A Week in Photos

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Here are some snapshot collages to see a glimpse of what i did last week:

From left to right: 
  1. We stayed in a hotel and had lunch at a Japanese Korean fusion restaurant nearby (sayangnya I was really disappointed with the taste -atau mungkin saya yang memang gak suka fusion food ya?). Dear chef...maaf ya sebelumnya, tapi bagi saya semua makanannya rasanya gak jelas dan cenderung labil, mendingan pilih either mau konsen ke Japanese atau Korean aja gitu hehehe (*SokTauNgajarinChef*), (*DikemplangPakePenggorenganPanas*)
  2. Hari berikutnya kita makan di tempat lain, and this is the view from our window ^o^
  3. Malem-malem ga ada kerjaan mendingan nge-review Talika Eye Decompress saja ;)
  4. Diundang sama SK II untuk free spa di Ritz Carlton. Dresscode nya: "nude dress". Malemnya udah nyiapin outfit yang mau dipakai eh besoknya pas hari H malah tepar dan gak enak badan huaaaa..... jadi batal spa gratis di Ritz Carlton huhuhuuu... 

 From left to right: 
  • Finally received my eBay package, yay! But the seller actually sent me the wrong color of the lace top, it was supposed to be black not white, but I think I'll take it as it is aja lah daripada ribet ngurusin retur ke Hongkong ;p
  • Picked up K's new shirt from the tailor. Nyobain tukang jahit blakang rumah yang jago jahit baju cowok, ternyata hasilnya bagus. Kata bapak nya "nanti saya bikinin model junkies" - ahaayy ;p
  • Belanja bulanan! Numpang narsis di depan rak olesan roti ;0
  • Abis beli piyama pink baru sama Silver Queen Chunky Bar edisi Pink! Hohoho :D

What did you do last week? ^___^

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Daily journal: Sore di kedai kopi

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Beberapa waktu lalu setelah makan siang bareng di Kampung Bangka saya dan beberapa sepupu iseng gak ada kerjaan mampir ke Kedai Kopi Kemang untuk sekedar ngupi ngupi sambil merokok (saya gak merokok -udah tobat- ahaha).

Suasana di Kedai Kopi Kemang lumayan enak, model kedai kopi mungil jaman dulu, bertingkat dua dengan jendela model kuno dan bangku serta meja kayu vintage di dalamnya. Sore itu belum banyak pengunjung yang datang jadi suasana nya cukup tenang, cocok untuk ngobrol ngalor ngidur sambil ngupi-ngupi cantik ;p

 Kami pun kebagian duduk di sebelah jendela yang menghadap jalan raya di lantai dua. Sore itu angin cukup sepoi-sepoi dan matahari sudah mulai bersembunyi di balik awan. Benar-benar suasana yang pas untuk ngupi-ngupi sore ☺

Menu kopi yang disediakan di Kedai Kopi ini berasal dari berbagai daerah di Indonesia, kami pun mencoba berbagai varian kopi yang ditawarkan, mulai dari kopi dingin sampai kopi yang diseduh panas. Selain beberapa menu kopi dan teh tradisional, di dalam kertas menu juga ditawarkan beberapa jenis kudapan kecil.

Kami pun menutup sore itu dengan cerita hangat dan sepiring kudapan gurih.

What a lovely afternoon we had at that little coffee shop down the corner...

Dreaming of Caravans

Monday, April 23, 2012

Caravan is one of the things that always fulfill my imagination. In my head caravans means "another world", a creation where we could live a free life, free-spirited, no-worries kind of life, ....it's where the happy people live ;p

In my head, the caravan would look like one of these...

                                                                                      Source: apartmenttherapy.com via Amy on Pinterest

                                                                                  Source: bohemianhomes.tumblr.com via EDG on Pinterest

                                                        Source: homelife.com.au via Julia on Pinterest

                                                       Source: featherandnestkim.blogspot.com via ZombieGirl on Pinterest

                                                        Source: Uploaded by user via Margaret on Pinterest

                                                Source: apartmenttherapy.com via Joan on Pinterest

                                                        Source: google.com.au via kaz on Pinterest

                                                        Source: honestlywtf.com via Laura on Pinterest

                                                                            Source: dubuhdudesigns.typepad.com via Molly on Pinterest

                                       Source: vinceverbatim.tumblr.com via Murat on Pinterest

Do you love Caravans too? Which ones are your favorites?


I SPY: Stationary

Thursday, April 19, 2012

I love stationary! I remember I used to collect cute letter set and envelopes and small notebooks and stickers and such when I was a child, and then me and my friends would swapped it so we each have different collections. I remember I put all my collections in a big Snoopy folder, my favorites were the vintage floral ones and the pastel fairies one. Ooh I'm such a romantic at heart ;)

And then when I was a teenager I lost all of my collection but started making a new collection of pretty books and cards for all occasions. And then that collection also lost forever because our family moved to a new house.

When in college I started to collect cute and unique postcards. I also had a couple of cute unique journals which I decorate with lots of colorful notes, magazine cut-outs, stickers, photoboxes, and other curious small trinkets. But that's not a real stationary collection, right? I mean, I'm talking about the cute and pretty boxes of cards, letter sets, notebooks, envelopes, notes, colorful unique pencils, pens, stickers, ribbons, gift wraps, etc.. All the adult stationary that I always drooled at when I see them on catalogues and magazines and websites such marthastewart.com or anthropologie.com. There are some serious cute and elegant looking stationaries there.

I am now still has a soft spot for pretty stationaries, it brings sparks to my eyes whenever I see one that I liked. But I sadly don't collect any of them anymore. But maybe I would start collecting them again? hmm...tempting...

                                                Source: riflemade.squarespace.com via Tigerlily on Pinterest

                                              Source: daintysquid.blogspot.com via Tigerlily on Pinterest

                                                         Source: favim.com via Tigerlily on Pinterest

                                                         Source: amybutlerdesign.com via Tigerlily on Pinterest

                                                          Source: twigandthistle.com via Tigerlily on Pinterest

                                                          Source: papercrave.com via Tigerlily on Pinterest

                                                  Source: designerblog.it via Tigerlily on Pinterest

                                                          Source: peacelovebellavita.blogspot.com via Tigerlily on Pinterest

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What's behind a Logo ?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Have you ever wondered about the logos of famous brands and companies? The philosophy and the story behind the logos always intrigue me. The famous brands like Nike, Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Apple, and so on, are so powerful and recognized everywhere. 

Logo's if designed right and well-thought, will reach many cultures and break barriers worldwide. That's why big companies spends a lot of efforts and resources for logo creation just to get the message of their company the right way and to get that message across the globe. If you want to see some great logo designs you might want to check out Logo Design Works as I found some great works that they have done for miscellaneous brands and products. There are so much you can tell just by seeing a logo.

The stories behind the logo's also gives out the historical background of the design itself. For instance, the story of the Apple logo, their first logo was a picture of an apple tree featuring Isaac Newton sitting underneath. But then they changed it with an apple with it's right side bitten. There is no Apple Computer name on it, just an image of an apple, but everyone knows what it represents.

I for one, love the Chanel logo, it is such a simple logo but yet so symbolic. It symbolizes elegance, luxury, wealth and heritage.. well at least that's what I think ;) The double letter C's interlocking is designed by Coco Chanel herself back in 1925, and hasn't been changed ever since. I think it's just clever thinking!

So, what's your favorite logo?

Yuri's List of Top Ten World's Best Outdoor Hotel Bathrooms

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

So after my last Top Ten World's Best series where I list down the World's Best Luxury Camping, here comes a new post of my Top Ten list ;) - Did you enjoy my Top Ten Best series? I love making lists like these, so I hope you love it too ;p

This list actually has been sitting on my blogger dashboard for quite a long time, and I have just found it in my draft pile! What a time-savior. Because making this kind of list probably took the longest time in my blogging worksheets, and that's why this Top Ten list doesn't go out so often here in my blog (LOL), because it took a hell of a time and dedication to make ;p.

So anyway, here is my newest Top Ten World's Best series this month:

I made the list on the order of 10 to 1, and 1 being the highest point on my list. 
Please also bear in mind that I made this list personally and just for the fun of it, so anyone might have different opinions of course... ;)

"YURI's list of Top 10 World's Best Outdoor Hotel Bathrooms"

10. Sofitel Centara Grand Resort, Thailand.
This very-inviting all-white outdoor bathing area at this Deluxe Spa Villa on the Sofitel Centara Grand Resort has a distinctive old colonial style feel to it that makes me want to plunge into the already-filled flower-adorned jacuzzi tub. The rain shower also looks fantastic there on the corner. And the sofa looks very inviting too. This lovely open-air "beach house style" bathing area is perfect to open the list as the number 10 position.


9. Fustic House, Barbados.
At number nine I have this gorgeous bathroom with outdoor rain shower that surrounded by curved stonewalls that seems very secluded yet so inviting. The all-around rustic meets colonial style had my heart skipped a beat. The outdoor rain shower looks very promising, with thick trees shadowing it from above, it feels so serene and rustic. I love this little shower spot, so I think it deserves a place on my list too ;)


8. Jumby Bay, Antigua - Caribbean Island.
An outdoor rain shower and soaking pedestal tub tucked in a private courtyard is definitely a reason for me to put this one on to the list. At Jumby Bay each guestroom comes with private courtyard and outdoor garden shower. I love how everything came together in this outdoor bathroom, from the placing of the tub to the mini garden blooming with colorful flowers, and how it incorporate nicely with the indoor bathroom. I can definitely see myself having a night soak in that bath tub under the star studded night sky of the Caribbean island. Sounds very tempting, no?


7. Tubkaak Boutique Resort, Thailand.
The uniquely designed outdoor bathroom with a spacious sunken bath and separate shower in this hotel's guestroom are the reason why this one made it into my list. The natural feel and comfortable surroundings of the outdoor area with all those natural stones and dark woods detailing makes an exclusive design of this bathing area. I love the lotus-infused sunken baths that makes it feels like you're in a Spa! And look at how big the rain shower is! (I'm a big fan of rain showers! ;p). I think all those reasons above are enough to make this as my number seven on the list.


There's nothing quite like fresh air and open skies while taking a shower or a bath. This private outdoor shower with lush mini garden surroundings are the perfect way to cool down after a day out in the Hawaiian sun. Again, I love how big the rain shower is, and how the decor and the placings of things are very natural and somehow feels like you're in a rustic village of somewhere exotic. And that atmosphere of spa-meets-exotic-village is the reason why it's sitting on the number six position on this list.


5. Bloo Lagoon, Bali - Indonesia.
Bloo Lagoon is an international village, a combination of home, studio and shared resort that overlooks the ocean above Padangbai, Bali. The outdoor bathrooms on these villas have the most gorgeous setting, from the ocean view peeking from your outdoor shower to the spacious lush garden surrounding your shower that makes you feel like you're showering in the middle of your garden! These stunning outdoor shower settings are quite unique, especially the garden shower, how large is that outdoor bathroom area! It would feel nice to have a shower there in the morning or after your walks on the beach under the hot summer sun of Bali.


4. Khwai River Lodge, Botswana - Africa.
The open air double showers and beautiful deep copper-framed Victorian bath is what made me fell in love with this outdoor bathroom at the first place. The rustic wooden decors and natural greenery surroundings are the additional reasons on why this lodge should be on my number four list. How often do you see a double showers on a resort/hotel, right? Oh and that decked floor...stunning!


Next up is our Top Three...


3. Baoase Resort, Curacao - Caribbean Island.
This beautifully arranged and serene-looking outdoor bath is all I could ask for a very relaxing night soaks. The candle-lit bath tub, the curved shower area with natural stones, the wood-paneled window right beside the bath tub overlooking the gorgeous view of the Caribbean, and the general soothing decor of this spacious outdoor bathroom are something that you can not help falling in love with. I kept imagining myself taking a bath on that candle-lit tub, it must be a bliss. And that's why this is on our number three spot!


This ranch is located on California's Napa Valley, offering pristine natural surroundings with expansive cedar decks, rich polished woods and floor-to-ceiling windows that frame the tall pines beyond. But the secluded outdoor shower garden is the most stunning feature. The wooden deck style open-air bathroom offers such amazing views of the cedar jungle, a rare and unique view with all those tall shady trees. Imagine taking your morning shower while absorbing the beauty of the natural surroundings....such a heavenly thought.. I also love the sauna-feel of it with the all-wooden deck style, and because of all that reasons I decided to give the honor of the number two spot on the list to this beautiful ranch.


1. Madikwe Hills Private Game Lodge, South Africa.
And here is our number one spot on the list! The honeymoon suite outdoor bathroom of Madikwe Hills private Game Lodge had me melted in the heart. With a gorgeous claw-foot bath tub on a well-concealed outdoor area where you can enjoy such an amazing view from your secluded corner, what else could one ask for the most breath-taking outdoor bathroom? And because of the boldness and the mystical romantic aura of this place, I decided to make this outdoor bath area as the top position on the list.


And that is it!
What do you think of it? Did you enjoy reading it? Which ones do you like?

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Happy long weekend, everyone!
See you on my next post..

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