Jakarta's Street Food Edition: Tongseng

Saturday, September 29, 2012

I just browsed an old photo folder and found these photos of another street hawker food called Tongseng that I haven't posted yet. (Actually there are many food photos and restaurant reviews that I haven't posted yet ;p). 

Anyway, in Jakarta you could find Tongseng sellers on many corners of the city. Lots of street vendors as well as small eateries all around the city offer Tongseng for the city dwellers. You can also find Tongseng in bigger restaurants and food courts. 

I like Tongseng since the first time I tasted it which is back in high school when me and my classmates used to skip school to go hang out at a small city park in jl. Lembang (Lembang street). There were several Tongseng sellers on the park so we're used to have Tongseng as our lunch. I love the sweet savoury taste of the hot soup and the dash of spiciness in it.

For you my foreign readers, you must have a big question mark right now, asking "what the h*ll is Tongseng?" ;p

Well, according to Wikipedia, Tongseng is a goat meat stew in curry-like soup with vegetables and sweet soy sauce. Originally from Surakarta, a province of Central Java, Indonesia.

The soup is made of ground mix­ture of garlic, shallot, black pepper, ginger, coriander, galangal, bay leaves, and lemongrass sauteed with oil until it gets aromatic. The diced meat then poured into the sauteed mixture until cooked. Add water until it's boiled and add sweet soy sauce with tamarind juice. When the boiling reduces, add shredded cabbages and sliced tomato. 

Tongseng is usually served with hot steamed rice. And I would usually order an iced sweet tea with my Tongseng because it is a hot soup, and hot soup + iced tea = my favorite formula ;)

Here are some photos of the food that I took while eating Tongseng in a small eatery (warung) near hubby K's home. It was good and we left with a full happy tummy ;)

Served with rice

Green tomatoes were used instead of red ones
Iced Sweet Tea - perfect with a hot soup!

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