Journal: Cats Galore!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A few months ago there's a stranded cat outside our house, almost got into a fight with my big cat Blackey. I ran out to see who was Blackey fighting with (because he's the biggest cat around here so I don't want him to hurt smaller cats in the neighborhood), then it turns out that Blackey was meowing to this beautiful fella!

How cute is this strayed cat? 
It's not everyday you get a strayed cat as cute and as beautiful as this! ;p

I think he is lost and because it was almost in the middle of the night so I took him inside my house and let him sleep in our room for a night before we let him out again the next morning.

We thought that he is one of our neighbor's cat but we don't know whose because we never saw him in our territory. After several phone calls we got information that he probably belongs to a family who lives right across our block, because someone saw this cat walking around that street a couple of times, in and out of a house.

So we let him out the next morning and hoped that he could find his way back home. I think he has found his way home because we didn't see him walking around our neighborhood that afternoon, especially when Blackey is still keeping his watch in this area ;p

Anyway, since we're talking about cats today, here's some funny cat photos from icanhazcheeseburger to make our day a little brighter ;)

I always love that website, it's hilarious! :D

Have a good day, everybody!



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