Wednesday, May 20, 2009

1. Red Sweater - Mango
I've been wanting a red sweater for quite a long time since i never found one that i really like. So i got this from the Bazaar of Branded Items (which i post earlier), the sale price is not much far from the original price but i like the shade and the thin buttons at the wrist, i love details like that. And it's V-neck too!

2. Turqoise Necklace
I went to Pasar Rawabening with my hubby, my mother-in-law, my aunt and my cousin. It's a place where you could get all sorts of jewelries in a much cheaper price than the ones in stores. We didn't have much time there so i only bought this pretty Turqoise necklace for IDR 15.000 (after bargaining). I love it! I always wanted turqoise jewelries because i think it's really pretty and now i finally have one (the cheap price is a bonus!).

3. Black Wide Elastic Belt
I always needed a black belt, this time it's a wide belt. My old one is a bit out of date so i need a new one to add styles to the clothes i wear. This is unbranded. I got this from Poins Square for IDR 25.000 (or is it IDR 10.000??) i forgot, sorry..... ^O^


Bella said...

I love it... and it's such a fantastic color palette!! xxx

TigerLily said...

Thanks Bella, yeah i think it would look good if worn together, maybe with some jeans ^o^