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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Note: I found the receipt! That means this post is now updated with the price and name of the food ;)


This photos are from several months ago. We went to Roppan at Gandaria City on our way back home from an event I attended at central Jakarta. Gandaria City was on the route home so we decided to have dinner at one of the many restaurants there.

After browsing around some restaurant options we chose for Roppan

The location of Roppan is quite unique because it is located at both side of a hallway inside the mall. At one side there's the food stall and cashier with a few chairs inside, then at the other side is a bigger seating area complete with a drink stall right in the middle of it, and this area stretch outside to the outdoor / smoking area.

You can see from above photo that there is a hallway between the two areas, so it's a pretty unique location. I also love the overall decor of this place because it's warm and comfy. The wooden chairs are mixed with sofa chairs, and the outdoor / smoking area looks pretty comfy too.

Roppan serve Japanese food, and their specialty is the Roppan Toast which is a big boxed toast filled with ice creams. There are lots of varieties of Roppan toast to choose from the menu. 

Roppan is actually short for Roppongi-Pan. Their other specialty is their various kinds of Japanese milk tea drinks.

Roppan at Gandaria City have quite many options to choose from. You can eat light meals such as their famous Roppan Toast menu that they served with ice cream. You can also opt for heavier meals such as bento box and a few options of ramen.  They also offer various drinks so you can also choose to just hang out here with a laptop and a drink on your table ;p

They even have a stand-alone stall to serve drinks (as you see in the left side of the photo above).

Anyway, because these are old photos so I'm afraid that I have lost the bill and price note, so we're gonna have to do this post with photos only ;p 
I hope that's okay with you guys... [UPDATED: I have found the receipt so I have updated this post with price and name of the food].

Time for some food porn :

We were hungry so we chose Bento for our main choice.
Chicken Yakiniku Bento (with additional miso soup), IDR 32.091,-
Beef Hamburg Bento (with additional miso soup), IDR 36.182,-

I was also curious with their Roppan Toast so I picked one from the menu and it was gooooooddddd.....

 We also ordered a miso shiru (Japanese tofu soup)

And some freshly made drinks:
Iced Peach Tea & Iced Berry Tea, both IDR 15.000,-

Overall, all the food and drinks that we ordered were pretty good, and not one thing disappoints us that night. The bento boxes were pretty good although it's not super delicious, but it's pretty yummy and worth the price. The drinks were also good and the Roppan Toast was super yummy.. ^o^

I didn't remember the exact prices of the food we ordered above, but I do know that Roppan is in the affordable price range. I've been there for quite some times now, and on my last visit my cousin ordered a green fried rice a la Indonesia style that came with many side dishes, and the portion is also quite big (at least for me) - and that big plate only costs IDR 27.000,-. 

I also ordered their Spicy Beef Ramen + Cold Ocha (green tea), and it only costs me IDR 52.000,-.

So I hope you get the idea of the price range :)

Roppan Indonesia
Twitter: @Roppanista


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