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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hey you..
Just want to point out some news and updates here..
  • I'm extending the Udderly Smooth giveaway due date until Tuesday 12th so you still got a chance to enter a set of various products from Udderly Smooth. You'll love it because they have big containers so it's a great prize if you win it ;) -- Open for US & CANADA.
  • One of my reader who happens to win the Shaw Treatment giveaway emailed me to let me know that her Swahili Coast Jet Set has arrived! Her name is Elena and she is from Russia! I love making friends with people from other part of the world!
And she blogged about it (and her other winnings too) on her blog post, you can read it here to check other things she won that month. She also has a lovely blog, and has some info on other giveaways that are currently happening in the blogosphere. Check out Elena's blog here: Endless Summer.
    • I got invitation to attend a cooking demo tomorrow at @america on Pacific Place. The invitation says that it's open for public so if you're in Jakarta area you could stopped by and see the demo live tomorrow. Maybe I'll see you there? tweet me if you want to meet up ;)
      •  I won two giveaways these past week: one is from Mommy Monologue where I won a bib of my choice which I will be giving it to my nephew ;). The other one is from Jaebum Fan Girl where I won a tote bag from Bored.Inc >> Bored.Inc actually been one of my past sponsor and I love their cute stuffs! Click here if you want to see what I got from them to be reviewed here a year ago (wow, it's been a year already!).
      • And last but not least.. One of my favorite website which is a must-see whenever I'm feeling a little down or a little out of the weather ;p (a must - if you love cats!) :

      So, what happened to you this week? Anything interesting you want to share? ;)


      1. Yuri, thanks for following, for mentioning and for linking back!

        I love reading both your blogs and entering your great giveaways) I know you love entering giveaways too so I wish you good luck and lots of winnings!


      2. Thanks to you too Elena! ^___^


      I always love comments, that means we're "interacting" ^o^
      Thank you for the comment and I'll return the favors by checking out and comment back on your blog ^o^