Just Like The Old Times...

Monday, April 20, 2009

I always wonder what the old times were like ...


The Newest and Only Purchase this month

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My newest bought was this Red Indian stack of bangles. I know i haven't been shopping a lot lately that's because i'm on a shopping ban since last month.
Well last month I was sick for like almost a full month so all the money goes to my treatment...pfff...I didn't have any extra money left to shop :(

Then when I went to ITC Fatmawati with my hubby I accidentally stumbled upon this little store that sells gorgeous Indian accessories, I mean the whole store was full of racks carrying all sorts of glimmering Indian bangles, earrings, necklaces, even Saris and Indian traditional clothes & jewelries. Oh man, I looove Indian accessories! especially their stacks of colorful bangles! So I was like finding my own treasure island there!

I knew I had a shopping ban but I just couldn't resist. My eyes were sparkling seeing those racks and racks of rich colored jewelries in the cramped store. When I found out their prices, that's when I lost it. I immediately browsed through boxes of colorful stacked bracelets ignoring my shopping ban. Luckily I still had my conscience and just bought one stack of bracelets which costs only IDR 30.000.
I couldn't believe that the prices were even lower than the usual online store which I bought my Indian jewelries from all this time. Well the reason I bought it online was because they were straightly imported from India so i know that they were original. But the owner of this little cramped ITC store were an Indian couples (!) so i thought that all these jewelries they're selling must be originally brought from India too.
What a find! I MUST GO THERE AGAIN! I'll asked my mom too, she loves big Indian bangles too.

What I Want in My Study Room

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

One afternoon I found myself imagining that the new apartment is ready to live-in. There's one empty room in the apt and we plan to make it my study room. Of course I had to find some ideas and wrote some wish lists of what to get for the new study room.
... And so I spent all afternoon imagining things and making a long wish lists ^o^

Here are some of my wish lists for my "dream-study room" :
study room wishlist

Foto Lamaran Mirna

Monday, April 6, 2009

Foto-foto tambahan waktu lamarannya Mirna...

Me & bro

Me, hubby, hubby's mom&dad, hubby's little bro


Me & the family

Review: Shopaholics The Movie

Friday, April 3, 2009

Udah nonton Shopaholics The Movie beberapa minggu yang lalu. Agak2 kuciwa ama filmnya. Totally different from the books (well, ada sih persamaannya tapi banyakan bedanya!).
Jadinya sepanjang film gue agak2 kaya ga nikmatin gitu, mungkin karena udah kuciwa duluan kali yaa..

Pokonya semuanya serba ga kena deh.
Menurut gue harusnya filmnya bisa dikemas lebih bagus lagi. Mungkin si Sophie Kinsella (pengarang bukunya) harusnya bisa kasi banyak masukan ke sutradara biar filmnya ga melencong jauh dari bukunya gitu loh.
Intinya, gue sebagai penggemar berat Sophie Kinsella yang mengkoleksi semua bukunya ampe lengkap dan yang udah baca serial Shopaholics berulang2 (simply because those were my favorite books that deserve a special place in my bookshelf) kuciwaaa krn filmnya ga sebombastis bukunyaaa.
Well, they say "nothing is perfect in this world".