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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Akhirnya ke CSI: The Experience jugaaa...!!

Finally, last week me and K went to CSI: The Experience !

Kalo seneng maen detektif"an harus kesini nih judulnya, apalagi kalo seneng mantengin acara detektif di TV macam CSI gini. Kudu cobain jadi detektif beneran di CSI: The Experience ini :)

After winning a free tix from Urbanesia via Twitter it took us a few weeks before we can finally go there. We got the ticket last month but at that time we had our mini holiday and then when we came home from holiday I got quite a few busy weeks full with events and appointments. I was afraid that we wouldn't make it since I know that this is just a temporary exhibit, but luckily I asked via their Twitter and they confirmed that CSI: The Experience is being extended until May! Hooray!

So we went to M.O.I (Mall Of Indonesia) where the exhibit is being held. MOI is in Kelapa Gading area, quite far from our home at Ciputat ;) but that doesn't put our spirit down. We went there on work day so the exhibit was not crowded at all.

CSI: The Experience is an interactive exhibit created based on the famous CSI TV series. It's a 3000 Sq Meter experiential event facilities including crime lab, forensics and high technology equipments, just like in the real CSI TV show!
I always love playing detective and it's no wonder if I'm an old fan of CSI series, my fave is CSI Las Vegas when Grissom is still the boss ;) So when I heard about this exhibit I practically scream and swear to myself not to miss it!

In this exhibit we can play as if we are part of the CSI team (well, a newly trained investigator, actually). We helped identify evidence at the scene of the crime. So if you love CSI or if you're always longing to become a detective (like I did ;p) then this is your chance to have a try and see if you have what it takes to become a great homicide detective ^o^

They make it real at the exhibit, they even made us report to Grissom! (yay!)
There are 3 cases and we have a hard time to decide which case we want to play. I like case #3 because there's a surfaced skeleton involved, and I always like playing archeology too (you know, dusting bones, digging up old mysterious skeletons). While K love case #2 which involve a dead body. He likes identifying dead bodies in the crime scene and in the morgue. So we did "paper,rock, scissor" and K won. So that means case #2 it is :)

Intinya kita ceritanya jadi trainee di CSI team, kita kudu bantuin tim CSI untuk mecahin suatu kasus (kasus nya ada 3, kita bisa milih mau yg mana). Trus kita musti buat laporan ke Grissom, apa aja bukti yang berhasil kita kumpulin di crime scene, trus hasil lab apa aja yang mendukung bukti kita. Pokonya persis kaya jadi anak buah nya Grissom di serial TV nya lah hehe

I love all the experiences, from taking notes and gathering evidence on the crime scene where the dead body was found, to the crime lab where there are many different tests that we must run based on the evidence that we gathered. We have forensic lab, DNA testing lab, pathology lab, etc..
It was fun and a wholly different experience. We both love it and would love to play other cases if the price was much less ;)

Agent Yuri and Agent Krisna, in front of Grissom office

The ticket is IDR 100.000/case for workday and IDR 150.000/case for weekend.
You can also buy multiple-pass ticket for IDR 225.000 for all 3 cases (workday) and IDR 350.000 (weekend).

Discount Alert: 
- 15% Off with Mega Card (creditcard/debit) > I bought K's tix w/ Mega card so it was only for IDR 85K
- for student group: IDR 80.000/case for minimal of 10 students

Sorry if the photos are grainy and blurry, those are the photos I bought from the exhibit. We weren't allowed to take pictures inside but there's a photographer who will took our pics while we play and we can buy the photos once we finished the game. It was IDR 15.000 for 2 photos so it's IDR7500 each. BUT the photo quality is not so good because it's really grainy. I don't know if it's the printer or the photo paper or if we're just not that lucky but it was all like these when we got them.

MOI Kelapa Gading - Jakarta Utara >>> I recommend to go there on workdays ;)
Twitter: @csi_jakarta
Facebook: www.facebook.com/CSIExperienceJKT


  1. whoa, ternyata ada ya detektif2 ginian di jkt.. duh mau bgt kesana... secara saya suka kasus sihhh >_<
    mau mecahin jgg

  2. Hi Lilly, thanks sudah mampir ke blog ku

    Sepertinya seru tuh main detektif detektifan. Gua pasti ga bisa mecahin kasus. Logika gua ga jalan sih hahahahahah

  3. ternyata bayar ya..gue pikir gratis yur masuk CSI ini hihihihihihi (hari gini yak ! gratisan...!!!) - epi

  4. This sounds exciting! I wish I have the chance to go too!

  5. @Meutia: Iyaa, lumayan seru kok. Walaupun agak gampang ketebak tapi buktinya aku masih ada satu poin yg salah hahaha

    @Cipu: Ehehe...makasi udh mampir balik yaah :)

    @Epi: Bayar buuu.. hehe..

    @Aik: They have one in Singapore if I'm not mistaken, I thought KL should have one too ;)


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