[Imaginary]: HOUSE #1

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I just finished watching The Royal Wedding Live report!! Wow, I've been glued in front of the TV from noon until about 7.30 pm (Jakarta time) where the TV shows a live report on the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton (from now on will be known as Duke & Duchess of Cambridge). I mean, this is history! Being a royalty fanatics like myself I can't believe I have a chance in my lifetime to watch a real royalty wedding hahah This is something that I will remember and told my children and grand children later on hahaha The wedding was fantastic, the bride is beautiful in an elegant white lace gown, and the groom.. oh the groom.. I am now officially had a big crush on Prince William ^____^

Anyway, that was an intro. Here's the real post that I want to publish earlier:

I fell in love at first sight when I saw this photo of a beautiful house. I really love the facade of the house; the slightly vintage feel and the homey aura of it. I also love the driveway, the balcony on the 2nd floor, the neat little garden, and I can't help to also imagine the neighborhood must be pleasant to live in too ;)

And being the great imaginative person I am, here's what I imagine the inside of the house would look like:
Right after the main entry door, to the right will be an open-stairs leading to second floor.
And on the left of the stairs there's a small living room area to welcome guests.
There's an area rug with a matching set of deep brown sofa and chair, plus a single wooden chair, completed with a small side table and a mini rounded table in the middle. The sofa was flanked by a set of standing lamps with solid black lampshades. The stairs' wall is adorned with pretty wallpaper and a couple of watercolor paintings as focal point.

The next room on the back is the dining area which located at the right side of the house. This dining area is actually a wide open room that adjoin the kitchen/breakfast area in the left side of it. So there's no walls separating the kitchen and dining room but there is a clear space between the dining room's rug and the kitchen/breakfast counter to separate both room.
The dining area has a window that overlook the neighbor's tiny garden. The room is of eclectic design, pairing a traditional style with more modern touches such as the the classic chairs and sofa, as well as the colonial style glass cupboard, paired with a modern chandelier, vase, and water glass bowls as centerpiece. This dining area usually used for special occasion or when there are guests. While the house owner chose to eat their daily meals in the kitchen/breakfast area as there are only two of them + a baby in this house.

Still in the dining room area there is a half-bathroom that located right under the stairs that functions as powder room or a guest bathroom. This tiny bathroom has a door that faced the dining area and a window that also overlook the neighbor's house wall, but don't worry.. thick bushes are planted right outside the window so no one will peek. In this half bathroom you'll find a metal milk bucket that stands atop a wooden three-legged stool that used for a sink. The whole wall are covered with wood wallpaper to create a country/traditional look. 

The next room is the kitchen slash breakfast area. This room is located on the back of the house adjoining the dining area on it's right, and it has a door facing the driveway.
If you look again in the first pic you can see on the facade of the house that there is a window and door on the edge of the driveway, that's the location of this kitchen. The kitchen is quite wide and open space with natural lights from the window and glass door.
The floor is black & white tiles, the sink is right beneath the window, the stove and cabinets are on one side of the wall while the fridge and another kitchen table are on the other wall on the back. In the middle of the kitchen there's a small rustic counter with wooden surface and two high-chairs for the house owner to enjoy their daily meals.

And that's all the rooms in the first floor.
Let's go to 2nd floor now, shall we? 
There are only 4 rooms in 2nd floor: Main bedroom, a Nursery, a Bathroom, and a small room for laundry.

First stop is the main bedroom. This main bedroom is located on the front with opening to the balcony that we can see from the first pic (imagination mode ;p). 
This main bedroom is quite spacey and very airy with lots of sunshine from all those windows and balcony door. The decor is simply casual with domination of brown color. Instead of using drapery or venetian blinds for the windows the house owner uses a rattan blinds in dark color to accentuate the overall brown shades of the room. They only uses long flowy drapes on the balcony door.
Not much interiors here unless for the bedside tables, the long ottoman, and a few potted plants. A set of graphics in a rustic style frames adorned the bed head.

The next room you see will be the Bathroom which is right after the stairs landing. This bathroom is overlooking the right side of the house. It's a small bathroom with a sunny cheerful aura. The wall is painted with deep yellow tone and the shower curtain is of a bright yellow & white toile pattern. The window also adorned with the same fabric. The rest of the bathroom is in white to tone down the strong yellow and this result in a fun and fresh looking bathroom. Nothing will freshen you up other than waking up in the morning and enter this bathroom with it's refreshing color ;) >> and maybe use a minty orange soap while in the shower ^o^

Right next to the Bathroom is a small room that used to be a storage but now converted into a Laundry room. The room is narrow and small, with door facing the hall and a window overlooking the neighbor's house and thick tall trees on the right side of the house. This room only contains a washing machine + dryer and a sink. The walls are covered in a dark red / almost brown striped wallpaper and some wall-mounted cabinets in dark mahogany color that have open shelves as well as closed cupboards for laundry storage. There's also a small rug and two wicker baskets for laundry purposes.

The last room of the house is the nursery room or the baby room. This room's door is also facing the hall, in front of the laundry and bathroom. It is located right above the kitchen area with two windows overlooking the driveway below. 
The house owner has a baby and this is where the baby sleeps and play. Sometimes the mother would take a nap on the small bed right beside the window after breastfeeding or just lay down on it while playing with the baby. The small bed can also be used if the baby has grown into a little kid. The room's decor is in a soft pastel green and pale blue with mostly brown. Looks like brown is the house owner's favorite color because there are lots of brown in the house ;)


Have a great weekend!


  1. I watched the wedding and I got the same impression from it. They are two people in love and since it wasn’t arranged and they fell in love the way they wanted too, it’s bound to last. I thought Kate looked amazing and I think she knows that she has huge shoes to fill and she’s ready to do that. I don’t like how everyone is comparing her to Princess Diana because that’s his mom and I just don’t think its right.

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    xx Francesca

  3. Thank you for your comments guys, I'll be hopping to your blog soon ;)


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