Places We Go: Bogor

Thursday, September 23, 2010

This is just a quick post..

Me, hubby and our cousins went to Bogor last weekend. We used to go to Bogor for a culinary trip, which means we only go there to eat - LOL. But i like Bogor, it's breezy and it's surrounded by lush greenery and big tall trees everywhere. It also has a big public garden right in the center of the city (Taman Raya Bogor -- Bogor Botanical Garden) where we usually visit in the afternoon to hang out at the only cafe there which faced a big open green space with thick forest-like trees far ahead, such a stunning view. Especially when it gets dark and they turn on the lights like this:

Me & hubby
Me with my cousin
Me with my niece
Me with my cousins


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