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Friday, February 24, 2012

Warning: This is a picture-heavy post

I am such a sporadic blogger, sorry ;p
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Anyway, welcome to my blog series of Top 10 World's Best !
After my 3rd list on this series (that I wrote back in June 2010, wow it's that long!), now it's time for the 4th post ;p Today I want to compile a new World's Best list of the most awesome Luxury Camping !

Yes, it's Luxury Camping >>> Meaning : Camping in a tent with fully equipped furniture and facilities. Imagine summer camp or wildlife camping in a tent, but this time the tent is significantly much bigger and inside you'll find amenities like you would find in a five star hotel. Yep, it's Luxury Camping, baby! Others would call it "Glamping" for Glamorous Camping, but I prefer to call it Luxury Camping because it sounds more ... well...luxurious.. ;p

Now there are some various kind of glamping out there, from yurts to teepees to a building structure with solid walls covered with canvas to make it look like it's inside a tent, but I'm not gonna put that into my list because in my mind going camping is "sleeping inside a canvas tent that has no solid walls". So what you'll find on my list below are all tent-structures that's built with mostly no solid walls. Some walls may stand adjacent to the tent to support bathroom etc, but about 3/4 of the structure is canvas or tents.

I made the list from 10 to 1, and 1 being the highest point on my list. And please bear in mind that I made this list personally, and my list is about the most luxurious glamping out there, so I only list the finest here .. I hope you enjoy it :)
NOTE: Look for travel coupons and enjoy luxury camping yourself!

"YURI's list of Top 10 World's Best Luxury Camping"

Clayoquot Wilderness Resort is an exclusive eco-safari destination, located near the village of Tofino, Vancouver Island, Canada. It is accessible only by a scenic 45 minute private seaplane transfer from Vancouver,BC. The remote location is one of it's selling point, you'll be surrounded with wildlife and great panoramic view. The tents in this resort are built on a rise-wooden platform and are connected by cedar boardwalks, hidden under a canopy of the rainforest along the water's edge. I love the rustic charm decor and the plentiful of wildlife and nature all around the resort so I made this my number ten on the list ;)

The exquisite remote location of the resort

Great white canvas prospector-style tents.
King Sized bed / Queen Sized Day Bed.
Ensuite Bathroom with in floor heating, flush toilet and large indoor/outdoor shower with double showerheads.
Thermostat controlled propane wood stoves.
Antique dressers and tea tables.
Opulent rugs, oil lamps, heirloom china and silver accessories as part of the tent's decor.

Horsemanship and riding, which are the signatures of this resort.
Wildlife viewing (searching for black bears and whales).
Outdoor sports such as fishing, climbing, mountain biking, archery, kayaking, etc.
A Games tent.
A Library tent.

Healing Grounds, an eco-safari style massage and therapeutic treatment centre with three massage tents, two treatment rooms, two wood-fired cedar hot tubs, a wood-fired cedar sauna, an outdoor shower and a wrap-around sun decks.

the bathroom
the Games lounge tent
the Library tent

The surroundings:

9. Naibor Camp (Kenya) :
Naibor Camp is a striking combination of contemporary style and comfort. Located in the heart of Masai Mara, the famous game reserve in Kenya. The camp is hidden in a grove of riverine woodland on the banks of the Talek River and strategically placed, being close to all the major wildebeest migration sites over the Mara River. The tents are all carefully positioned amongst the trees so that each can enjoy the surrounding woodland in complete privacy. I love the inside of the tent and how the canvas walls are open wide in almost every side so we can enjoy the breezy wind and the sounds of nature all around us.

The camp at night:

Each tent is a private unit with shady verandah.
King sized beds made from local fig-wood.
Wide sofas furnished with bolster cushions.
En-suite bathroom with flush toilet, safari shower, and his & hers wash basins.
Wool rugs.

Naibor Spa for massages, reflexology, manicures and pedicures.
Custom-designed 4-wheel drive for daily wildlife drives.
Hot air balloon.

Naibor Camp has three type of camp/tents, one of them is The Little Naibor.
The Little Naibor tent is made up of two spacious suites, each contains a double and a twin bedded room, with their own bathrooms, inter-joined by a communal lounge and verandah area. Each of these stunning suites also have their own private fire places and dining areas set up strategically located overlooking the Talek River. Most of other camp resorts don't have this type of tent.

en-suite bathroom

the Spa tent

The surroundings:

8. The Serai (India) :
In number eight we have The Serai, a luxury desert camp and spa with 21 large canvas tents built on a raised-stone based, set within a hundred acre estate of indigenous desert scrub in the Great Thar Desert on Rajasthan, India. It is surrounded by a beautiful wilderness in the form of the Desert National Park which is home to many desert species including the rare Great Indian Bustard, and the shy Indian Gazelle. The unique location of this camp and the pretty little verandah in front of each tent made this desert resort the number eight on my list.

Each tent is spacious, covering an area of over a thousand square feet.
Each tent has it's own verandah.
Air-conditioned bedroom.
En suite bathroom.

A Pool inspired by a traditional Indian step-well (= a series of squared, concentric steps that converge deeper into the pool).
A Dining tent that serves sumptuous local delicacies, using home-grown organic produce from the camp’s organic vegetable and herb garden.
A tented Library Bar, where you can enjoy a book with a Cuban cigar.

The Spa boasts a chemical-free products and uses blended ingredients from Indian herbs and spices instead.

The Luxury Tented Suites have a private walled-in garden with a sunken pool and The Royal Suite have its own private spa, outdoor pool, dining tent, and a lounge tent. It's hard to find these kind of tents in any other camp resorts!

The walled-in sunken pool and private garden on the Luxury Suite
The outdoor pool and lounge tent on the Royal Suite

The Spa tents
The Dining tent

The Surroundings:

7. Serengeti Migration Camp (Tanzania) :
Serengeti National Park is renowned for the greatest wildlife viewing, and that is where the Serengeti Migration Camp is located. The camp is nestled at the starting point of the migration, hidden among the rocky outcrops. The camp have 20 luxurious elevated tents and is situated right in the path of the migration so you'll definitely get some excellent views from it. In this camp, hippos are known to graze just outside your tent at night! That, and the spacious tent with plush interiors sent this one to the number seven spot.

the camp at night:

Each tent is surrounded by a 360 degree verandah deck.
Outdoor plunge pool deck.

A swimming pool.
A split level lounge.
A restaurant.
A viewing platforms that offer views across the river and the rugged landscape beyond.
Serengeti Balloon Safari.

The 360 degree verandah deck that makes each tent have it's very own private sanctuary.
Guests have also been raving about the sunset deck where you can enjoy the sunset and cocktails while enjoying a spectacular view.

the wooden deck

The Main Tent
The exterior
Al-fresco dining

The Surroundings:

6. Magic Lodges (Libya) :
The Magic Lodges are two lodges (both are tent-style lodges) nestled in the heart of the Libyan Sahara: the Ubari Magic Lodge is located in the middle of the sahara, protected by the impressive sand dunes of Ubari, while the Akakus Lodge is nestled in the moon-like rock formations of the Akakus. Both Lodges, composed of 35 Deluxe tents, all installed on a wooden platform. The view is one of the most unique that you will experience: camping in the Sahara desert! In a Bedouin style! And that's why this camping lodge made it to number six on my list ;)

The lodge in the afternoon:

Modern bathroom inside each tent with hot and cold running water.
Electricty plugs of 220 V.
A Terrace in front of each tent with 2 chairs and a table.
An oriental sofa and eastern style decor.

A Sahara-style restaurant tent with gorgeous details in decor.
A Bedouin tent.
A lounge tent.

Visit the big Tuareg tent where one can enjoy mint tea, smoke a narguileh, play cards or “tric-trac” or listen to the interesting stories of the local Tuaregs.

en-suite modern bathroom
the exterior
the restaurant !

The surroundings:

5. Abu Camp (Botswana) :
Located within the unspoilt pristine wilderness area of the Okavango Delta, Abu Camp is where you are invited to ride and walk with the elephants, to get a glimpse of their world and learn about their lives. As the largest inland delta on the planet, the Okavango holds more elephants than most of any other area in Africa. The camp is nestled in the shade of a magnificent grove of ancient hardwood trees on the edge of a large lagoon, ringed with a backdrop of fig and jackal-berry trees. It's hard to imagine that this camp is mostly made from canvas and poles. The vastness of the tent and the stunning view make this one a number five in my list.

Private elevated wooden deck on every tent.
Indoor and outdoor shower.
Separate comfortable seating area with a writing desk.
African-style homeware, hand-woven linen fabrics, ceramic light pods, woven seagrass chairs and hand-hewn wooden pieces as part of the tent's interior.

A secluded swimming pool.
A Library with well-stocked collection of African literature and field guides.
Al-fresco cuisine on deck with selective wines from the wine cellar.

Abu Camp has a resident elephant herd where you can have opportunity to intimately engage and physically interact with elephants through varied activities.

the indoor bathroom
the exterior

The surroundings:

4. Paws Up (Montana, USA) :
On number four we have a unique comfortable luxury camp from the Paws Up Montana Resort. Situated on the banks of the legendary Blackfoot River, Paws Up is North America's premier luxury camping destination. Every tent is furnished with chic rustic furnishings, fine linens, etc - and offer breathtaking picture-perfect views anywhere you look, thanks to the 37,000-acre of beautiful nature on this luxury ranch resort. The awesome rustic style and the gorgeous indoor bathroom, plus the never ending views of beautiful natures, and the many selections of camps, sent this one up to number four on the list ;)

The Last Best Bed®.
Nearby private master bathroom but some camps have en-suite bathroom with a vanity with two sinks, and a large slate shower.
Spacious deck.
Twice-daily housekeeping service
Your own personal camping butler.

A dining pavilion that serves gourmet cuisine and breathtaking views of the Blackfoot River.
A Fitness tent and Yoga Program.
A Spa tent.

The Resort at Paws Up has the most selectable options of camps to choose, each has it's own distinctive "big points", for example:
The Creekside Camp has an outdoor fire pit.
The Moonlight Camp is situated at the foot of Lewis & Clark's famous Lookout Rock, and has the best wade fishing access.
The Tango Point at Pinnacle Camp is the Honeymoon tent, situated on a bluff overlooking the Blackfoot River and Elk Creek, this tent has a breathtaking views and has a spacious en-suite bathrooms with a jetted tub and shower, a plush dining pavilion, and a myriad of luxury resort amenities.

the bathroom
The Fitness tent
The Dining area

The Surroundings:
The view at the Honeymoon tent
The firepit

3. Singita Sabora (Tanzania) :
We're up to the Big Three now! At number three my choice go to another Tanzanian beauty: Singita Sabora or Sabora Tented Camp. This lavish camp offers luxury at it's best, with plush old-colonial style decor that makes you feel like you're stepping into a luxurious bygone era, an unobtrusive views of the vast surrounding nature, a sumptuous feasts of locally grown organic produce, and selected vintage wines. It has all the amenities of a high star resorts; from tennis court to satellite TV to wireless internet access and even a Swarovski telescope? - all of that is the reason why this camp has made it into the number three on the list.

The camp at night:

Air-conditioned tent.
En suite bathroom with a bath and outdoor shower.
A dressing area.
A reading area.
Wireless internet access.

A Swimming pool.
An elevated viewing deck with Swarovski spotting scope.
A library lounge tent.
A dining room.
A bar lounge with satellite television.
Spa, Yoga, and Gym facility.
Balloon Safari.

The rate is all inclusive of everything; from luxurious all-suite accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner daily, teas, coffees, including premium wines, spirits and liqueurs (excluding champagnes & vintage wines).

Some unique activities include: Stargazing Safari and the Equestrian Centre.

the en-suite bathroom

the tennis court
the Main lounge

The Surroundings:

2. Banyan Tree Maldivaru (Maldives) :
Maldives just have it all, don't they? Up at number two is a unique resort that's located in one of my favorite places on earth (which is also on my top wish list!): the Maldives. Banyan Tree maldivaru is nestled upon the North Ari Atoll of the Maldives islands, 30 minutes away by seaplane ride from Male International Airport. The resort infuses accents of an African Safari with Asian architecture, and it is the ultimate luxury island safari experience, complete with that crystal clear waters and pristine white sands. The resort have a total of 6 Tented Pool Villas, and each villa comprises of three individual tents: living-area tent, sleeping tent, and bathing area tent. Should I explain more why this resort is perched up high on my number two in the list? ;p

the secluded pristine location

Private pool outside your tented villa.
Direct access to the beach.
All-inclusive fare.
Concierge service.

Diving (experienced dive experts available).
Night fishing.
Snorkeling safari.
Cooking School.

Dine on a sandbank, with your feet in the sand, and the stars as your spectators.
The world renowned Banyan Tree Spa, a must-try!

the bathroom
the exteriors

The Surroundings:

And now let's take a look at my number one choice ...

1. Aman-I-Khas (India) :
Aman-i-Khás is a wilderness camp located in a rugged brushwood forest on the fringes of Ranthambore National Park. The resort consisted of 10 luxury air-conditioned tents, set on a raised concrete plinth with soaring canopies draped in the Moghul style. Each tent measures 108m² so it is quite a large tent. It has a soaring six-metre canopy at the center, and the inside area is separated by cotton drapes into a sitting room, sleeping area, bathing area, and dressing area. Aman-I-Khas is exquisitely beautiful, even Katy Perry chose this resort as THE place to exchange wedding vows with Russell Brand back in 2010! The large tent (probably the largest among all in this list), the deluxe amenities, the inviting swimming pool shaded with lush trees and bushes, the many facilities and activity option as well as the overall luxury feeling of this resort are all the reason why this must be the number one on the list ;)

All tents are air -conditioned.
All tents can also be heated depending on season and time of day.
King-size bed flanked by twin writing desks.
Bathing area includes a shower, soaking tub and separate toilet.
Dressing area includes cupboards with closet space and twin vanities.
Cooler chest for cold drinks storage.

A Dining tent, serving fresh vegetables and herbs from the camp’s organic vegetable garden.
A Spa tent, offering massages, scrubs, traditional henna art, Reiki sessions, Yoga, and Meditation.
A Lounge Tent, furnished with banquettes, reading tables and chairs.
A pool, modeled on the ancient step-wells (= a series of squared, concentric steps that converge deeper into the pool).
Outdoor fireplace.
Wireless internet broadband.

Twice-daily, a guided wildlife viewing excursions take guests into the park to spot indigenous game including tigers, leopards, hyenas, sloth bears, crocodiles and chital deer. There's also an ancient forts and colorful rural villages nearby.

To experience the traditional body art of India, have your arms or hands decorated with delicate henna art using local ingredients, herbs and spices.

the swimming pool
the outdoor firepit / communal spot
the Dining tent
the Lounge / Library tent
the exterior

The Surroundings:

And there you go!
Pfiuh, this has been a super long post, and that's because I don't want to skip any photos, I want to show you how beautiful these places are, and I want you to really have an idea of why I chose one resort over another. So I hope you'll get the idea..
Just keep in mind that this list is based on my personal choice and reference so the list may be subjective and everyone is entitled to different opinions ;)

After making this post, I am soooo wishing I could go luxury camping in the future !!

So tell me, are you interested in luxury camping? which one do you like from my list above? Or which one did you not like? ;p

Tell me all about it! Meanwhile, you could also check out my previous Top 10 World's Best series post:

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Happy weekend, everyone!


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