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Monday, February 11, 2013

Hey you guys....

How are you? I'm really sorry for abandoning this blog. I have been very busy with my fashion & beauty blog [TWO THOUSAND THINGS] and been neglecting this one. I felt like a very mean stepmother, LOL.

I was surprised to still accepting a few comments on my inbox from you guys on my last post which I wrote back in September of last year! One of the commenter, Londyn [Hi Londyn! :D] reminds me to keep this blog running again. She said that she wishes that I updated this blog again. And reading that one particular comment makes my spirit up and running again, and so I will try to update this blog again. 

Let's start new in 2013, alright? :)

So, thanks to Londyn, I am gonna try to make this blog up and running again. I have made some plans for this blog and I think from now on I'm gonna be focusing this blog on several things:
  • Home Decor Inspirations
  • Gift Ideas
  • Places / Hotels to travels
  • and my general daily life
Those are the things that I found most favorited from my readers (according to my web statistics). Well except for the general daily life part, because I just added that one so I can have my own media to keep notes on my daily life ;p

So anyway, to start a new year I have bought a new journal back in early January! 

I always have a journal on hand. I wrote all my important notes such as birthdays, appointments, due dates, etc.. and sometimes I kept important scraps too such as recent bills that I want to take a note of later, or hand notes, etc..

This is my journal for the past 3 years... :

I've been using my trusted pink leopard print journal since 3 years ago. It's a planner type with rings in the middle so I just changed the papers into a new one at every start of the year. 

But this year I got bored with it and wanted to start fresh with a new journal. I also wanted a more simple journal that I can bring everyday on my bag because sometimes the pink journal above is too bulky. So when I found a new office supply store near my house, I browsed around and opted for this new small, simple, and cute journal instead:

I bought it at a new stationary and office supply store at Cinere area. That store has a lot of cute stationary such as cute unique pens and pencils, cute little notes, various styles of stickers, post-its, etc. Soooo fun to browse at!

I ended up buying a few other stuffs beside the cute journal above. I also bought a pen, a pencil, and a few other knic-knacks which I'm not gonna show here because I'm saving it as part of a giveaway prize bundle which I'm gonna held at my fashion & beauty blog soon ;)

So here's the cute team that now resides in my working table ^o^

I love everything about the journal. It's simple but has complete sections inside it for writing my plans and important dates as well as for keeping my appointments. And it's small and very lightweight too so I can just grab it and bring inside my bag without adding additional weight ;)

I also love both the pen and the automatic pencil. There are many styles of pens and pencils at the store and it was hard to choose which ones I'm gonna get. If I could, I want to buy them all, LOL. Because they are so cheap too! I think it was around IDR6000 - 7000 each. (around 6 or 7 cents). I think there were others with IDR 4000 tags too!

Sooo cute!

I still sometimes use my big bulky pink journal for storing important notes or to jot down random ideas, but I put it on my desk. I've been carrying the new smaller pink one instead. I think I'm gonna stop by that store again really soon ;p

I forgot the name of the store but it is located right beside the Ace Hardware Cinere. It even has a connection door to the Ace Hardware store so I'm guessing maybe they both are related somehow? ;p

So anyway, out with the old and in with the new. 
Say goodbye to my old pink leopard print journal and say Hello to my new tiny pink dotted one ;)

 I'll see you tomorrow, guys...


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