DIY Round-Up

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

This is my first DIY round-up ! Because I can't believe how many talented people out there whose willing to share their DIY tips and tricks (and because I personally love the idea of creating something yourself) so I decided to put this DIY compilation that I gathered from many places here in the internet. I hope these DIYs would at least inspire you. ^__^

Since I'm still in a festive mood (check out my previous party planner post) so this first DIY round-up would be about things that you can do or make yourself to spruce up your celebrations!
Let's begin with this lovely chair-ties. You know when people decorate their dining area with big expensive ribbons attached on the back of the chairs? now this is how you could alternate the big expensive ribbons with something simple and much cheaper. You will only need some colorful fabrics, pinking shears, and a ruler.

You could also use the fabrics left-overs as a ribbon to tie your party favor bag like this:

Learn the tutorials at One Charming Blog on how to make this !

And for the table's decorations we could use these clever DIY ideas that would surely bring out the party colors. Let's start with this cute and stunning Cake-Sliced Favor Wheel from Better Homes and Gardens:

Grouped together and tied with a ribbon, these paper boxes look like cakes. Each slice here is filled with candies, but you could also fill it with something else. It could also be an alternative to your party favor bag! Guests would love carrying this chic boxes home. Read the how-to's here!

And these Origami Votive Wraps is also a good idea to add more color to the dining table. This DIY is very easy to make, the materials are also easy to found, you only need origami paper, Votive candleholders and Double-sided tape to make these fun colorful wraps. You could also make it in a bigger size for a glass wrap for the table decoration.

You can find the tutorial here on Martha Stewart's site!

I love browsing through these DIY things. Although I'd love to make one I don't think I have the time nor the patience to do some DIY-ing ^o^ Well, I once knitted a scarf by following an online instructions but that's about it, I think. ^^


  1. These ideas look great. I'm going to check these links out.

  2. i really love the cake sliced favor wheel. most people do the same sort of things at dinner parties or these sort of occasions that call for it .. but this one is really cute and original. if i'd seen it at a party or reception i would be so blown away by it

  3. the origami votive wraps look so cute and so easy!

  4. Thanks for the sweet comments guys! ^__^


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