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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Halloween is coming! And as an "imaginary party planner" I already have several things in mind to decorate the house for this year's halloween party!
Oh if you still remember, I have had my first "imaginary party planner" here on Tigerlily's Book, you might also wanna check that out. Who knows, it might give you some ideas and inspirations for your own party ^o^

Well, anyway, let's start with the Halloween Party. I'm not planning for a super spooky-themed party here but more like a mix between spooky and cute, so that the kids would not feel so scared getting in the house for trick or treating. The party is for family and close friends to mingle with so I think it's better to skip the bloody-scary part ^o^

And here we go...
(by clicking the pictures below will take you to the picture source link)


The invitation cards should represent what kind of party we are having, so because our party theme is less-scary I chose this card instead ^o^ From Birdie's Custom Cards

Let's start with the front yard! Aside from the must-haves carved pumpkins in different sizes and carvings, an additional skeleton hand shaped lawn stakes would add the drama to the party ^o^

I'll add additional carved and lighted pumpkins too in the terrace, I'd pick the medium to small ones and add some fake-flame here and there near the window or the terrace's chair.

And let's add this cute trick-or-Treat door sign at the door so that the kids would not get too-scared and so that they know that Trick-or-Treating is welcome in our house^o^

Flea Market Studio via Flickr

To welcome guests, I'm gonna put these cute and not-so-scary decorations below near the front door, such as this halloween tree, it's simple but potential to make guests smile.

Sky Blue Crayons via Flickr

And these jack-o-lanterns would store the treats for the neighbor kids who would come for "trick-or-treats". Just put these 2 on a table near the front door and fill them with the treats for quick-grabbing.

From Grandmas Favorite1 via Etsy

And these are the treats that we would be giving the kids:
Candies in various Halloween shapes such as ghost and pumpkins, wrapped in a clear plastic with colorful ties.

Suga' via Flickr

These less-scary decorations would surely liven up the party and would make conversation among guests.

both from Flea Market Studio

For the lighting in the main rooms:

Purple SpiderWeb light set from Shindigz

The sofa needs some decor too:

Flea Market Studio

And these are some decorations for the TABLES.
A cute monster lamp shade for the side table near the walls:

Sew Alex via Flickr

For storing mints and candies at the living room table:

vampire jaw cup from Mother Macabre

Halloween house decoration for the table near the window:

Flea Market Studio

And a basket full of halloween eggs decoration as a center-piece in the coffee table:

From Bcompetent

When I decor, I like Details. So the guest bathroom would also get the halloween theme make-over so the whole first floor would turn into another dimension and guests would feel like they're in a new different place ^^

First, let's decorate the bathroom door.
Seaside.girl48 via Flickr

And then let's put something in the corner of the bathroom:

Miss Niff, via Flickr

And the mysterious glow-in-the-dark hand soap:

From DugShop

For the dining room mantel.

From Melissann via Flickr

Above the dining table, food will be served with this tableware:

from Shindigz

For appetizer:

the true "finger" food from Olaf N

For the main dish:

Monster Spaghetti, from Creative Kismet

And for the snacks, spread around the living room tables..

Finger cookies by Debs Cookies

Tombstone cookie from Whipped Bakeshop

The drinks:

spooky-label bottles from Shindigz

And of course, the main center-piece cake:

Spider Cake from Dragonfly Custom Cakes,
even the big spider on top is edible!

Last but not least, when the party is nearly over and the guests are getting ready to go home, don't forget to distribute the party favors! Party favors are my favorite part in a party! ^__^
Here I have 2 kind of favor bags, one for Men and other for Women guests (just because there are so many cute favor bags to choose from and I can't decide on just one ;p)
Here's for the Guys..

Paper-Goodie Bag in skull motif and dark colored pattern
From Elles via Etsy

And here's for the Ladies..

a "pretty" skull-shaped bags enriched with sparkly embellishments,
From Tesoros De Mexico via Etsy

Both favor bags are filled with the same goodies which consists of:
an intriguing glycerin soap with spooky characters inside, stored in black organza bag.

From Fig Leaf Soap

and an assorted halloween-themed button/badge:

From My Button Boutique

And both favor bags are also embellished with this gift tags, written on the back is a personalized "thanks for coming" message.

From Bunco Bettys via Etsy

Pfiuh, there you go...!
My "imaginary" Halloween Party, what do you think? Does that makes you want to come to my party? You're all invited! ^_____^

Oh, I almost forgot, as the hostess I must dress in costume (as almost all of halloween party is a costume party) so I'm gonna dress up either as The Queen's Guard:

Or as a Warrior Princess:

Which one do you think I should be ??

Check out many options of great costumes at Flaunt on Fashion (review & giveaway coming soon at my fashion blog TwoThousandThings).
One last thing, I had to have a BLACK CAT as the ultimate halloween accessory:

Meet my cat, Blacky


  1. Love these! Great ideas; definitely gets me in the "Halloween" spirit :)

  2. seriously, you have one crazy cat!
    bet he doesn't wake up even there's an earthquake! :P

  3. Those invitations are adorable. I love Halloween it's such a fun holiday.

  4. @ Carmen & KayRn:
    Thanks, I hope this could be somewhat an inspirations for you if you decide to decorate your house for this halloween ^o^

    Yo, that's your cat too! And he IS crazy! Why can't he just be "normal" like other cats?! ;p

  5. @ Carmen & KayRn:
    Thanks, I hope this could be somewhat an inspirations for you if you decide to decorate your house for this halloween ^o^

    Yo, that's your cat too! And he IS crazy! Why can't he just be "normal" like other cats?! ;p

  6. That is so funny that we both posted about a Halloween party! :) GREAT minds think alike. You have a sweet blog! :) Sure lets trade links!

  7. I love your Halloween ideas and would definitely come to your party if invited :) you know, if we lived in the same state! This is off topic, but I have to ask, from one cat lover to another, have you seen the episodes of Simon's Cat on youtube? I'm new to your site, so if you have posted about it before, sorry, I didn't know. If not, you have to check it out! His cat is the most adorable/evil cat on Earth!

  8. @Priscilla:
    Yes, I supposed so, great minds think alike ^o^
    I'm gonna add your link right after this ^^

    Actually in Jakarta, Indonesia but I'll definitely gonna check out simon's cat on you tube! Thanks for the info! ^__^

  9. I love these ideas and right on time for me to doing some shopping! Thanks for great help! Off to shop~


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