I would love to study at JCU Singapore because..

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I have a bachelor degree in International Relations, but although I finished my study a few years back I still love to learn something new and broaden my knowledge. Sometimes I dreamed of applying master degree in overseas university. If that should happen, I mean if I miraculously received a scholarship to study at oversea university of my choice, I would consider applying to JCU Singapore. Why? well first because it's just a stone-throw away. It's only 2 hours flight from Jakarta, the closer to home the better. That means it would be cheaper on the fee (compared to studying at other countries such as Europe or USA), and you can just hop on the plane and fly home if needed (plane fares are quite affordable).

JCU stands for James Cook University. JCU Singapore is part of James Cook Australia, Institute of Higher Learning - the leading tropical research university in Australia. The university established the company in Singapore in 2003 as part of it’s expressed intent of internationalizing its activities and in pursuit of its vision of “Providing a Better Life for People in the Tropics”.

Secondly, because it's one of the most promising international university within the nearby countries. This university is on the 4% best universities in the world. The programs offered at JCU Singapore follows the same curriculum as the Australian versions but are contextualized to the Asian environment, so it's easier to adapt with, while maintaining it's international qualities. What more could you asked for?

And thirdly, because it's in Singapore! I've been having a life-long dream that I'll work or study and live in Singapore in parts of my adult years because I simply just love the city/country. I've fallen in love with Singapore since the first time I went there in 1997! The cleanliness, the easy transportation, and the melting-pot environment where you could meet a lot of people from a lot of different races and citizenship. I bet I would get that at JCU Singapore too (if me or hubs got a scholarship there, dreamily speaking.. ;p).

I could definitely picture myself in these rooms:

computer lab

library, my favorite hang out place

student food court, my second favorite hang out place ;p

basketball court, where you could spy on that cute jocks

student lounge,
look at that nooks! I could definitely see myself with a laptop, coffee and some hot buns ^0^

JCU Singapore offers a suite of university level programs for Undergraduate, Post graduate and Doctorate levels on studies such as psychology, business, marketing, information technology, tourism, and environmental science.

I know I've been dreaming of taking post graduate class someday, I might convince hubs to move to Singapore so I can study at JCU Singapore. Hmm...which class should I take? I would love to study business or marketing, or maybe information technology, who knows?

If you're interested in JCU Singapore you can check out their Facebook fan page (psst,if you happen to see my photo there:
you can click 'Like' under my photo and make me happy :D) or you can also check their website where they got everything you need to know as a foreign student living and studying in Singapore (they even have accommodation service for students). There are also many active student clubs to join, sounds like a very great place to mingle and gain knowledge. I might start a new club of my own there -lol. A girl can dream, can't she? ^__^

*Pics source: JCU Singapore
*this post is part of the JCU Singapore - Pesta Blogger 2010 blog contest

On my wish list...

Monday, October 25, 2010

Oh so many cute things in the oh-so-many virtual stores here on the internet.. Spent my time lusting over these...

Funchico laptop case from Raine Brooke
Not like your ordinary laptop case, this screams 'uber vintage chic' ;P

What's this, you asked?
why these are the TMNT pillow set!!

yessiree...this is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pillow set! from Craftsquatch via etsy.
I used to love TMNT when I was a child (well,actually I still am ;p). And these are so cute I couldn't say no to this, could you?! ^o^

If you understand all the words in the above tees then you're in my gank ^o^
I found these collectible tshirts in Evie Tees via etsy.
Can't wait for the HP and the deadly hallows part 1 movie to be aired here!
oh by the way, you could have a chance on winning this tee on book worm confession website!

Short info for review/giveaway bloggers

Hello fellow bloggers.. I've been asked by some of my sponsors about other bloggers that willing to do some sort of advertisements or maybe sponsored posts on their blog. If you have an ongoing blog (preferably a review/giveaway blog) you could write your blog's url and email in the comment box below and I will forward your info to my sponsors. If your blog is not about review/giveaway but still would like to participate in sponsored posts or other types of adv you can also write your info below ;)

Have a great week, everyone!

Ylang-Ylang candle and Organic Eye Oil (Review+Giveaway) - CLOSED

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I got a toothache, sob :(
And I got a rather bad mood too today..
But thanks to the Ylang-Ylang candle from Raw Gaia I can reduce my bad mood. Ylang-ylang has great calming qualities and it also helps to relax the nervous system and to help combat feelings of stress, shock, anger, fear and/or anxiety. Perfect!

It's a great big candle (which I love, perfect for decor too) and I also got myself Raw Gaia's Revitalising Eye Oil. I've always been wanted to try to use eye oil because at my age I think I should start treating the area around my eyes before it's too late.

The Revitalizing Eye Oil is great for nourishing, conditioning and repairing the delicate skin around the eyes, thanks to its high content of vitamins, EFAs, carotenes and antioxidants. It's made with organic cold-pressed oils of sea buckthorn fruit (that has amazing skin repairing and regenerative properties), jojoba (a natural humectant), rosehip (a skin hydrating and nourishing agent, rich in vitamin C and essential fatty acids), and grapeseed (has wonderful regenerative and moisturising properties).

I put this on every night after I clean my face and before I go to bed. I did notice that the area around my eyes are a little bit brighter in the morning, at least it doesnt look 'lumpy' and 'soggy' as it sometimes is. I think it would need a longer time to see the end result, but as for now I'm quite positive that it does give something promising for your eyes.
The only thing that I'd like to suggest is to put more detail in the bottle on how to use it, because it only says "use one drop per eye". I mean, with that instruction someone might have mistaken it for an eye-drop which it ISN'T. You have to massage the eye oil into the area around the eye.
I don't know whether it came with an individual box that contain some instruction on how to use it or not, because for this review I didn't get any box, just the products, but still... i think they should put more info on the bottle.

And as for the Ylang-ylang candle, I love how big it is! And it smells wonderful although it didn't let out a strong scent when it burned, so if you're into a soft and not over-powering scent then this is for you. It could last for 50 hrs burn time too so for £3.95 or $6.20 (there's a currency converter on their website) it's really worth the price. The candle is hand-made entirely from plant wax, coconut and sustainably harvested palm oils. They contain no animal products or petroleum-based paraffin wax. Yeay for earth-friendly products!

What I love most about Raw Gaia is the fact that they use only 100% Natural and Raw ingredients for 99% of their range. They don’t use any chemicals whatsoever so their products really are natural. They also don’t test their products on animals and will not use ingredients or suppliers who undergo animal testing, they are also registered with the Vegan Society. HOW COOL is that? I always appreciate companies like this :)

Raw Gaia has many variety of products from face and body care to baby moisturizer. From essential oils to superfoods. You might wanna check out these gift sets too, it's perfect if you wanna get a taste of Raw Gaia:

This Bath time heaven gift set is on my number one list. It's like relaxing in a chocolate orange bath. Your face smothered with Raw Chocolate Face Pack and then lathered up with sensuous Rose Geranium Raw Soap and finished with a delicious Raw Chocolate Orange piece melting in your mouth. How bout that?

Or maybe this Raw beauty gift set? This set include 100% organic moisturizer, cleanser, toner, and clay face pack to leave your skin feeling and looking clean, smooth and radiant.

Also on my list is this Palmarosa & Chamomile Sea salt & Bath soak:

perfect in helping you recover from a stressful day.

Do good while you shop:
If you buy any one of their ethically sourced incense sticks, the money from the sale will be contributed towards supporting the Sri Aurobindo Yoga Mandir Trust, situated at the base of the Himalayan Mountains overlooking the Kathmandu valley, which takes care of underprivileged and orphaned children .

Raw Gaia is offering 10% OFF for the two items I reviewed above: Ylang-Ylang candle and Revitalising Eye Oil.

One lucky TB reader will win the same products as I reviewed above: the Ylang-Ylangs candle and the Revitalising Eye Oil. (remember to also check out the sweet deal above if incase you didn't win)

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I will use random.org to pick the winning number. If the winner does not respond within 48hrs then I will have to choose another winner and will announce it again in my blog. Good luck to everyone! ^__^

I did not receive any form of payment for this review and this is written based on my own honest opinion. The free product(s) were provided by Raw Gaia for review purposes only, and this compensation DOES NOT influence my opinion at all. If I said it's good then it's good, if it needs improvement I will say so :)
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Weekly Digest

Monday, October 18, 2010

pics from here

Halloween is up upon a corner, have you prepared your home for Halloween festive? If you need some inspiration for your Halloween party decor I have done a Halloween Party theme illustration in my "Party Planner" series, it's a series where I pretend to be a party planner and made a post on how to decorate your party by themes. You can check the Halloween party theme by clicking here. And after that, you can also check these DIY crafts below:

You can learn how to make these easy DIY pumpkin crafts at All You website.

This black cat pumpkin is soooo cute I think this would be perfect as a gift for my black cat Blackey!

And if you need costumes (with worldwide free shipping!!) then you might want to consider Flaunt on Fashion. I did a review on their Naughty School Girl costume and it was such an awesome costume! I could even wear it as a daily wear. Costumes that can be worn as a daily wear is sort of like an investment ^o^


My brother's side job is a freelance photographer and graphic designer. He sometimes took portraits of me and my family and then edit it as a project and portfolio. He also did my hubby's pictures the other day, the theme was a Japanese Yakuza. He use his Samurai collection as props and then took the pics in a dark dingy room. We never saw the edited results until a few weeks ago when he said that a local graphic design magazine called VisualGrip interviewed him and wrote a feature article on him, the article includes a portfolio of his works and hubby's yakuza pics were in it!!

Hubby made his way in a magazine !


I got an email the other day from the director of Fresh fruit Pie. He direct an indie production studio that makes family films. Their mission is to raise the bar of quality on family entertainment, and likewise, created a video series that both parents and kids will love. It's called "Fresh Fruit Pie," and it's sort of like a family-friendly "Saturday Night Live."

The online premiere for "Fresh Fruit Pie" is on October 19-21. The entire film will be available for free live streaming for 48 hours at their website. Click here to go to their website for viewing and for more info on their mission.


You did know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, right? I did a style challenge in my fashion blog to raise awareness for the Breast Cancer. And did you remember my Scrubz review? It's the best sugar scrub I've tried so far (love the chocolate dreamz scent!). Now to help raise awereness for Breast Cancer, Scrubz is offering a special discount:

For the whole month of October, you can use the coupon code FIGHTCANCER (all caps) at checkout to receive 10% off your purchase,
donate 25% to Komen Greater NYC.

if you just want to donate, you can help by donating online via
Every single dollar makes a difference!

if nurses would dress this cute..

Thursday, October 14, 2010

A few days ago I've spent 5 days in a hospital when hubby was down with a dengue fever, it would be nice talking to friendly nurses and doctors to help beat the boredom of sitting alone in the treatment room when hubby is asleep. I was lucky because the hospital's nurses where hubby was hospitalized were very nice (unlike previous experiences of unfriendly hospital's nurses) but it would help a little if they wore a cheerful and bright uniforms instead of those slightly intimidating white scrubs. Well, this is just my 2 cents.. ^o^

If only more nurses and doctors would wear scrubs like above, I bet none of us or our children would be afraid of going to the hospital. The boring white uniform are already identical with horror hospital stories, unfriendly nurse, meds and operation table (okay,I'm going too far) but let's imagine a friendly hospital with employees in Nursing Scrubs that's not so different from everyday wear...they will be more approachable for patients and their families :)

So if you're in the hospital business, do consider these nursing scrubs. I trust it will do good for your business ^o^

Travel Wish List: MALDIVES

Friday, October 8, 2010

Need a holiday? Me too! After all that's been going on in my life lately I think I kinda need a vacation. But until I have the time and the money to actually take one, I decided to daydream instead. This post is to start my new Travel Series posts. Okay, so...what's your dream vacation? How bout Maldives? Anyone?

Maldives is one of my Holiday Wish List!! It probably stands on the top 3 of my list ^__^
The Maldives is an island nation located in the Indian Ocean. It stands in the Laccadive Sea, about seven hundred kilometers (435 mi) south-west of Sri Lanka. The Maldives is the smallest Asian country in both population and area. The Maldives consists of approximately 1,190 coral islands grouped in a double chain of 26 atolls, along the north-south direction, spread over roughly 90,000 square kilometers, making this one of the most disparate countries in the world.

If you're a nature lover or loves the beach or love spending time in serene tranquil places then Maldives (despite it's expensive cost) is for you. Yes, Maldives is like heaven on earth, where else would you get that clear blue shallow sea where you could play in the water without having to be afraid of the waves, and that clear blue unpolluted sky? And those secluded white sands little islands surrounded with lush tropical trees? Oh.my.heavenly.bliss!

One of my favorite among my must-see hotel wishlist is the Huvafen-Fushi:

Located in the North Male Atoll of Maldives, this resort is like my dream comes true! I found this resort when I was browsing the web for my "Top Ten World's Best Hotel Room with a view" list. Huvafen Fushi's Ocean Bungalow's bathroom is stunning with a BIG window overlooking the gorgeous ocean and big blue sky. This is hubby's most favorite hotel bathroom from my Top Ten List.

Set within its very own lagoon, Huvafen Fushi is a naturalist's wonderland where the stunning environment – both above and below the waterline – is an attraction in itself. Huvafen Fushi offers several types of first class luxury accommodations:
  • Bungalows with Plunge pool (125 sqm);
  • Deluxe Beach Bungalow with Plunge Pool 160 sqm);
  • Lagoon Bungalows with Plunge pool (130 sqm);
  • Ocean Bungalows with Plunge pool (160 sqm;
  • Beach Pavilion with Private Pool (800 sqm);
  • Ocean Pavilions with private pool (330 sqm)
On top of my wishlist? The Ocean Bungalows or Ocean Pavilions with Plunge Pool, of course! Here's the Ocean Bungalow and the Ocean Pavilion with plunge pool:

Ocean Bungalow with Plunge Pool
The aptly named Ocean Bungalows look toward the vast Indian Ocean for miles and miles. Exploring your three-tier deck, you'll find a fresh water infinity pool, dining area, alluring day bed and sunbathing terrace. The living room features a 50' Plasma and Bose surround system which can be easily transformed from state of the art theater to a soothing massage room with glass floors to view the pristine water below. Post massage, sink into your oversize Jacuzzi bath and lose yourself in the endless shades of blue stretching toward the horizon.

Ocean Pavilion with Private Pool
A further 100 meters out in the Indian Ocean, these stunning Pavilions face the sunset and are the last word in pampered luxury. Privacy is assured as access to these wooden walkways is only to pavilion resident. Your private fiber-optic lit infinity pool flows from the indoor out and blends naturally with the horizon. The master bedroom is open plan. An infinity edge Kohler bath that fills from the ceiling forms the centerpiece within a hydro body spa shower. A second bedroom with 32' Plasma with direct access to its own outdoor deck completes each pavilion. A dedicated Thakuru (butler) is on call 24 hour.

Has your jaw fell to the floor yet? ^o^ Indulging, aren't they? Could someone with an unlimited creditcard please stand up?! Maybe someone with an American Express Centurion, better known as the "black card"??! And please pick me and hubby to stay over for a couple of days at either of those rooms above and I will be your servant forever, your wish is my command, I'd praise the ground you walked on, please pretty please please...??

Huvafen Fushi also has many things to see and do (like yawning and relaxing in your daybed and plunge pool all day is not enough for you), such as sparkling lagoon and pristine coral-sand beach to have an afternoon breezy walk on, an outdoor salt water floatation pool, yoga pavilion, over water fully-equipped gymnasium, PADI certified Scuba Diving, private dinning facilities with exquisite cuisines, water sports, Fiber-optic lit Infinity pool, a Library/Television/Internet area called 'The Lair', or you can also opt to try a full range of excursions, including sunset fishing on a traditional Dhoni, big game fishing and sand bank snorkeling. If that's not enough, there's also 'Symphony' 65 ft luxury cruiser waiting for you to board to explore the surrounding ocean.

The outdoor love pool:

One of the restaurant/lounge with the sands as it's floor!

the fiber-optic lit infinity pool:

Or maybe you'd like to try the famous underwater spas? Yes, it's UNDERWATER Spa! The Lime Spa of the Huvafen Fushi is the one of a kind spa that is infused with the vibrant colors and textures of the sea waves. It boasts of being the one and only under water spa across the world.

Yes, I know. Ah-ma-zing isn't it? Very breathtaking and dreamy... But very expensive too. Oh well, there's always a price for something so amazing! With a price range of US $1,120 – $8,000 per night this resort has everything your dreams could build. Perfect for honeymooners!

So how bout it? Who wants to go there?
If you like reading or looking at some gorgeous vacation spots on earth, follow my twitter or my blog via Google Friend or email subscription (see the sidebar) to let you know of my next travel series posts (and other series too!).

To see all of my "Travel / Hotel Wish List" posts, you can click here and just keep scrolling down once you're there to see the rest of the posts.

See you in my next Travel Series ^__^