Vintage inspired teenage room

Thursday, October 8, 2009

If I were a little girl or if I have a 8-11 yrs old young-teenage daughter , I would definitely decorate her room in pastel colors with lots of pink! ^o^ It would be a cute and girly theme all over. With canopy bed and maybe some cute wallpapers or some patchwork quilts on the bed.

And these are several things that I would plant in the room ;p :

These would be put on the dresser, for storing some of her accessories. Heck, even I want these for my room!

And below are several more things that would also look lovely in the room. A bit vintage but it's cute and I love it:

Hmm, I guess i'm not consistent with the theme here. I started with "cute&girly" theme in mind but end up with "girly&vintage" theme instead ^o^ Well, it must be because I'm easily drawn to vintage stuffs like these, who can blame me, they're just so cute!

hmm, i think this one's for me ;p

spearmintbaby, picnic by ellie via flickr, countryliving, ivydesigns.blogspot


  1. Hi, I read about your giveaway on the other blog, and just wanted to let you know about the new FTC guidelines for bloggers & companies. You can read about it here on

    Basically, you must disclose whether your "freebies" came from the company, and whether they are paying/compensating you to blog about it. Since you mention that you "received" the product but do not disclose from whom, you could be in trouble if in fact it came from the company that makes the product. Blogger beware.

  2. Ooh, I love your tastes! Sigh...makes me kinda wish I had a daughter. Although there are looots of cute vintage boys things, it just seems to suit girlish more, hey?

  3. @Diana: Thanks so much for the info! I didn't know that and will surely stated the required statement on all my giveaways from now on, thanks again!

    @pish: hmm, you gave me an idea, i will try to look for boy's vintage themed decors for future posts ^o^ Thanks for the inspiration ^^

  4. These are darling. I have an infant daughter and I would put a lot of this stuff in her room now! I love, that white bookshelf!

  5. I love that dresser thingy! Very Moroccan, but not? Yeah, I think that's the one for me as well!

  6. I love vintage! I also have a shop on Etsy called hellcatvintage. If you're interested you can find it at

  7. Lovely items...I had a dollhouse like the one shown when I was little ;)

  8. I love this vintage inspired room, it's very much the style we are going for in my six year old's room.
    Thanks! foxsquirrelrabbit at gmail dot com


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