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Sunday, September 26, 2010

I received these fantastic pair of pillow covers from Dakota's Personalized Gifts the other day, I showed it as a surprise gift to my husband for our anniversary. He was very surprised and his eyes lit when I showed him these...

It's a pair of personalized pillow covers. I personalized it with our names, hubby's nick name as Mr.Right and me being the Mrs (always) right, of course.. haha I thought it's such a funny yet thoughtful gift when I first saw it at the website. The sizing is generous, it's 20" x 32" and will fit your standard queen size pillow. It's made of a strong and durable 55/45 Cotton Poly Blend with 180 thread count so it's soft to your head.

It's machine washable, I did washed it in the machine and it turns out fine. The quality is good and for the price of $23.95 a pair it's a great option for an anniversary gift or a wedding gift.

Dakota's Gifts specialized in personalized items, they have many options to choose from. You can choose gifts by recipients, by occasions, by holiday and they also have a wedding section where you could get a lot of options for wedding purposes such as bridesmaids and grooms man's gifts, wedding keepsakes, anniversary gifts, gifts for the newlyweds, gifts for the parents, etc.

I always love personalized gifts, there's something special in it and most likely, it will be cherished forever. You might want to bookmark Dakota's Personalized Gifts for your Christmas gifts options ^o^ They have it all for the whole family. Here are some of my favorites:

for the whole family..

for the kids..

and something for the teacher..

and some other things..

I did not receive any form of payment for this review and this is written based on my own honest opinion. The free product(s) were provided by Dakota's Gifts for review purposes only, and this compensation DOES NOT influence my opinion at all. So if I said it's good then it's actually good, if it needs improvement I will say so :)


  1. I love this has some REALLY groovy items for sale...I love all the personalization..."Real Men, LIke Jeff< don't use recipes"...hehe...that is too funny~!!!

  2. I also LIKE personalized gifts, when my kids were growing up they always give their grandmas personalized gifts and they each cherish each one.

  3. your anniversary gift's superb! haha :) gotta know who's always right :) anyway i also cherish personalized items... makes the gifts all the more special and memorable :)

  4. I love to give them as gifts so they can always remember me...

  5. I like give to my relatives some collages made by my self,I think its creative and interesting!!!
    Your gift are really great!!!


  6. I LOVE personalized things yet have not had the chance to get any. maybe that day is someday soon!

    reviewsbyabby at gmail dot com

  7. The "Mrs. Always Right" is so funny!
    roniros (at)

  8. Those pillow are so lovely! What a great gift!

  9. I never heard of this site before. I love it! Lots of great ideas. My favorite is the bathtub plaque.

    clenna at aol dot com

  10. Personalized gifts are such a fantastic way to show your love and appreciation of your partner or of another family member. They really make a nice idea of a Christmas of New Year's gift!

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  12. I love personalized gifts--particularly for baby showers (if you know the new baby's name).

  13. Personalized gifts are always fun. The pillows are so cute. =)

  14. i love personalized gifts! These items are the most fun!

  15. Giving someone a personalized gift means SO much more than just one that you could give anybody!


  16. Dakota's Gifts has some really nice things. Personalized gifts just give it that extra-special touch.
    Love the pillowcases!
    pippirose59 at gmail dot com

  17. Hey, that's pretty cute! Those pillowcases made me laugh :) Great gift!
    sena.sagani [at]gmail[dot]com


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