AUGUST's Purchases and Freebies

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Haa....sorry again for this late "Monthly Freebies & Purchases", the long holiday and the broken laptop tragedy really made all my agenda falls apart, but hey, try not to blame it so much ;)
Anyway, here's my last month (August) freebies & purchases. My July purchases were not listed here because it was all clothing item so I put the post on my fashion blog instead, you can read here for my July purchases.

Okay, so off we go..


This is a bonus bag from In Style magazine. I got the magazine from Desy of Living Daisy when I met her at the Chocolatier blogger workshop. She got a spare mag so she brings it to me, thanks again Desy! :) I used this to store some of my fabrics that I plan to bring to the tailor to have them custom made.

I won this Twilight earrings from a giveaway at Heavenly Sayings blog. This earrings is from I love this earrings so much! It dangles oh so beautifully.

I got this mini perfume set from my MIL. She found it lurking in the deep pockets of her bedroom drawer. She also gave me another mini perfume vials from J'adore Dior and Dior Cherie.

my MIL also gave me this pink pashmina. I borrowed a pashmina when I was not feeling good while at her place and when I got better and wants to return it she said I can have it cos she never wears it anyway. I haven't own a pink pashmina so I was delighted. But too bad the pashmina bleeds very bad when I throw it in the washing machine, and a couple of our white clothes are a bit pink-ish now ;p

I got this pink top as a birthday present from my SIL. I love the color (it's pink!) and I also love the shape of it, love the fabric too :)


We bought this sun shield for our car at Ace Hardware. We needed one and we saw this black cat sun shield so we bought it immediately because it represents our black cat Blackey ;p Well actually we wanted to buy the Ed Hardy sun shield, they came in different gorgeous designs and we just wish we could afford it -lol It was expensive for a sun shield and payday was still too far away ;p Luckily we found this black cat, cos we love it too!

Failing to get the Ed Hardy sun shield we managed to bought an Ed Hardy car freshener instead haha. It's pink and the scent is patchouli. When we first open the plastic the scent was like a stronger version of a talcum powder but then it grew mildly soft and much better, we like it :)

I already blogged about all of the above stuff in my fashion blog.

And that's about it.. my purchases and freebies for August. Hooray for not spending too much money this month :D Click here if you want to read my previous months purchases.

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