Yuri's List of Top 10 World's Best Public Restroom

Friday, September 17, 2010

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Anyway, lucky for me, I have a ready-post that was actually a post that I planned to publish later, but let's just publish it now and make a new planned post later on, shall we? ;)
This is a second edition of my "Top 10 list.." that I started on this blog a while ago. If you haven't read it, I posted my "Top 10 World's Best Hotel Bathroom With A View" last month and now is my 2nd list, this time it's still about bathroom but it's totally different than last month's list, it's "Yuri's List of Top 10 World's Best Public Restroom" :

(Please note that this list is in random order so the first on the list doesn't mean it's my most favorite)

Bathroom at John Michael Kohler Arts Center in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, USA.
The center commissioned six American artists to create washrooms that can be considered as their permanently installed art work. Everyone comes up with different style and arts so there are basically 6 gorgeous bathrooms at the Arts Centre. The artists selected for these commissions were emerging and mid career artists who had not previously had the opportunity to create major public works. These are probably the most gorgeous public bathroom ever! I can't even choose which one is my fave, I would have to pee in every bathrooms there! ;p

Bathroom at Daimaru department store in Tokyo, Japan.
Since this is in Japan so no wonder that this bathroom is high-tech. It comes equipped with a self-cleaning wand, a squirting temperature-controlled water, a remote-controlled heating contoured seat, and a “sound princess” feature which meant to subtly disguise in-stall activities with recordings of running brooks or ocean waves. I mean, isn't that genius?! And how bout that stunning city view? Guys would feel like they're taking a leek straight to the city below ^o^

Bathrooms at The Shoji Tabuchi Theatre in Branson, Missouri, USA.
If you see two bathrooms above that's because there are two bathrooms indeed. The above pic is the Women's bathroom while the below pic is the Men's bathroom. These bathrooms are inside The Shoji Theatre, and they actually won The Best Bathroom in USA back in 2009. The women’s room has a fountain, wainscoting, stained glass decor and an Empire tin ceiling. Adorned with flowers, chandeliers, granite and onyx. There's even a rocking chair in it!
The Mens room is also fabulous! It is equally gorgeous in decoration with black lion head sinks, burled walnut mirror (built in 1868!) ,black leather chairs and a marble fireplace. And there's also the ultimate men's play: a billiard table! a hand-carved billiard table!

"Don't Miss A Sec" bathroom at the pavement opposite the Tate Britain Gallery in London, England.
Artist Monica Bonvicini is the one who created this minimalist glass cube containing a usable loo inside. She called it "Don't Miss A Sec", it's made out of one-way glass which means you can see the outside from inside, but you can not see inside from the outside. Get it?
I think it's a very brilliant idea, but I also think that you might want to have a lot of guts and secured feeling when you want to use this bathroom, because as you can see from above pic, from the inside it feels like you're peeing in the center of a busy road ;p Would you trust the glass wall enough?

Bathroom in the Mumin Papa Café in Akashi, Japan.
This is my most favorite public bathroom in this list. It's unique and beautiful at the same time. Beautiful as in the surrounding view, that is.
This is like a bathroom inside an aquarium! The live three-wall aquarium surrounding the stall was designed to mimic the view in the ocean, complete with deep-sea creatures inside it! This underwater restroom is ladies-only, with a bunch of fish and a cute giant sea turtle swimming around it feels like you're taking care of your business in one of those SeaWorld aquarium tank ;)

The Women's Bathroom in Columbia Tower Club in Seattle, USA.
This bathroom is on my list because it has the most awesome view! Look at those skylines, it's from floor 76! Can you believe that every bathroom stall has its own, individual view of the Seattle skyline, just like that above? Yes, you got your own view, baby. That's enough reason to be in the bathroom much longer ;) Each stalls also has it's own sink and marble counters and floors.

Bathroom at D&G Gold Restaurant in Milan, Italy.
Aside from the all-gold interior: from floor-to-ceiling golden bamboo, mirrored trays, marble counters, and enormous gold mirrors, the bathroom also comes equipped with plasma screens TV playing Goldfinger in every stalls. Now, what women would say no to gold? ^o^

Bathroom at Ninja Restaurant in New York, USA.
This themed restaurant in New York has a 15th-century Japanese village slash ninja castle theme. When you go to the bathroom you'll feel like you're in a castle dungeon, it's dominant color is black and the interior is really fitted with the overall ninja theme. Not to mention that it has a control pad that operates seat warmers, a water spray, a built-in deodorizer and blow driers that meant for your bottom! Maybe that's how ninjas do it ;p

The bathroom at Mie N Yu Restaurant in Washington DC, USA.
I like this bathroom just by looking at the lavish interior, with rock-lined barrel sinks and stalls made of carved dark wood, this unisex lavatory (yes, unisex. I find it amusing too when I found out that unisex toilets still exists in big city like DC) is what you called a second mingling area where ladies and gents can continue their chit-chat here while washing hands after the meal ^o^

The restroom at Mount Faber's Jewel Box, a tourist destination in Singapore.
With a view of Sentosa island and it's surroundings, this public bathroom sure brings a comfortable feeling, you can see all those views while doing your own business in the lavatory and you could relax a bit just by washing your hands in front of those big glass windows!
And the comfy sofa lounge.. this bathroom must be for ladies-only :)
And look at that brilliant idea of putting a tank underneath the wooden cabinet (see last pic), that's what you called attention to detail ^o^

That's it, my version of the top 10 world's best public restroom :) If you want to read my previous Top 10 list, click here..

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  1. I like the restroom at D & G Gold the best. I enjoyed this!

  2. I adore The restroom at Mount Faber's Jewel Box! What a unique mix of beauty,style and relax atmosphere!!!


  3. I like the 1st pic of the bathroom with the feminine touch of dresses and more on the walls and also the mount faber in singapore looks very green .

  4. The "Don't Miss A Sec" bathroom is so neat! But I don't think I could ever use it..even though no one can see me inside, it'll just feel too strange!

  5. I had no idea there were such elaborate bathrooms out there!

  6. Wow.. the Bathroom at D&G Gold Restaurant in Milan, Italy is so elegant & classy.. =)

  7. The pool table BR is gawdy and the outside one I just wouldn't have the nerve...LOL

  8. I like bathroom at D&G Gold Restaurant in Milan. Its beauty.
    I enjoyed this


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