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Monday, June 13, 2011

If you're planning to host dinner with friends and colleagues, or maybe a Spring lunch with neighbors, or maybe even casual brunch with families, here are some table setting ideas that might help you with some inspirations. It's always nice to spruce up your dinner table for different occasions. It's not easy being a hostess but with these simple table settings below I think we all can do it ;)

 Lunch / Brunch :

Dinner :

Those table setting ideas are not difficult to try, right? A simple and not-too-extravagant settings for families and friends paired with good food would make up great conversations among the guests. You don't need to have really fancy dinner set, just use your own and get creative with the decorations. The most simple white dinner set would also do great if paired with a nice looking glass set with bright colored napkins. You could add flowers, bright colored napkins and mats, or look around your house for some decor items that can be used as unique centerpiece on your dinner table. Or you could also add some DIYs as part of the table decorations.


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  1. The amber accents in the crystal glassware are beautiful! The dinner tablescape with the warm brown tones has to be our favorite setting. The inclusion of the single pair makes it look as though it has come right out of a still live painting!


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