Apt Project: Ideas for bathroom and dining table

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Me and K has been browsing home decor and furniture stores lately, we love browsing Ace Hardware and Index Furnishings and Informa (katanya Index sama Informa sama aja, yang gw liat emang items-nya rata2 sama). I'm afraid I'm gonna be cheating clothes for furnitures, haha!
Bye bye pretty shoes, Hello dinner set ;p

Anyway, we found a few ideas for our apartment project from Ace Hardware and Informa when we visited them in Gandaria City a few weeks ago:

We haven't decided on where we would put the dinner table, kitchen and living area in those tiny small spaces in our future apt, but we do know that we have to find a small dining table set and maybe a small sofabed in the living room so we can watch dvd with comfort >>> Well, we still haven't decided on the sofa bed yet because I found it a bit heavy to lift up and it's a bit of a hassle for me if I have to lift it up and down all by myself when hubby went to work.

So anyway, we found a cute (and small) dining table set in Informa with a cheap price tag of only IDR 300 ribuan, can you believe that?
A dining table set (with 2 chairs) cuma seharga 300 ribuan? Biasanya kan mahal banget yang namanya dinner table set, bukan?! So this one is definitely on our list. The dining table set is very similar with the one below:

The table is made of wood and stainless steel, it comes with 2 chairs and the table itself is fold-able! There are racks underneath the table for extra storage but the one I saw in Informa have less racks if I'm not mistaken.
Jadi mejanya itu meja lipat, kalau cuma perlu space kecil (misal buat breakfast) bisa dijadiin meja kecil, sementara kalau buat makan malam atau kalau ada tamu mejanya bisa dibuka jadi lebih lebar sehingga bisa muat banyak tempat untuk naro makanan ;)

  • small yet adequate (perfect size)
  • fold-able table
  • already comes with 2 chairs
  • wooden surface (which I love)

  •  It only comes with 2 chairs (will have to buy new chairs and it's not easy to find similar ones)
  • Not really fond of the racks underneath the table
  • the chairs looks a bit uncomfortable (because I'm a slow eater so I spend longer time in dining table therefore the chair must at least be comfy enough for longer sitting)

The second idea we got from Informa is an idea for the bathroom wall. I spotted these ceramic tile stickers in one of the racks in the decor area in Informa. And I thought it's a brilliant idea!
With these tile stickers we don't have to spend a lot of money in re-decorating our bathroom  tiles. You see, our future apartment is supposedly comes with ugly white bathroom tiles. We hated it, it looks cheap and I'm sure will look dirty as soon as we use the bathroom, so we're planning to change the tiles with new ones in (maybe) blue. But changing the whole tiles of the bathroom is gonna be really costly so these tile stickers might be the answer to our bathroom tiles problem. It would be much cheaper than changing the whole tiles. All we have to do is put the stickers on the tiles directly.
Well maybe we would not cover all the tiles of the bathroom wall (because it would be too much work), maybe we'll put the stickers in certain spots in the wall just like below examples -- Oh but we still need to change the floor tiles from white to dark color, probably dark blue.
Above are some samples of the tile stickers. We could just put it on a few of strategic places on the wall to create some view.
And when I browse the internet for some tile stickers, I found this:
How gorgeous would they be in the kitchen?? I love them! I always wanted to have a country style / shabby chic kitchen so these sticker motifs are perfect! Hmm...but there's no way I would make a country style kitchen in our future apt because there's no space! We would only have a really small space (maybe only one counter!) for kitchen area in our apt. So this country kitchen idea would have to wait until we bought a house (hopefully in the near future, Amien).

While we're talking about the bathroom, one of the must-have item in my list for our future apt is the rainmaker shower head for the bathroom!

I'm calling it "rainmaker" shower head because I wanted to achieve that "shower in the rain" feeling, I love the idea of showering with a big shower head. Big shower head means more water dots on the head, which means more water falling on your head, it would feel just like rain, especially when the shower head is right above your head with the help of extra long pipe like this:

We saw some big huge shower heads in Ace Hardware (the price is ranging from IDR 100 ribuan and up). But that's the price for the shower head only. The extra pipes, etc is unknown (must ask this to my dad). One of the shower head we found on Ace Harwares is this one below (sorry i forgot the exact price):

After browsing some big shower heads in the internet, I must say  that the ultimate rainmaker shower head must be this one below:
 The multi-function shower head from Fornara-Maulini.
Ultimate Bliss!


  1. you have a small dining table that is clean. looks beautiful and awesome.

  2. Thank you Kenny, I can only fit a small table in my small room, Lol.


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