Stationary : New Planner for 2015 !

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Hey ho !

It is the last day of the year 2014, and things have been going on very well for me during this year. Actually, a lot of great things happened for me during 2014, and we have been very blessed and GOD has been very generous to us this year. I'm looking forward for 2015 and the next years beyond, and hope for many more great things to come our way!

In the mean time, if you follow me on my Instagram you might probably know that I've been into stationary and writing journals/planners again lately. I have always love writing since I was a little child. It started from writing diary when I'm in elementary school, and then in high school I started writing planners and journals every day. Then at college those habit still going strong. But when I started my office job I just simply don't have time to write planners/journals anymore. Sad but true.. I keep buying new planners but I just don't use it that much when I still have my 9 to 5 job..

So now that I no longer have a formal office job I found the time again to write my journal/planner more frequently. And the old hobby comes firing again, especially these past few months :)

If you want to check out what kind of planner I used for my 2013 planner you can click here, meanwhile this is what I used during year 2014 for my daily planner :

I used small planners like the one above during year 2013 and 2014, but now I've been wanting to go back using a bigger planner so I can decorate more freely :)

So now I got a new planner for 2015, and after looking for the right planner for several weeks I finally found the one that I want. And it is custom-made in my favorite local bookstore: Gramedia !

Actually I just knew that Gramedia offer this kind of service. You can build your own planner / diary / journal and have it made right on the spot. I made this in Gramedia Pondok Indah Mall, one of the place that I frequent a lot.

So basically you just choose the cover that you want 
(you can also choose which size you want for your book) :

And then you choose the kind of pages that you want inside your book (there are weekly pages, monthly, daily, and stripes pages. And you can choose colors too) :

And then you pick the color of the ring binder, 
and the store assistant would bind it all together with this pressing machine:

And here is an example of what the book / planner / journal would look like after it's finished :

Pretty nice, right? 

So I decided to make one, and begin by choosing my cover and size. Then I choose only three kinds of pages (the monthly and weekly pages, and also stripes pages for writing notes), then I choose a silver ring binder to match my black and silver cover, and 10 minutes later I got my brand new planner for 2015 !

If you haven't own a new planner / journal for 2015 you might wanna consider this custom-book ones. I went to get and build my planner just two weeks ago and there was a 15% discount for the overall price. So maybe if you hurry you can still get the discount ;)

PS: I'm sorry for the mobile phone photos, I didn't bring my camera that day, and I'm too lazy to edit them right now because I have other things to do ;p

Well, Happy New Year, everyone!
Can't wait to start a brand new year and many years beyond that ^__^

Cheers :)

App Of The Week : COCOPPA - December 2014 Theme

Sunday, December 21, 2014

You gotta have cute theme anywhere you can, right? ;p

I always change up my wallpaper everytime I got bored, but I change up the whole look of my phone (custom-full-themed) only every 5-6 months or so, because changing every icons in your phone actually takes time than you think it would. Especially when I want them all to be color-coordinated and each one must have a continuity / similar theme with the others. 

I'm using iPhone so I'm not sure if this app is also available for android or not. I use Cocoppa app which enables you to make cute shortcut icons on your dashboard. It has so many cute and pretty style icons (as well as every style you could think of; from emo-style to masculine to robotic to sanrio, etc) that you can choose from.

The icons are users-generated, meaning that they were created by users and lots of them can be used freely. So if you got what it takes you can also put your icon designs in Cocoppa, I've seen a couple of designs from Indonesian users and they are very talented. 

Although Cocoppa takes up memory bytes and it makes my phone slows a bit, but I still gotta have them in my phone. It bring smiles and happiness to me everytime I open my phone ^__^

This time my theme is "purple" :


IKEA Indonesia

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Hi everybody,

I'm sorry for the lack of posts but I've been busy with personal life and there are always so many things to do around here so sometimes I just don't have time to blog :(

But anyway, as you might already know, finally IKEA has opened it's store here in Indonesia. Probably one of the news that's been eagerly anticipated by everybody since the start of the year. As an IKEA fan since I was a little child I was super duper excited and I finally can experienced the feeling of walking into an Ikea store! (*lebay)

After it was officially opened a couple months ago I have been there for several times already although it's pretty far from where I live, but I just love to go there :) 

Here are some photos of the super huge Ikea store in Alam Sutera, and a couple of my favorite items from this year's collection. Can't wait for their new catalog next year! ^__^

And can somebody please build me this room below, but in all-white color?

What a massive magical store !

Happy Weekend,