Sunday, August 9, 2009

What I Need List (maybe it's more like a WishList of respectively needed things ;p) :
  1. SLR Camera or LOMO Camera. (Because my brother already has SLR Camera which I can borrow anytime so the list could be change to Lomo camera instead)
  2. Olive Oil. (I'm out of stock of Olive oils !!)
  3. Gift Set for my friend whose having a birthday soon.
  4. Make up Set. (I always need a new make up so why don't I buy a big make-up palette instead?)
  5. I-Pod tools. (I've been wanting to upgrade my I-pod to a whole new level)


Diana Lomo Camera
$ 45 @Amazon

A cult classic in the art world, the Diana camera produces images that are soft and dreamy with super-saturated colors, unpredictable blurring and random contrast. A grittier alternative to the digital camera, the Diana infuses unexpected meaning, wonderful imperfections and an artistic edge into what might just be an ordinary shot.

Olivier Infused olive oils Gift Crate
$ 39.50 @Williams-Sonoma

Handsomely packed in a partitioned wooden box, this special set of two dipping and drizzling oils brilliantly captures the flavors of Mediterranean cooking. Both start with a California extra-virgin olive oil. The Pesto Dipping Oil is infused with fresh, sweet basil, garlic and lemon; the Parmesan with aged cheese, roasted garlic and herbs. Sea salt is added to intensify their robust flavors. Included with the two 7.6-oz. bottles of oil are two 4 1/2" sq. ceramic dipping bowls.

Box of Chocolates Soap Gift Set
$48 @uncommongoods

These beautiful glycerin soaps are handmade by South African artisans who use local, sustainable resources. Inspired by old fashioned boxes of chocolates, these lovely glycerin soaps are individually wrapped and decorated and made with meticulous care and detail. Each soap has its own fragrance ranging from mint to floral, spicy to citrus. Ten soaps come in a reusable linen box with hand sewn satin roses.

Sephora Color Play Palette
$22 @sephora

An all-in-one ensemble
of vibrant, wearable hues
for eyes, face, and lips.

Griffin IKaraoke for Ipod
$34.89 @comp-u-plus

Just plug iKaraoke into your iPod, cue up your favorite tunes and you're ready to go. iKaraoke's all-in-one microphone/processor isolates the lead vocal track in your favorite music and fades it, giving your voice room to move up front.
Why go out to a karaoke bar and make a fool of yourself when you can make a fool of yourself at home? This iPod accessory lets you plug into your home stereo and do your best American Idol impression- using your music library.



  1. please don't ever buy me that soap-box gift set, even if it is lovely...i just know i'd end-up eating it by mistake :)

  2. -lol- yeah, it look kinda delicious, don't they? If I put it in the guest bathroom I'm afraid the guests would have eaten it by mistake too haha ^o^


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