at Cinere area. That store has a lot of cute stationary such as cute unique pens and pencils, cute little notes, various styles of stickers, post-its, etc. Soooo fun to browse at!

I ended up buying a few other stuffs beside the cute journal above. I also bought a pen, a pencil, and a few other knic-knacks which I'm not gonna show here because I'm saving it as part of a giveaway prize bundle which I'm gonna held at my fashion & beauty blog soon ;)

So here's the cute team that now resides in my working table ^o^

I love everything about the journal. It's simple but has complete sections inside it for writing my plans and important dates as well as for keeping my appointments. And it's small and very lightweight too so I can just grab it and bring inside my bag without adding additional weight ;)

I also love both the pen and the automatic pencil. There are many styles of pens and pencils at the store and it was hard to choose which ones I'm gonna get. If I could, I want to buy them all, LOL. Because they are so cheap too! I think it was around IDR6000 - 7000 each. (around 6 or 7 cents). I think there were others with IDR 4000 tags too!

Sooo cute!

I still sometimes use my big bulky pink journal for storing important notes or to jot down random ideas, but I put it on my desk. I've been carrying the new smaller pink one instead. I think I'm gonna stop by that store again really soon ;p

I forgot the name of the store but it is located right beside the Ace Hardware Cinere. It even has a connection door to the Ace Hardware store so I'm guessing maybe they both are related somehow? ;p

So anyway, out with the old and in with the new. 
Say goodbye to my old pink leopard print journal and say Hello to my new tiny pink dotted one ;)

 I'll see you tomorrow, guys...