A Week In Photos

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I see other bloggers did this so here's my version of "A Week In Photos" :

 The Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee at Cafe Excelso which is said to be one of the best coffee in the world. 
Ini secangkir harganya IDR 30 ribuan, karena penasaran kaya apa sih enaknya kopi paling enak sedunia ini jadi bela2in keluar duit lebih. Emang dasarnya gue bukan penikmat kopi item jadi yaa .. nggak demen hahaha
I love coffee but not the pure black coffee, I like coffee with creams, milk, chocolates, you know.. the ones on Starbucks or Coffee Beans & Tea Leafs hehehe.. ;) But this Jamaican Blue Mountain has a strong delicious fragrant, i love the smell of the coffee so much! If you like black strong coffee then maybe you should try it.

 I took this photo while on the car in one of Jakarta's highway. I love this picturesque scene of one corner of Jakarta, on a second look this almost feels like it's not in Jakarta at all.

 Oh I remember how I love being in this place. I love the European feel of the buildings, i love the atmosphere in this area, I even imagine myself living there in one of the apartment buildings. Too bad this area is far from where I live right now so we don't get to see this view much often.

I took this photo while we were in a mall and there's a mini exhibition about big bikes there ;)
Hubby K being a motorcycle enthusiast stopped by here for a little while and I took some photos of the awesome bikes with my iPhone, and edited them with insta.gram (which by the way, if you also have insta.gram you can add me as friend there, my id is: yurikristia )

Have a great day!


  1. Beautiful city you are in =)

  2. Ohh I am loving the Bettie Page bike..I want one!!!

  3. @Tutu: Thanks Tutu, well there are some part of it that's gorgeous to look at but there are also some part of my city that is not so pretty, but I guess every city has a piece of their own, right? ;P

    @Hollowsins: Yeah, that one is my favorite among the other at the exhibit so I took the picture ;)


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