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Thursday, June 23, 2011

This is just a quick post!
This is about kitchen back splash or kitchen back panels. You know, the wall between your counter top and upper counter/storage in your kitchen set? Well, if you still have no idea of what I'm saying you can just see pictures below.. ^o^

So I plan to have small station / kitchen set in my future apt but the design plan is still a big zero (-__-), BUT at least I know what I'm gonna do with my backsplash / back panels: Mozaic!
Hohoho I've been wanting a mozaic back panels ever since I dare dream about having my own kitchen set. It's probabyly outdated by now because there are some pretty new trends in the backsplash / back panels world of kitchen dreams, but I'd still want my mozaic wall haha!

Below are some of the other choices of backsplash:
Wallpaper layered with clear glass
Go-green with Rattan!
Write-able blackboard to write your recipes or shopping list!
Tempered Glass
Tinted Glass
Stainless Steel
Stones with glass insert
I'm not sure what this one is. I think it's probably ceramic tiles with wood patterns.

Which one do you like?

Source: Idea Online, Dulles Glass & Mirror, and various home decor blogs


  1. Mosaic Tilesss.... love!

  2. Hai Kuntiii.... dirimu udah bikin akun blogspot berarti tinggal nge-blog nya niih hehe Ayo semangat cari inspirasi shabby chic! ;)


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