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Monday, October 4, 2010

After finding Polyvore and then Looklet that satisfy my inner stylist-wannabe (^o^), now I found another similar one called Olioboard which is like polyvore but for room design! After trying it on for several hours, hands down this is what I've been looking for all this time, now I can satisfy my inner interior-decorator-wannabe hahaha

It was easy instruction from the start, especially if you're used to polyvore. The array of items are quite satisfying, it has a huge library of interior design related images, neatly organized by category. It's basically meant for making mood boards (digital mood boards), it's also a community where interior designers and creative thinkers gather to share inspiration and offer feedback to each other's mood boards. It's such a coincidence because I was writing a post about mood boards the other day at my fashion blog, and now I found this Olioboard and it's juts like a dream come true. Since I'm not an interior designer so I don't use it to make mood boards, instead I used it to make imaginary rooms, you know me and my big imagination ;)

Anyway you can make either a mood board or an imaginary room like me, here's some example of my imaginary Porch, Foyer and Living Room ^o^

front porch
my imaginary porch

my imaginary foyer

Living Room
my imaginary living room

Next project: my imaginary family room, dining room, bedroom, etc. I'm planning to create a full house interior, check back soon :P meanwhile, how do you like my design?

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  1. Your imaginary living room looks so fresh and modern!!! Lovely!!!


  2. i like the imaginary living room best because of the colors of blues contrasting with the white .

  3. I've never heard of such places...neat work~!!

  4. I LIKE the idea of making an imaginary room so you can see what it would look like before making up your mind. I LOVE your porch!!!


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