Friday, July 16, 2010

I have mentioned before about how I love seeing cows, I actually love the black and white of cow prints hence that's why I kinda collected cow-related things ;p I don't know why I'm so into animal prints; cow prints, zebra prints, leopard prints, giraffe prints, they all seems to always makes me feel excited, it's like whenever I saw one of those prints I always drawn into it automatically.

Now I don't want to show you my "black n white cow prints collection" because I don't have that many to show off ;) so I think I'll just share what I found on etsy instead..

1st row: DownTown Paper Press, StickMan Jewelry, JennieBGoode
2nd row: CountrySquirrelsRUS (look at the rear look, so funny!! haha)
3rd row: JooSweetie, Blondes Backyard, Mommies Ink

Say mooooo......
Feel like I wanna get my hubby right over here right now to see above cows and buy it for meee, all of theemm, as in right noooww....
I just can't handle the cuteness (le sigh).


  1. These are so very sweet! I checked out Stick Man Jewelry and absolutely love all the sterling silver necklaces. All the pieces are so adorable especially Piggy and Poodle, sweetest ever! Thanks for sharing.

  2. @JC: You're welcome JC, and thank you so much for your comment :)

    @ByHandGiveaways: Thank you. And thanks for the button trade too :)


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