Review: CreaNails

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

If you read THIS post of mine in my fashion & beauty blog, you would know that I am super lousy with nail polishes. I love seeing cute and pretty nail polish designs but I hate applying it myself. That's why I rarely wear nail polishes, that's because I am very sloppy when it comes to applying nail polish especially on my own nails. Yep, I am one of those girl who can't do her own nails (>__<).

But luckily, help is on the way! With this amazing tools from CreaNails I can finally learn to apply nail polish on my own nails the right way ;p Well, at least these helps a lot in minimizing damages a.k.a nail polish spilling all around my nail bed.

CreaNails is brought to you by the people who created CreaClip, another amazing tool that has helped me a lot in trimming and cutting my own hair. You could read my review about the CreaClip HERE, I still used that tool until now and am really satisfied with it. So when they created another amazing concept called CreaNails I got excited and curious to try that one too. The people behind the CreaProducts are amazing and I always think of them as some kind of geniuses, because they create simple tools that actually really worked and help a lot.

The CreaNails are the latest in nail polish application. It is meant to make applying nail polishes more easy and neat without all the mess. It's also really perfect for the newbies or the sloppy like yours truly here ;p

The CreaNails are a tool to help create professional-looking nail polishes on your nails. They are actually a type of nail guides that would help you when you apply nail polishes.

There are two types of them which are the original CreaNails and the CreaNails for Kids. Now let's talk about the original CreaNails first (pictured above). Each box of CreaNails came with a set of 26 pieces of nail stencils or nail guides as I like to call it, in 10 different sizes so you could choose one that would suit the size of each of your fingers.

It also came with a bonus of 32 French Strips that would help you out in doing a french nail application (you know the clear glossy nail with a white tip? that's called french nails / french tip). Isn't that kinda awesome? I love useful extras!

 The left one is the pink nail stencils/guides, 
and the white one on the right top is the French Strips for french nails application.

According to the info provided, the nail stencils would fit comfortably on your finger and act as a guide to allow you to apply nail polish with ease, even with your left hand! No more unwanted nail polish, now you can get professional nail polish in just minutes.

Application is easy and you just have to find which ones from the nail stencil options that are a match for your nails and stick with those sizes. The nail stencils are reusable too so you can keep reusing it over and over again, just clean it off if it gets too many nail polish spills in it. It's easy to clean too.

Once you found the right stencil size for each of your nails then you slip it on your nails before applying nail polishes. I love that the material of the stencil is like a soft plastic (it's made of Polypropylene) with a comfortable curved shape, it didn't hurt my finger and it felt quite comfy on my finger too.

After you wear all the nail stencils then it's time to apply your nail polish. The stencils act as a guide line as well as a barrier to prevent spills on other areas of your finger, so the nail polish would just be on your nails instead of everywhere else ;p

This really save time and money because if you can master this at home then you wouldn't need to go to the nail salon anymore. I also love the fact that it makes applying nail polish easier and most of the time I only need to apply my nail polish one time without having to re-done it again because it already look very neat ;)

Here's a photo of how you use the CreaNails. Please pardon my still messy nail polish application. You could see that I am very sloppy and thanks to this CreaNails the sloppiness did not transferred to the skin around my finger ;P

After you do all of your nails, wait for a little bit until the nail polish totally dries before you took off the CreaNails stencils.

Make sure you try different sizes to really find the perfect size because you don't want it too tight that makes it feel uncomfortable on your finger, but you also don't want it to be loose because if it's still loose then the nail polish can still seeps in and transfer to the skin underneath.

Now while we waited for my nail polishes to dry let's see the CreaNails Kids. The CreaNails for Kids is basically the same as the original CreaNails above. The difference is in the sizes of the nail stencils that are of course smaller than the adult CreaNails size.

The box is more fun and girly which any little girl would appreciate. I don't have any little girl yet so I couldn't show you how a little girl would have done it, but I do have a niece that would surely love this cool stuff so I might try this on her when I meet her.

The CreaNails for Kids also came with a set of pink nail stencils in different sizes and as a bonus they get a cute nail stickers instead. The stickers are so cute and pretty I bet any little girl would love to put any of the stickers on her nails. And the CreaNails Kids would help her do that in a neat way ;)

Now let's get back to my nails. 
After the nail polish are dry, I took off the nail stencils and I instantly love the result. Although it is still a bit messy for a professional standard but for my standard it is super beautiful. I never thought I could do a neat looking nail polish without any noticeable spill damage around my fingers ;)

This was my first try-out of the product and I think it was not bad at all for a first time use. I have used it a couple of times since then and my nails certainly look much better and more towards the professional looking ones now, LOL. Okay, let's see my first try result:

 Creepy four-fingered hand shot! ;p

What do you think about my nails? Not bad, huh? You should see my nail polish when I don't use this CreaNails. There would be nail polish spilling all over and polish marks around my nails. I also usually need to remove it and then reapply it again and again until it looks neat and clean and didn't spill everywhere. But thanks to this CreaNails I can make my nails looks neater, and although there are still a little bit tiny spills but they still look presentable ;) You just need to get used to the tool first to achieve that perfect professional looking nails in no time.

Just like it claims, with this nail polish application tool you can get perfect nails at home. You get 10 sizes for each hand, plus an extra 6 pieces of the most popular sizes. There is also a note card included in the box in which you could write down the nail stencil sizes that you use for each finger so you don't have to count on your memories alone ;p -> pretty useful!

As I mentioned above, the adult CreaNails also include a bonus of french guide strips for that perfect french-tip look, but I haven't tried this one yet because I am still waiting for the perfect occasion to wear my french nails to :) 

But I know I am excited to try that one out too. The instructions given in the box is pretty clear and it looks so easy to apply.

Overall, I really love the concept behind this CreaNails. I think this tool is very useful and very helpful especially for newbies or for people like me who can't get her own nail polish without looking very messy and sloppy. Also, the CreaNails Kids would be a great gift for little girls!

You can get CreaNails for $24.99 and CreaNails for Kids for $19.99. You can order directly at where they also offer another varieties of their signature products such as CreaClip, and if your total order is more than $60 you will get FREE SHIPPING!

They also have a warehouse in the UK now, so for all European orders you can directly go to for faster shipping without customs charges (for orders within UK & Europe). Additionally they also have other distributors all over the world so please do check out their website for more info.

Also, don't forget to check out their Facebook page at


Inspirations: Vanity Table Ideas

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

There are a few design styles that I love and one of them is Feminine Vintage or Classic Romantic. I love the vintage romantic style with it's classic feminine feel. To me, it brings back memories of the glamorous golden old days, when everything is much simpler, and where women and men dress accordingly, and everything is done by the social rules ;p

It's a very girly design style so your husband probably wouldn't love it as much as you do, LOL. But here are some classic romantic style that would goes great on the vanity table:

All the photos above are from Pinterest (I just love that website to gain ideas and inspirations), and you can click the photo source link that I put below each photo to go straight to the original source of the photos above.

You might notice that my inspirations above also include a little bling here and there for a glamour feel. I'm just an ordinary girl who love her blings ;)
Speaking of blings, a wedding ring is an ultimate bling. If you're in the market for a beautiful wedding ring you can check out this website below..

Create your own engagement ring with Modern Design Inc. - 5 star service, great prices. 
It's like having your own personal jeweler.


Nothing A Nice Cup of Tea Can't Solve!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

I've written quite a lot of posts about tea in this blog, and that is because I considered myself an avid tea drinker (aside from a coffeeholic). I love tea and I have been drinking tea since I was a child. I saw my grandma drinks tea everyday from her green pot and ever since then I started to drink tea everyday just like her.

Contrary to drinking coffee which I took to re-energize and wake me up, drinking tea is my way of relaxing. I drank tea mostly to relax myself, that's why I usually drink it in the afternoon to wind down or at night before I go to sleep; but depending on the type of tea I also drank tea to re-charge my energy and mind if needed.

Nothing a nice cup of tea can't solve ;)

I normally don't have my tea appropriately as the picture above (which I made via Polyvore), but if I could then I would serve my tea complete with a tea towel, and a pretty tea tray as above ;)

My dream is to collect saucer & cups, but they are not easily available here in my country, you usually would have to buy a set. And it's also hard to find a vintage saucer & cup here :(
I love the above Green Gate's June saucer & cup, it has a very pretty mint color with a floral rim motif. It goes perfectly matchy-matchy with the mint colored cocktail/tea towel from Uncommon Goods. I love that store.

The gorgeous tray that steal my attention is a work of art from the artist Hiromi Sato. It is called The Twins Woodland Tea Party. I love the beautiful colorful design. You can get it via the Gallery Nucleus which housed some amazing artists there. Below is a more detailed picture of this gorgeous art work:

isn't it so lovely?

Meanwhile, let's see some tea collection below. What are your favorite teas? I basically love all types of teas, from black tea to red tea or green tea.. I would consume any tea, really..
I actually love tasting on different kinds of teas. There are not so many types of teas that I've tried yet but I am willing to explore more ;)

I like it hot or cold, and I prefer tea with sugar instead of milk, especially in terms of hot tea. But I do like several types of milk tea such as Thai Ice Tea or Malaysian Teh Tarik ;)

Here are some samples of interesting tea selections that I would love to try one day:

Keep Calm and Put The Kettle On
  List of teas featured above are as below:

AriZona The Tea Of Life
266.945 IDR -

Calypso Mango Iced Tea Half Gallon
399.125 IDR -

Timmy's Tea Sampler
179.730 IDR -

Harrods Heritage Loose Tea Trio (3x125g)
301.130 IDR -

Do you like any of the teas I featured above? Or maybe you have tried one of those? Lemme know how it tastes. Those brands are not available here in my country so I am very curios about them, especially the ones with the cute packaging (I am a cute packaging hoarder ;p).

Meanwhile, incase you want to know, here's my current own tea stash that are on stacked in my tea/coffee cupboard ^o^

Of all those teas above, my most favorite one is the Sosro Heritage Jasmine Tea (which is my all-time fave!), and my least favorite one is the Kruger Chai Latte. After tasting this one I decided that chai tea is not my cup of tea ;p

How about you? Do you like chai tea? Or do you love jasmine tea just like me? Let me know in the comment below, will you?

Also, if you like throwing parties or if you're looking for ideas for your "tea party" theme, you can check out my Tea Party complete ideas post and lemme know what you think.

Have a great weekend, guys!

Summer Time with Firmoo-Free for New Customers

Friday, July 12, 2013

Her's another good news for you, get yourself a free pair of eyewear from Firmoo!
All you have to do is just pick up which style you want (and Firmoo have lots to offer!), and pay for the low shipping fee ;)

Enjoy your glasses!

It's summertime, you can see lots of people wearing sunglasses on the street. They need sunglasses to see without their eyes watering up, or the brightness causing headaches, or the sun's glare blinding them. Picking up a pair of prescription sunglasses at is a best way to get a sweet summer look. 

Although supposed new versions of frames and lenses come out in sunglasses every year, the tinted prescription sunglasses is the latest trend among people pursuing fashion. Moreover, you can find new arrivals in July and excitingly get your First pair for free here as well.

These eyewear carry up-to-date styles inspired by top fashion designers that don't come with the high price tag. They also carry fashion colors for summer, pinks, greens, yellows and oranges, to name a few. In the summer, your sunglasses are an accessory item that everyone notices. Moreover, the timeless look is the cat-eye eyewear taking dominating other styles in this season.

Still have no idea about how to style your pairs? 
Check out a few ladies modeling their favorite Firmoo eyewear:
(The above model photos are all derived from Firmoo+.)

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[Imaginary]: My Gardening Journal

Thursday, July 11, 2013

My Garden Journal

Welcome to my imaginary post ;p

I did a few of these kind of posts a while back because I simply have super big imaginations. Those who are close to me or have known me for a long time must already know about my daydreaming habits ;p

Yes, I have an outta this world imagination so I love to imagine a lot of things, most of them are daily ordinary things. For example, today I'm imagining that I have a gardening hobby. I imagine I have a green thumb and that I am actually a good gardener. As a home gardener I had to have my tools, right? And since I love decorative things so my gardening tools must also be cute and pretty ;)

So here are my gardening tools if I were a real gardener in my imaginary world:
My Gardening Tools

Specially reserved for my imagination ;p

According to my itsy bitsy knowledge of gardening, three of the most important tools when gardening are: a plant sprayer and planter tools, as well as a gardening gloves to protect your hands. My choice of gardening tools are these green/red floral beauties from the NYBG Shop. I kinda love that shop because it has a lot of cute gardening tools just like these one. Aren't they pretty?

I actually prefer to have a few of gardening gloves because I'd like to wash and rotate them, that way if I wash a pair after using them, then I would still have another pair to use. My current favorite gardening gloves is from The Thoughtful Gardener that I found via House of Fraser. I really love the pattern on it which is kinda like vintage pattern.

To cut out flower stems and trim plant leaves you gotta have a sharp gardening shears. This Crate & Barrel gardening shears was a great gift and it comes in a neat little green box complete with a garden deck, which is a deck of cards with complete growing and care tips for all types of garden plants. Pretty useful and thoughtful gift.

The newest addition to the little garden is the Orla Kiely 3 herbs pot with tray. It's ready to be planted with some kitchen seeds and then put on the kitchen window sill. I love Orla Kiely designs, their patterns are always unique and very original. You can almost always tell that it's an Orla Kiely design just by looking at the pattern. Oh and one more thing, a good gardening bible is the Better Homes & Garden's "Garden Book" which is actually an old book that contains lots of recipes for a beautiful garden!

The other two gardening gloves that are also my favorites are these two below. The green ones on the left is by Frontier Gloves, while the pink floral on the right is definitely my most favorite which is from Vera Bradley Lilli Bell collection:

That's it for my [Imaginary] post this time, I hope you don't think I'm crazy, LOL. I just need to channel these imaginations somewhere, so why not on my own blog? ^o^

I'll see you in my next [Imaginary] series post!