Wednesday, August 19, 2009

This is a new kind of post here at Tigerlily's Book. It's more like a News Splash.
It's about the highlight of my life in a week's time and all the things that I'd like to share with you. You can call it a weekly digest ^o^ :

  • Last Sunday (August 16th) was my Birthday ! ^___^

But please don't ask me my age ^o^ I'd like it to remain a secret, please.. -lol-
Anyway, we didn't have a big bash. I just had a lovely lunch with my hubby at our favorite restaurant (where we went on our first date 4 years ago!) and followed by a casual home-cooked dinner with my family.
The restaurant is called "Dutch Family" (or some people might know it by it's other name "HEMA"). I'm sure you can guess what's on the menu from the restaurant's name ^o^
Yep, it offers various original Dutch / Holland food. Yummy!

I ordered the left one while hubby ordered the right one

We ordered poffertjes with sugar for appetizer and then we ordered something in dutch language which i don't remember how to spell it (something "met klapstuck" for me and something else for my hubby). It's one of my fave menu there ^__^
We ordered Banana Split for dessert.
And I ordered two different drinks: one Iced Green Tea and one Iced Capuccino which probably is the yummiest iced capuccino i've ever encountered ^o^
Hubby ordered some Iced blackberry drink.

I love that restaurant, the atmosphere is cozy and family-friendly as well as date-friendly ^o^
Both the interior and exterior are quite original and it resembles a strong Dutch atmosphere.
And here's what I wore on my birthday:

The jersey blouse that my cousin gave to me as a token from her Europe trip

  • My Love for Travels
For those of you who had read my older posts you might have noticed my passion for travels. I love traveling and I am constantly thinking and dreaming of beautiful places I'd like to visit. This time, I would love to be able to have a vacation in old English country area or in a quaint village filled with stoned-cottages and farm lands at the foot of the hills. Or maybe in a small town in Italy where the roads and most of the buildings are made of stones, now that would be lovely! ^__^

  • Inspirational Picture
I spend every day browsing through many layers and various things about anything and everything on this world wide web. I love browsing the internet, Google search engine and Wikipedia has been my best friends. I learned many things just from a click on the keyboard.
I also love to browse pictures, you could find almost any kind of pictures here on the internet. Sometimes I search for unique and artsy photos for my own inspirations.
I plan to routinely publish a weekly-digest post like this once a week and I will be posting one or two (or three..) inspirational picture in every weekly digest, hopefully it will inspire you too ^__^

And here's this week's inspirational picture :
I'm curious with the story behind this picture.
Does she seems reluctant to the groom?
What do you think?



  1. what a lovely post and may i wish you a belated Happy Birthday, you're 4 years happier than when you first dined at that restaurant!
    i hope you get to fulfill your dreams and thanks for the great pics...
    i think the groom has just mentioned what he expects on his wedding night and the bride suddenly feels a headache coming on!

  2. hahaha =D lol!
    you make me laugh, you're so funny Adam, that's why i love reading your blog ^o^

    Thanks for all your lovely comments!

  3. thank-you and you're very welcome!
    i forgot to say how lovely you look in your new blouse too! :)


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