Jakarta's Street Food edition: Bakso Malang

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Aah...eating street hawker food in the midst of an afternoon is our favorite past time! There are a lot of hawker food here in Jakarta. One of the benefit of living in landed house in Jakarta is to have various hawker foods selling their stuffs by motorbike, bicycle or by pushed-cart passing by our houses. The sellers will pass the houses and make some noise to sell their food. Every type of hawker food seller have their own distinctive sound.

One of my family's favorite street hawker food is Bakso Malang. In my area the seller uses a modified motorbike to brought the food:

Bakso Malang is simply just a mix of meatballs, fried wontons, tofu, etc served a la soup with water and beef stock. You could also add some noodles in it. You could make your own mix and choose which one you want to include in your bowl.

It is such a refreshing as well as satisfying food. Served hot and spicy with added chilli sambal, yumm..!!

Writing this post makes me hungry.. ^o^

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