JUNE's Purchases and Freebies

Friday, July 23, 2010

Okay, this is a very late post, i should've post it in the first week of July but sometimes my schedule is a mess so please forgive me? ^o^

Off we go...
These are last month (JUNE)'s freebies and purchases. Unlike May's purchases post, this month I don't shop a lot, only necessary things. Maybe I want to cover up my guilt because last month I kinda shop a lot so this month I feel like I gotta step down a bit.
Anyway, I don't count the free samples which I got for review purposes though, I only count freebies that I got from souvenirs, goody bags, etc.. So let's start with the freebies, shall we?


I got invitation from ROXY to attend their Summer 2010 preview and got this goody bag full of ROXY goodies! All of the stuffs are packed inside the bag at the left picture above while the right picture is what's inside the bag. I got these from the goody bag:
  • ROXY Summer '10 LookBook
  • ROXY Summer '10 CD
  • ROXY pen, keyring and pink ROXY lanyard
  • Giant Mug (double-sided)
  • A cool black leather oversized bangle.
  • And a ROXY sailor tee (worth IDR 245.000)!
Click here if you want to see the full story and details of the goody bag stuffs.


  • Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipstick in Chocolate Delight.

I need new lipstick so I went to Maybelline to look at some lipstick. Too bad the color I want is not available so I just grabbed what I thought would look good on me without trying it on. I chose this chocolate one because I never own a chocolate lipstick before and would love to try it. It turns out that it's not really chocolate or brown in your lips, it's kinda like between dark red and chocolate so it's actually wearable ^__^

  • Extraderm Lightening Soap

I read in one of the Female Daily beauty forum that one of the secret of bright skin is to use Extraderm Lightening Face Soap as a body soap. You leave it for 2 or 3 minutes before you rinse it off your body. I've tried the method but didn't seem to really see the difference, but some people do notice that my skin got a little brighter so maybe it works after all ^o^

  • Forever 21 Bow Shoes

I was browsing Forever 21 website when I saw this cute flat shoes on SALE for less than $5 (i think it's $4.99 if I'm not mistaken). So, knowing that my brother in law who studied in the US will be coming home for good that month, I decided to bought it and ship it to his address so he could bring it with him when he came here. I just couldn't passed up this offer, a $5 shoes with my size still available!

  • Tresemme Heat Tamer Protective Spray

Ever since I saw that almost all of the hair gurus on YouTube are using heat protectant spray before they stylize their hair I started thinking that maybe I should own one since I used hair dryers and curling iron as well as flat iron quite a lot. But I couldn't find it here in Jakarta, I don't know why all the beauty stores here doesn't stock up on it, some of the beauty stores attendants didn't even know what I'm talking about (sigh..).
So I ordered it online and ship it to my brother in law's address too so he can bring it here for me. Oh and it was on sale too! I bought it at drugstore.com and it was Buy 1 get 50% OFF for second item. So I bought two! ^__^
(read here for the full story on my F21 shoes and this Tresemme Heat Tamer)

  • Memorex iPod Dock

Hubby also wants to get something shipped to his brother's US address but didn't know what to get, we finally decided to get an iPod Dock for our iPod. Hooray, no more hogging the iPod now ;) We can listen to our songs on iPod together now, without having to fight over the iPod ^o^
We bought this one at BestBuy.com and it was cheap. We didn't have the money to buy those cool looking iPod docks from Apple so we just settled with this one. It's not so bad, it's very light and compact so we can bring it with us when we're staying at some place else. And it has alarm function where you could wake up by Muse songs or any other tracks on your iPod song list, set up as alarm sound. And it has LED display for night use and a remote control too so we can shuffle the songs without leaving our bed ;)

And that's about it.. my purchases and freebies for June. Yeay for not spending too much money this month :D
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