App of the Week: Virtual Makeover via HomeStyler

Thursday, June 20, 2013

I recently had a lot of fun with an iPad app called HomeStyler which is a home designing app where you could browse for decor inspirations, see some lookbook and designs from the professionals, or you could even create your own decorating design!

You know interior designing is one of my passion, right? My dad is an architect so I am accustomed to seeing and reading interior magazines since I was a child. He always had a pile of interior magazines and design books on his office and I love flipping those magazines and borrowing them to my bedroom ;p

I guess that's where my passion for interior design started to grow. I still love browsing for interior design photos until now. So if there's any app about interior or home designing on my gadget, I would download them immediately ;p

So as I told you above, in this HomeStyler app we could create our own home decor style aside from browsing interior photos in it. I made a couple of room designs that I managed to create out of the app. Here's a BEFORE & AFTER photo of a living room that I designed:



It's my first design so please bear with my newbie skills, LOL. I'm thinking of a coastal theme design when I decorated this living room. That's why I had the wall paint that resemble a seafoam green, a sand colored floor and furnitures, and a shell-inspired lamp and small knick-knacks. I also kept the room sleek and towards the clean look because I want to achieve a semi-formal type of a living room.

Now let's see my next try-out design which is a city apartment bedroom:



I was thinking of another sleek and clean look for this one. A modern sleek-looking design that's perfect for an apartment bedroom in a high rise building. I also chose a neutral color theme in this room to go with the sleek look I'm looking for.

So what do you think of my decorating style? LOL. I know this is pretty standard and nothing special, it's totally a newbie style ;p But the app still has limited option of furniture and knick-knacks so this is what I came up with in the end. I like them though, especially the bedroom :p

So if you like interior design and you have an ipad you might want to check out HomeStyler. They have a website where you could also design a room via their website, so I think it's pretty cool ;)

Another interior design app that I like is Houzz, but in Houzz you can only browse for interior photos and you could not make your own design like HomeStyler does, but Houzz sure do have lots of photos collection and the photos are all in high resolutions so it's always nice to browse it for ideas and inspirations. I use Houzz a lot for my Apt Project inspirations.

What are your favorite home design apps?


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