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Sunday, June 19, 2011

I can't believe that my last "Purchases & Freebies" post was back in February ! That is because most of my purchases were fashion & beauty items so I put the shopping reports on my fashion blog instead. And the rest of the non-fashion items that I got or purchased were usually just itty-bitty items that I forgot to take pictures of, hence the absent of this regular post on this blog. Sorry for that.

And anyway let's just start again with our recent purchases.
Since the finishing of our new pad is getting nearer and nearer we tend to go to home appliances / furniture stores lately and we bought things that we intend to bring to our new pad later on (nyicil barang bok, tapi baru yang printilan doang, yg gede2 macam dinner table, sofa dll mah nanti aja kalo udah jadi unit nya so udh tau ukuran ruangannya). So far, these are what we got these last couple of months:

  • Cosmos Rice Cooker 3 in 1
A few months ago we decided to buy this rice cooker when we went grocery shopping in a department store, the deeply discounted price attract us. Kalo nggak salah waktu itu harganya jadi cuma seratus ribu lebih dikit, aslinya harganya sekitar IDR 165 ribuan gitu. We bought it because of the price and I thought since there's only the 2 of us so there's no need to buy a bigger one. This one is the smallest one (only 1 Liter), it's a rice cooker, a warmer, and it has Steam feature too. 3 in 1 in this little cheap cooker, why not? Dan merk Cosmos kan bagus juga toh, lumayan terpercaya ;)

Dan ini belanjaan beberapa minggu lalu:
  • Bathroom Mat
I always like a "foot shaped" bath mats like this whenever I see one in Ikea catalog or in any other catalog, so when I saw this cute blue one in Giant Supermarket I was automatically drawn to it. This is actually an impulsive buy, it's more like "I came, I saw, I buy" - LOL.
We were a bit gambling on this purchase because we have no idea how our future bathroom would look like and whether this mat size would fit since our bathroom is gonna be super tiny! All I know is that we plan to have a blue-themed bathroom so since this mat is blue we just bought it and hope that it would match our future bathroom ;)

  • Blue dotted Trashcan and blue/white Toilet Brush
The blue/white toilet brush was of course a necessary buy because we're gonna need a toilet brush anyway, and when we saw this blue/white one we thought it's gonna be perfect for our planned future blue-themed bathroom.
The blue dotted plastic trashcan on the other hand was another impulsive buy. I saw it in the upper rack of the store and fell in love with the pretty blue dot pattern on it. The price was IDR 19.000 - I'm not sure if it's cheap or not for a trashcan but this one is medium size so I guess it's worth it. And it's cute too! We plan to put it in the bathroom or in my future office space ;)

  • Ceramic Dinnerware Mat
This is a ceramic mats that can be used for plates or bowls or dinnerwares, it's function is to protect the table surface from the heat of the hot food in bowl or dinnerware, useful for serving hot food. I bought this in Lotte Mart for a discount price.

  • First Choice 5 in 1 Food Storage Containers
I thought I'm gonna need some food storage containers once I have my own kitchen, this one is on Sale for only IDR 20.000 (or was it IDR 25.000??) at Giant and it comes with 5 different size containers, so I bought it. Sekarang udah kaya emak-emak, belanjanya beginian -__-

  • 2 Porcelain Bowls
These are just ordinary bowls.I bought these 2 identical bowls from Giant Dept Store, it was on sale for IDR 6000 each. I thought I should start collecting some bowls, plates, glasses, etc for my future kitchen. Ini kayanya pas buat makan mi instant hahah

  • 2 Kitchen Towels (cat pattern and polkadot pattern)
We went to Index Furnishings at Fatmawati the other day and found out that some of the items were on sale.
We bought these two cute kitchen towels for IDR 29.900 (two for 29.900), the real price was IDR 59.800 for two!
I dreamed of having a standing cooker/oven in my kitchen so I can cook easy Italian recipes in the oven. And by having a standing cooker means I can also hang a cute kitchen towel in the oven door's handle just like what I imagined. It's pretty much like this:
 See the hanging towel in the oven's door handle? Yeah that's pretty much my imagination ;) and that's why I bought those cute-looking kitchen towels. Even if I didn't get my dream standing cooker/oven in my future kitchen I can still use them as ordinary kitchen towels, right? ;p

  • Appetite's set of 4 Mugs (12oz)
We also bought this set at Index Furnishing at the same time we bought the kitchen towels above. This was also on Sale for IDR 39.900, the real price was IDR 69.900!
We thought we would need some glasses / mugs in our future kitchen, you know, just in case we have guests ;) I Love this mugs! It has a modern look with all black enamels outside and colorful in the inside. It's a medium sized mug too and representable enough for guests (kaya mau banyak tamu aje hahaha).

  • Compact Umbrella
This one has nothing to do with our future apt, this umbrella is reserved for our car :) It's a bit unique because it looked like a wine bottle when it's closed.
I feel the need to have a compact umbrella that can be stored inside the car. We do have a full-sized umbrella that we store at the back trunk, we couldn't store it inside the car because our car is small. So we needed a smaller and compact umbrella that can be stored inside just incase we need it. I saw this unique umbrella in the dept store and it was cheaper from the other umbrellas there so I plead to my husband to buy this for the car (I had to plea because well... it's pink) ;p

  • Dan yang terakhir .. aku beli ini :
Princess / Cinderella Coloring Book!
Pas lagi milih-milih buku coloring book di rak, hubby K dateng trus nanya:
"buat siapa? buat si Cocon (ponakan)? yg ini aja yang gambar princess nya banyak, dia pasti suka".
Lalu daku memandang K dengan wajah pilu: ".. buat aku kok ..."

Hubby K : -______-

Hmm....I guess that's it for now..
I'll try to do more of these posts, sumpah pramuka deh! ;)

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  1. yur, for Food Storage Containers, u should try's the best...bikin makanan tahan lama kalo disimpan disitu, so sebelum new nestnya jadi, u can start collecting it. hi3

  2. Epooot, itu tupperware sekarang modelnya banyak en bagus2 yaa tapi mehii ga siih pot? Kalo mehi trus gw kudu beli banyak repot bok di kantong hahaha

    Ada yg model parutan gitu kan tupperware, lucu deh, pengeennn...

  3. mang tupperware mahal yur, compare to lock n lock ya..tapi good investment banget buat emak2 yang demen di dapur hi3, makanya belinya nyicil2. Yup, ada yang buat parutan, ada yang buat nge-steam..banyak. gue siy plg suka yg fridge series, soalnya kaya sayur-buah jadi tahan lama taro disitu

  4. Beuh, Lock n Lock lebih mehong lagi... (miris liatnya)
    Gw kayanya ga akan lama nyimpen sayur pot secara kulkas gw ntar kan (pasti) kecil jd ga muat jg kalo kudu nyetok sayur n buah banyak2 hehe
    Palingan gw tertarik beli yg ada parutannya itu. Lu ada agen? yg parutan berapa ya?

  5. gue ga pernah beli tupperware :-p, soalnya dapet gift dari emak gue or dari MIL gue hi3. Tapi gue niat mau nyicil, secara gue suka nyetok makanan hi3. MIL gue siy daftar jadi agennya. ntar kalo ketemu gue tanyain dah. gue juga pengen jadi membernya siy, tapi belum he3


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