Beach Life... [Pantai Anyer - Banten]

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

We went to Anyer beach a couple of weeks ago so this is basically a late post.
All my big family went there one day earlier on Friday while me and hubby went there on Saturday. We stayed in Jayakarta Hotel, a nice place with bungalows and green open space and lots of trees too.

We were stucked in traffic for like 2 hours before we finally get there. But when we finally get to the hotel it pays off. I haven't been to the beach for a long time now, and my hubby haven't even been to the beach in years! So it's really fun to change the environment from busy city life to the relaxing slow-paced beach life ^__^

Hubby K went crazy in the water.
He had it all: banana boat, jet-ski and body board all day til the sun started to set in.
I got tattoed and watched pretty fireworks by the beach at night.
It was a hell of a Fun day!

My cousin Ita's tattoo :

SOme other pictures of the fireworks at night (of course it's more beautiful if you watch it with your own eyes) :

The Crazy Family - All Team :


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