A Week In Photos

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Another short post today, just want to post a few pics so you know where i've been these past few weeks haha..

About two weeks ago I went to my niece's wedding party (yes, niece!). Oh my God I feel so old, my niece is already getting married! Do I look like a grumpy old auntie already?
Me and my cousins wore the same pink top that were custom-made by my neighbor (!), but we each wore them differently ;) -- and Yes, I'm the smallest one in my family ^o^
(Evi, the bride)
Me and one of my cousin Wina (or Kak Ewin as I call her)

And then around last week I went to a dinner meet-up with my old college-friends. We usually meet up every once or two months, and this time we went to Pizza e Birra at Plaza Indonesia.
As usual, we have too much laughs and jokes around until it was closing time for the mall haha
Many of us stays in different cities so these are not the full team ;)
(All college friends pics are courtesy of my friends Martha & Epot)

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