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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ever wonder how does the celebrities sleep at night? Ever wonder how they spend their time in their own house? Do they lounge around in bright blue colored sofa like in my living room? Or do they sleep in a mattress pushed against the yellow and white wall like in my bedroom?
Well, wonder no more dear stalkers...
I have peek into 3 of the "BIG" celebrities houses (by "BIG" I mean "RICH & POWERFUL") where they dwell lazily in their daily life after finishing a million dollar work. I bet you want to have a peek too... ^o^
Well, here they are...

Demi Moore & Ashton Kutcher's contemporary family home in beverly hills :

The Back area slash Pool & Lounge. I fell in love with this wooden-deck terrace already.

Maximize exposure of lights and views of the surroundings on the living room.

The sweet little dining room, looks a bit mediterranean. Which one is Ashton's seat, I wonder?

The stairs to second floor.

The Bedroom. The bench hides a television.

Ryan Seacrest's Mediterranean villa in the Hollywood Hills known as Casa di Pace,
or the House of Peace :

At the front entrance, giant palms, agave and other plantings, by Agua Landscape, provide a lush, welcoming atmosphere.

The small but very cozy living room.

The rustic style breakfast room

The warm and inviting bedroom, perfect for a rest after a long hour of works.

The tempting lap pool.

Cher's Italian Renaissance-style residence in Malibu :

The front entrance

The eclectic living room. I love how Cher combined many style in one room. The classic style sofa and old-english painting successfully combined with modern leopard print bench and stools, with an addition of tropical green plants. Excellent!

In the dining room Cher really shows her style : Gothic Revival chairs surround a table dressed in silk taffeta and topped with orchids, candlelit centerpieces and white china with gold trim. Even though I feel like I'm in the dining room of the Addams family but somehow I love how all these details combined into one simultaneous theme.

The infinity pool, just like the ones you found in big hotels.

I also wanted to post other celebrities house such as John Travolta's house with 2 jets parked in front of the house or Lionel Richie's house which backyard equals the backyard of an english aristocrat mansion, but I'm afraid it would put too much pictures here so I decided to put just 3 of my favorite houses, you can view the rest of other celebrities houses on architecturaldigest.com. Oh, do tell me which one is your most favorite house?



  1. the pictures are very nice indeed but i just couldn't live in those places even if i was a millionaire because i just wouldn't feel comfortable somewhere so luxurious.
    my dream is of a little country cottage miles from civilisation!

  2. If I could have all my dreams come true then I'd love to have both. A big nice splendid house in the hollywood hills for weekdays and a serene beautiful cottage house in the country for weekends ^o^

  3. i'm always asleep at weekends so you're welcome to use my country cottage...if i ever get one! :)

  4. Gee........
    I wish i'm the richiest girl in the world! :D

  5. I am into very simple, clean, modern looks, so these just aren't me!

    valhoff3 at yahoo dot com


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