House-warming Gift Set Ideas

Sunday, September 30, 2012

If you're invited to a house warming party and don't know what to bring as a gift for the hostess, then these gift sets below might be your options or at least they could inspire you ;)

I only choose gift sets here because I personally love gift sets since they usually comes in unique packaging, and you will also receive several smaller items instead of one >> the more items you receives the happier you would be, I think that's the essence of receiving gifts, LOL ;p

So without further adieu..... here are a few of my options for a house warming gift sets ;)

 Penhaligon's Malabah Classic Candle & Matches Set
Candles are important items that every household should have. You'll need it to set the mood and atmosphere, or if you're not the "aromatic-candle" type at least you'll need it incase of a blackout ;).

Inspired by an imaginary journey to the East, Malabah is an exotic blend of citrus, coriander, Earl Grey tea, rose and aromatic spices. Penhaligon’s luxurious candles are packed with essential oils in a naturally derived soy wax base and are hand-blended for a superior burn time. This set also includes a limited edition matches.

Tranquil Tuesday "White Peony" Celadon Tea Set
A high-quality tea is considered as a sophisticate gift, especially if the hostess loves tea. And the elegant wooden packaging of this tea set makes it an appropriate gift for house warming parties.

This gift set of two celadon cups and a celadon tea canister is complemented by a sampler pack of five teas and a tin of delicate White Peony tea which is a light and delicate tea that is Tranquil Tuesdays bestseller. This gift set comes in a keepsake wood gift box. The five sampler pack consists of: Organic Ancient Tree Raw Pu'er Tea, Organic Jade Sword Green Tea, White Peony White Tea, Qimen (Keemun) Black Tea and Iron Goddess of Mercy Oolong Tea.

Chambre de Sucre I Heart Coffee Sugar Set
 Sugars are essentials in every house's kitchen so giving sugars as gift is rather a unique idea that the hostess will love. Who knew that sugars can be interesting if packaged well like this one ;)

This set includes brown and white sugars in heart, pyramid and cube shapes, and it's made in Japan. Chambre de Sucre has been making artisanal sugars by hand in Japan for over 270 years and has supplied the Japanese Imperial Family since the time of the shoguns era. 


The Laundress Spring Cleaning Kit
This is a gift that every hostess would love because these are essential items that she would surely needs for her new home. I love giving gifts that I know would be useful for the receiver, i love giving and receiving gifts that I can actually use. So this spring cleaning kit is a gift set that I would love to give or even receive ;p

The Laundress Spring Cleaning Kit includes: Scented Vinegar, Surface Cleaner, All-Purpose Cleaning Concentrate, Lint-Free Cleaning Cloths and a Kitchen Soap Bar, all packed in a pretty White Enamel Pail. This eco-chic, luxurious and incredibly effective cleaning products are filled with refreshing hints of bergamot, thyme, lavender, musk and ylang-ylang that will make your home smells as fantastic as it looks.

And if you still have no clue on what to give, then try giving food! 
Everybody loves snacks and food are such thoughtful gifts that you'll know it would be enjoyed by the whole family..
You can't go wrong by giving food hampers as gifts ;)

Harry and David's Signature Tower of Treats
 Chocolates, Nuts, Fruits, Popcorns... there's something for everyone!

There's nothing better than boxes upon boxes full of delicious gourmet treats, wrapped in pretty paper, stacked and tied up with a hand tied bow. No one should have to wait for the holidays to get one of these. This set includes: Royal Riviera Pears, Milk Chocolate Moose Munch Popcorn, Mixed Nuts, Chocolate Cherries, and Assorted Truffles.

Biscuiteers New Home Tin Biscuits
Who wouldn't want a pretty little tin with colorful assorted shapes of biscuits inside it, just like this one? If you show up on my door with this gift I would welcome you all year long, LOL..

It’s the perfect gift to take along to housewarming parties, or just to help people settle in. Inside the pretty tin you will find cookies in the shapes of house key, front door, houses, and flowers. What could be cuter than this? This cookie tin from Biscuiteers includes iced biscuits of vanilla bake, made with fresh vanilla pods.

 La Boite Biscuits Collection
Another biscuit gift box option is this larger biscuit assortments from La Boite. This is perfect if the hostess have a rather large family or if she loves entertaining guests. It's a perfect addition to afternoon tea and/or midnight snacks ;p All the kids and adults alike would surely love to get their hands on this yummy tin box.

This biscuit collection from Lior Lev Sercarz’s latest baked goods/artist collaboration is called: 'The Human Animal,' and it features a selection of mouth-watering tasty cookies in a decorative keepsake tin, complete with a series of limited edition prints from Jody Morlock. The biscuits assortments in this collection are: 
Fourmis Rouge: Hazelnut, dark chocolate and Szechuan pepper
Boten: Peanut butter, granola, and milk chocolate
Anisette: Salted butter, Anise seeds, and Marcona almonds
Tapuz: Orange marmalade, long raisins, and hibiscus
Zuta: Wild mint, date, and cashew nuts

Samplrs for AHAlife Basket
This sampler basket from Samplrs would satisfy everyone, it has lots of well-curated assortment of local-focused artisanal food products, perfect for a house warming gift so that the hostess and her family would feel right at home.

Each of the sampler basket includes: assorted cured meats, savory and sweet spreads, crackers and desserts for 4 persons and an information card along with suggested recipes.
Inside the basket you will find: Black Truffle Sausage, Country Sausage, Fig Salami, Cayenne and Cumin Crackers, Pretzel Chips, Blueberry Bourbon Jam, Black Tea Pickled Dried Plums, Collective Mostarda di Frutteto, Pickled Okra with Smoked Paprika, Honey Almond Caramel Corn, Maple Thyme Pecans and Six Chocolate Chip Brownies.


So, do you like my choices above? Which ones do you like, if any?

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Ciao, bella!

the Tower of Treats is from Harry and David's website, the New Home Tin Biscuits is from Biscuiteers website, and the rest are from AHAlife website.


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  10. I would love to have the tower of treats or the tea set as a gift. Really nice post thanks for sharing! <3

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  13. Awww these are soooo endearing! So glad I clicked on your comment that led me back to your blog, your posts' contents are info and image juicy so expect to be seeing some regular comments from me. I've just posted up one my most PROVOKING outfits featuring Erdem's runway printed neoprene coat and matching heels, do tell what you think on the craziness and l hope it entertains ;)

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